Hi there!

My name is Alison J. Kay, and I am very excited to be able to bring forth and clear more of your unconscious beliefs that you didn’t even know you have had that have been stopping you. It is now the Summer Solstice, which brings us so much light and energy to us, and if you want to learn how to manifest all of that into what YOU want in life, then I invite you to our monthly FREE phone call.

If you are feeling sluggish, or wanting more from life, feel free to call and I will personally talk to you and provide you activations and clearings for no cost at all! You don’t need more positive affirmations or marketing strategies. (These have their place, but they can only take you so far…) What you’re missing is your ego-mind, subconscious and unconscious cleared out of the old so you can access more of your latent potential. This acts as an energetic tune-up to SHIFT your vibration out of fear, resistance, and sticking points. So you’re living in more ALIGNMENT and your personal and income goals actually MANIFEST your desires – rather than block them.

That’s exactly what this LIVE Energy/Activation and Clearing call is designed to do.

And if you are unable to make it tonight, don’t worry! We have a replay of it up within 24 hours, and we have it every month, at every last Thursday of the month! So if you can’t make it tonight, I hope to see you soon 🙂

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