Lion’s Gate Portal Maximization

Zoom Event

Activating more of your multi-dimensional capacities

*Including Clearings & Activations & Energetic Support ONLY Available Within The Vibrational UPgrade System

As you could hear in the video, this time we’re in, following along what we’ve just moved out of – triple eclipses in a year with 6 eclipses, when we normally only have 4 total! – is ripe with SO much more becoming possible.

Right now, we’re in very auspicious and intense times with many changes available. Right?

The “veils” are known to be thinner during this Lion’s Gate portal, so that we can access more of our multi-dimensional capacities.

There are infinite possibilities that can happen during this portal for you.

You can make any shift that you want in your life and it will be successful because of this portal.

Theres some part of your life that you want improvement. Well we’ll get to this specifically.

And yet the biggest part of the portal: there is an explosion of abilities and clarity to connect to different celestial cosmic beings.

This is primarily with the wisdom of the star system that the folks in Ancient Egypt and the Dogan tribe of Western Africa have looked to since ancient times – the Sirians. 

So if you’ve been working on your intuitive development, or clairaudience, clairsentience or other multi-dimensional capacities to support you, your clarity around how to live your most thriving life here in your body on planet earth now – this event is for you!

And then I am adding in, due to the veils being thinner and what I’m up to day in and day out, if you’d like to step more squarely onto the path of building that momentum towards your bigger desires becoming physically actualized now, then this event is for you.

We can all make even wiser choices now, as they’re becoming increasingly available for us all now.  So let’s further align you with this, too, yes? And then do a bit of planetary work around the collective, particularly the leaders, so that the suffering collapses even more quickly, into more of what our hearts desire to see for humanity and our beloved earth.

We’re going to get you even more out of your own way during this event!

And just as importantly while even more juicy & fun for me, I want to activate you to get you WAY more aligned with the higher-vibratory possibilities, while also activating you to be more empowered to actually choose & follow through to be living out these possibilities.

So if the portal opened on 7/26 and it peaks on 8/8, then ending on 8/12, I’ve timed this event to get at your system immediately preceding the peak.

This way, we’ll be setting you up for pacing you in such a way to take as full advantage as possible, 3 days before and leading into the peak of all these increased possibilities.

So each year when the Sun moves into Leo, we experience an energetic dynamic that acts as a portal, known as the Lions Gate.

Yet I find my Guidance really alerting me to this year’s Lion’s Gate (it has been for a while!) as well I hear some of my trusted colleagues saying the same – that this one is more special and promises even more than “the usual.”

The Lions Gate is thought to have been celebrated in Atlantean times, while known & recorded historically to have been celebrated during the historical Egyptian zenith periods.

You’ve likely heard a bit about it, as this portal is recognised globally for its contribution to the energy dynamics of our planet.

Since the Galactic Moment on 12/21/12 these portals and energy dynamics have been becoming increasingly powerful as Earth further aligns with its new Golden Age – and the Galactic Core – amongst other rather radical shifts amidst the 2012-2032 times, which is known to be the greatest evolutionary leap for humanity, ever!

It is the ideal opportunity to achieve a huge shift in energy on a personal and planetary level as Lions Gate is always the most powerful alignment of the year!


Lion’s Gate Portal Maximization

Zoom Event

Activating more of your multi-dimensional capacities

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*Including Clearings & Activations & Energetic Support ONLY Available Within The Vibrational UPgrade System

Some of what you’ll be able to clear & release:

