These are some of my students getting trained in Vibrational UPgrade™️ System, on retreat at Avebury Stone Circle in the UK & working with one of the lead stones in the avenue, working on meditation and consciousness.

One of the core teachings – in fact in their list of 12 “VUP Practitioner Commandments” is #1: Do Not Project. Another core principle for VUP Practitioners is “To Have Accurate Perception.” When we do that projection of the past onto the path in front of us, we lose so much. We are meant to gain the ancient wisdom that can help us move forward into new times now, as we create a new paradigm, eyes wide open, with accurate perception.

So this starts with each of us, within our own consciousness and lives, right? That’s a primary chunk of my mission.

Getting that “back of the house consciousness” cleared out, so that your co-creation comes (rather than unconscious or subconscious check-out where the past IS in fact thrown out onto your present in endless cycles of repetitiveness) from fresh vital life force and is conscious, mindful and capable of not only making the optimal choices in the moment to moment co-creation of your life, but also to then live up to your potential. You also have to get to that back of the house consciousness and release or clear it. This is considered the purification of your ego-mind, on the yogic path, or the spiritual path, or the path to enlightenment. This is the work we do at the Avebury Stone Circle.

You’re struggling more now in your life if you’re not ON this.

But beyond the struggle (required when resisting your expansion) is the sheer joy of a heart singing out with fulfillment, a body thriving with vital life force pulsating throughout it, and an overall mind-body-spirit system of consciousness housed, that is living up to its truest capacity.

These are wild times we are in. What else is possible? Come play, if this pulls at you. Listen to your Guidance. Take Inspired Action. All the time….

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How can I thank you all enough? What you all do is a wonderful service to humanity. April 2019, I was struggling and praying for divine connection. As if by magic (Thank you Angels!) I found the facebook page and Alison J. Kay.

I called in to a free monthly call and raised my hand. I was called on by Dr. Alison and my life has been better ever since. On that free call I was electrified and left the call feeling divinely blessed. I listened to that replay over and over and each time I felt more and more grounded and connected. I listened to every free call and started downloading her chakra series after another free call where I was once again blessed by Dr. Alison.

I went from being a teacher at my children’s private school who made (literally) negative money in my paycheck to leaving that job and taking my children to a new school where I could be more empowered and find a job that paid me and my family an actual income. We have all been striving, growing and thriving and I must thank Vibrational Upgrade for this. I am a better soul, wife, mother and being now.

I felt unworthy before and since then – having Dr. AJK in my ear clearing and replacing these negative thoughts and feelings with empowerment, faith and confidence – I have made huge strides personally and professionally. You are invested in those of us in the Activate Your Magic group because we feel your energy and you do so much for us. I THANK YOU for that. Listening to your new moon and full moon Sacred Activations and zooms are riveting!

When I started listening to your free calls I could not imagine spending anything on myself ever, and now look at me investing in ME. Every time I listen to you I feel a shift and I evolve. You being you – You making those calls IS you investing in us and we can feel it. My mentor and friend and favorite voice in my ear…Thank you for all you do and who YOU be. I am forever grateful and better because of you.

Everyone on the Vibrational UPgrade team, thank you for all you do – This container of Vibrational Upgrade and Activate Your Magic is divine- this community is such a gift!

Paige Johnson

Member of the Activate Your Magic program

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