Dr. Alison J. Kay

A Lion’s Gate Event Like No Other!



This is going to be a totally different Lion’s Gate Event.

So, I have created an opening to receive what new possibilities want to catalyze breakthroughs for us all during this event.

This corridor of light we’ve been in since 7/7 has a portal opened for this Lion’s Gate unlike any other since I’ve been tuning into this phenomena.

Likewise, what I’ve been doing within my own capacities with energy medicine & effecting shifts in consciousness has also shown up differently recently & with just almost – even for me! – unbelievable power & clarity.

The light that I’ve been accessing has been beyond anything I’ve even known was possible.

That is true for what I’ll be accessing & bringing forward on this day with & for you all who attend.

I have created an opening to receive what new possibilities want to catalyze breakthroughs for us all whilst together live, during this event.

Because that much newness & in-the-moment new possibilities are crackling through!

What I do already know that wants to come through are some new & different processes.

Thus, you will receive clearings & activations, transmissions, processes and frequencies that include:

  • Accessing & activating in you new light codes for acceleration of your own awakening & spiritual path for more progress, more easily
  • Catalyzing a rich harvest, spiritually, of grace & light
  • Activating more of the Lion’s traits in you: courageous fire, strength to draw boundaries, follow through & boldness to take necessary actions, ability to strike when the time is RIPE like a panther waiting
  • Accessing, downloading & activating within you keys & codes of higher consciousness and the new light
  • Catalyzing a rich harvest of abundance, materially
  • Anchoring in more of the Unity frequencies, collapsing polarity wherever it’ll help you in your life – i.e., resistance
  • Cleansing, purifying & transmuting the dense, old frequencies behind limiting patterns to yield higher consciousness
  • Grounding into each of your hearts & consciousnesses and thus our planet, what possibilities that haven’t yet been possible, and increasing your ability to anchor these and create from them to exponentialize yours – and thus, ours – flourishing
  • Helping alert your consciousnesses to more assistance & support all around you for you in your daily life of a much, much higher, new vibration

So I look forward to being with you all on this most special of Lion’s Gates, where a portal is opened, and has been recorded to have been worked with since ancient Egyptian dynasties to bless their harvests to be ripe with abundance, both spiritually & materially.

8/8 @ 8PM NY TIME



Option 2: Lion’s Gate Event &

Vibrational UPgrade 1 on 1 session with Dr. Alison

A 30 minute 1-on-1 session during which you’ll receive, depending on what your system shows me you most need and what’ll benefit you the most, a combination of:

  • An intuitive reading on what is your CORE HIDDEN BLOCK(S) that’s stopping everything for you to successfully manifest your heart’s desires.
  • Energy medicine processes – channeling light – that’ll optimize your overall vibration for increased receptivity to the new possibilities for you & your life so you can thrive more in your material – and spiritual – life.
  • Frequencies run on you and your mind-body-spirit system to magnetize in and receive more money, greater success, stronger health & vitality, more relationships harmony, increased confidence… to bring to you & your life
  • A verbal clearing & activation on a core block/pattern into its positive, healthy belief so you can move forward and finally make progress in that area of your life where you’ve been stubbornly & frustratingly blocked
  • All of which will be recorded, so you’ll continue to strengthen the positive within you, whilst increasingly clearing out that which has been poisoning your results.

The light that I’ve been accessing has been beyond anything I’ve ever known was possible.

She found & rewrote a trigger for a deep personal subconscious program and from this one interaction & clearing, my life has changed.

I’ve had to leave 20+ years of spiritual work, understanding and integration all behind over the past two years. None of it applies or even works anymore at the newer levels. And it started with one of Alison J. Kay ‘s free phone calls three years ago.

Over the phone she found and rewrote a trigger point for a deep personal subconscious program of mine.

I took the ball from you that evening and have been running with it ever since, dear goddess.

It’s a new reality now of completing ancient karmic cycles and claiming responsibility for patterns of generational trauma through personal/collective shadow work with its own new language that I’m just beginning to learn how to speak. Old school don’t live here no more, except for its conviction to keep going. Thank you Alison. Blessings”

Ken Sohappy Clegg | New Mexico, USA

“I had a brief clearing & activation with Dr. Alison when she called on me during a free monthly call on November 18th regarding the fear of speaking up and doing videos in my group to grow my business.

In this clearing, she saw that I had been killed in many past lifetimes due to speaking up, and ran the energy medicine needed.

By December 21st of the same year, I went live for the first time and have been doing it since.

By January of the next year; less than two months later, I quit a 35 year cigarette smoking addiction out of the blue. Despite having severe almost debilitating withdrawals daily, I still had the power to quit. This is nothing short of a miracle.

I also booked a flight to go for a weekend with five of my high school girlfriends in another state away from my kids! Which I typically would never do and have not done since the birth of my first child 32 years ago!

In mid January, I filled out the papers and began seeking an attorney to end my loveless and emotionally abusive marriage to a man I had been with for 20 years.

I also became more determined to start my own business of healing souls that I had just been dreaming of for the last few years of my life.

These events are life changing events that are simply astounding in nature. I cannot thank you enough Dr. A. for your energy medicine. Looking forward to many more blessings.”

April | After One Clearing


…aka “the lightning bolt” is the founder of the Vibrational UPgrade System, a potent container of healing and activating energetics to activate the magic within.

She is an experienced subtle energies practitioner and natural healer with a holistic approach towards helping others thrive in mind, body, and spirit and easing humanity’s evolutionary transition. She has helped thousands of people tap into greater meaning, success and happiness in their living using the methods she teaches.