  • Learn about the Lions Gate and how/why it is so important
  • Activating you with the Harvest, Fertility and Abundance energetics behind this tradition of honoring the Lions Gate from Ancient Egypt
  • Clearings & Activations to course correct and accelerate your ascension” or enlightenment path
  • Clearings & Activations to use this portal as the opportunity for you to propel yourselves into a new cycle
  • Aligning you to your divine timeline, your highest possible timeline. This portal opens up the opportunity to be course corrected so that you are on the timeline that serves your – and humanity’s – highest good.
  • Clearings & Activations for you in that one area of your life where you’d like the biggest breakthrough – doing whatever I can to get that shifted, or “course corrected.”
  • Personal work – will work with further grounding and opening and aligning each of your Twelve Ascension Chakras. This will help to more fully activate your 5D Chakra column at a deep level. This process will be highly transformational!
  • Planetary work – We will be harnessing the power of this Lion’s Gate to align the energies of the planet  & humanity to the highest, 5th dimensional possibilities
  • Blocks that are ready – and some even that aren’t! – to be cleared that have stood in the way of you going for more, making the most of these times we’re in now
  • Activating more of your multi-dimensional capacities
  • Activating your manifesting capacity with a special process
  • Activating you with the Harvest, Fertility and Abundance energetics behind this tradition of honoring the Lion’s Gate from Ancient Egypt – yes I wanted to repeat this one because it’ll be addressed more than just once during this event. In fact, if you’ll “allow” me to (if your blocks & needs & desires) – it’ll be the main focus
  • Q & A with you asking for what personal blocks you desire to be cleared


“Before working with Dr. Alison, I felt very constricted and was constantly worried. My shoulder blades had been under constant tension and felt really tight and hurt.

My mind was going crazy, bombarding me with whatever came to my mind – images of the news, of a movie I had seen, whatever. I had literally no control over it.

Right on the first call she did clearings on my shoulders and basically ever since, the weight had been gone and they are smooth and light now. This alone made a huge difference in my life which I will always be grateful for!

With her intuitive loving guidance, she leads you through the entire process of being you again.

She provides tools that help you master your mind and calm it down. Her approach is holistic and her knowledge immense and covers whatever you name if needed.

She is the Mama Bear that lovingly takes care of all of us. I am in a corporate job right now, but I wish I owned a business: The approaches she delivers to see any business issue from entirely different angles are always amazing to me. In a glimpse she comes up with great insight.

I live my life now with much more joy, ease and calmness! and with much more gratitude and love. I know it’s up to me to choose and there are plenty of choices. You just have to be aware of them!

Since joining Dr. Alison’s program, I experienced extra magical moments of flow and lightness! So thank you for all the magical loveliness Dr. Alison!”

Claude Roma

“I feel so blessed. We recently moved into a perfect house for us – we love it and it’s just brilliant. A year and a half ago I would never have imagined myself to be where I am – I felt so stuck where I was literally and figuratively….

We started a podcast and we’ve recorded 12 episodes and we’re starting to build a community. It’s so fun, and we’re totally loving it- we just love learning and sharing our knowledge and it’s been a blast. So thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

…You bring such light to the world. I send you much love and hugs!!”

– Lesley Lang

“After just a few days of listening to all the free gift records, feeling the clearings and removal of blocks after our call and work I believe Alison is doing behind the scenes, I manifested a completely unexpected gov contract award.

WHAT? Yes, you heard right! How is that even possible?!! Alison J Kay!! <3

I’ve been journaling and meditating for “quick, easy cash and success for my company” for a long time. Looks like whatever block/contract/past life agreement that was holding me back just got the boot! Yay! “

– Tami Fitzpatrick

“Wow! I felt like a little girl in Christmas morning opening up the link to the STOP Your Shutdown replay. I FELT instanteous vibrational upgrade

I have to tell you as soon as I clicked the link to play it, and you started speaking, the lamp on the end table next to me Shut on and off three times from your energy. I am grateful and honored to finally be able to purchase a program with you. I’m very humbled. I felt a lot of changes going on. I was yawning got very sleepy & tingling. I’m kind of can I say, intoxicated & High. I just wanted to thank you because I know that major positive changes are on their way to me because of being able to work with you. I just want to say again thank you thank you thank you for sharing your gifts with me.”

– Patricia


…aka “the lightning bolt” is the founder of the Vibrational UPgrade System, a potent container of healing and activating energetics to activate the magic within.

She is an experienced subtle energies practitioner and natural healer with a holistic approach towards helping others thrive in mind, body, and spirit and easing humanity’s evolutionary transition. She has helped hundreds of people tap into greater meaning, success and happiness in their living using the methods she teaches.