Dr. Alison J. Kay

Magical Gateway into a Higher Joy Factor





All of us want to feel more happiness, joy and lightness.

And to have that become more embodied, and…

…to permeate through all aspects of our lives.


Especially after what this past few years has been like. 😉

As well, many of you have become more proficient with manifesting.

Yet you are likely also wanting to become even more proficient with manifesting, more consistently, more easily, and more “on command.”

And to create beyond what you’ve been able to thus far.


To be able to not only be aware of the potential of these new energies coming in this year…

…because it promises to be quite a different year than what these past few have…

…but also to be able to best position yourself to work with these new energies successfully, to your advantage.


To go higher, and live up to more of your potential.

To be able to more easily yield to your Higher Self & Divine’s will, so you are truly CO-creating.

Rather than your hidden blocks limiting or even stopping you from lovely expansion in areas desired –

– and the ones you aren’t even aware of.

Those thoughts you don’t hear – that “back of the house consciousness” as I’ve come to call it –

– also contain your unrealized potential.

Here’s the deal –

– The energetics of this event are creating a magical gateway for you to walk through so you can do all of this at higher levels, with more proficiency.

That sounds & feels good, right?

It feels light, right?

Of course! 😊

Part of the major gig this year is stepping into increased self-mastery.

Not “just beginning” only.

Nor just awakening only.

But applying more of what you’ve been learning & practicing –

– so you can become more of the version you’re meant to become.

And so humanity collectively can choose to be more of what we’re meant to become, or can become, as this new era dawns.

And so your life – and our lives, collectively – can show up more aligned with what else is becoming possible now!

And also so the you who you’ve grown into can have surprising metaphysical support.

With this support helping you get to beyond even what you’ve been focusing & intending for you & your life this year.

This is how we do it (did you hear the song there? 😊🎵)

So that for this whole year, now that the first month is complete,

You’ve set the precedent energetically, that acts like a lighthouse, where…

…You’re not only keeping up the momentum…

…but you’re bringing in more fairy & angelic like assistance…

… a bubbling golden energetic of effervescence, like kombucha does for your gut’s good bacteria, to you & your life…

…that becomes like an energetic magnet, so strong it’s almost 3D…

…as our subtle energy system is actually designed to be & do at the more advanced stages…

…so that you’re doing less of the work, the pushing, the “making happen”…

…and your subtle energy system & consciousness are doing more of the work…

…and that’s also calling in new possibilities…

…that take you beyond what you even know to imagine, and to ask for, at this point, right?

To be able to live not only a life you love, but one that seems blessed, charmed.

To be able to invoke on behalf of your Divine potential, choose it & allow it.

These energetics are all intertwined.

And we’d love for your consciousness to be able to access this all, and allow it.

Recording will be sent to you within 24 hours & is yours to use repeatedly – daily even! – throughout the year.

And if you were to use this daily I wonder how your 2024 would show up?

This year brings in access to a magical gateway to be able to actually do this, and bring it even more into physicalization, so our world does indeed, go higher.

But only for those whose consciousness is expansive enough…

And whose subtle energy system is arranged & aligned in the way that allows for this & calls this in.

Yet this is amidst a lot of prediction about how intense this year is going to be –

– Well, hey, we ARE creating it and choosing it.

Our assumptions, our beliefs –

– especially the ones we don’t hear –

– are creating the realty we’re each living.

And the vibrational backdrop has become even more predisposed to honor our capacities to create.

We create by our choices.

So going beyond our previous choices is how we do this.

And to go beyond our previous choices requires us to have new openings in our consciousness and subtle energy system.

That’s precisely what this event is designed to do.

Our power is within our work – and play – within our consciousness.

And rather than get all serious around how intense it is on planet earth right now –

– let’s redirect that focus to how much more is becoming possible!

And what if we were to empower as many as possible towards lighter, happier, more joyous energy?

Because that makes it easier to manifest beyond what you’re even consciously aware of that you desire.

And it opens up space for Source/The Universe/The Divine…

…and all the sweet, unconditional, metaphysical, supportive beings who have recently increased in number & presence due to where we are now within humanity’s greatest evolutionary leap, 2012-2032…

…to come in with something better than we could’ve planned or imagined or visualized.

That we then have the courage to choose & follow through on.

Which also requires less risk aversion…

…and more willingness to surrender control and familiarity’s comfort & choose the new.

Recording will be sent to you within 24 hours & is yours to use repeatedly – daily even! – throughout the year.

And if you were to use this daily I wonder how your 2024 would show up?

We ARE in those times now, where creating beyond what we’ve previously thought possible…

…is here!

There has been an opening at the start of this new year…

…as if a Magical Gateway has now presented itself and is open…

…to those of us with the resonant consciousness, energy and awareness.

So let’s get you & your consciousness more aligned to these new energies, new & higher vibrations, increased support and new possibilities.

Lightness, Joyous, Higher Vibrations come from having density and hidden blocks cleared.

AND it feeds better health & well-being.

AND money likes to follow joy – it feels more invited in to you & your life.

AND it makes you less likely to be affected by the intensity of the changes that come through disasters.

AND there are less disasters or crises needed to help us all evolve, the more of us choosing proactively to live at these higher vibrations, right?

This year seems to have to it a magical gateway that the more of us at higher vibrations, clearer & lighter of hidden blocks and density…

…the more you’re / we’re going to be able to create a life that you/we love –

– and the planet and humanity benefit.

There are NEW possibilities popping in, increasingly more is becoming available that was not even available last year.

I’ve already noticed this within what is occurring during program events and I’m doing clearings & activations, or clients’ sessions.

That IS the essence of Vibrational Upgrade System, my mission.

Is this you? Did you resonate with what you just read?

Recording will be sent to you within 24 hours & is yours to use repeatedly – daily even! – throughout the year.

And if you were to use this daily I wonder how your 2024 would show up?


  • Clearing your hidden, unconscious & subconscious & even conscious blocks, no matter the source, towards being more inclined towards joy rather than heaviness, seriousness & choosing what perpetuates that vibrational state
  • Clearing & activation around where you don’t value you & your life so you do
  • Clearing of where you have a tendency to go heavy whenever the state of the world, the planet, politics are brought up
  • Activation of optimism for you, your life, our planet, our politics & our earth
  • Clearing out whatever hidden blocks you have towards not choosing joy.
  • Transmission & activation on choosing joy no matter what
  • Activation of more of your light body & hence your lightness
  • Clearing & activation so that you’re set up to have more synchronicities to help you embody more joy, more typically & easily
  • Clearing & activation so your joy factor increases & can become your new set point
  • Exploration of these new energies and new possibilities and activating them to benefit you & your life path
  • Clearing the hidden blocks where you are risk averse & preferring the comfort of the familiar & then activating your willingness to take more risks that work to your advantage
  • Activation of your system, overall, to allow yourself to pass through the magical gateway, and be able to access & make choices that create a more charmed existence.
  • Clearing & activation of more of your divine potential in every previously mentioned clearing & activation, but this one specifically directed towards this helping you manifest more consistently, easily & on command of what’ll create a more JOYous existence
  • Blast of potent golden energy – transmission – to assist you with now attracting more money & have more ease manifesting, as if to wrap this all up in a sweet bow
  • Super-tonic herbs from both the Ayurvedic/Yogic and Traditional Chinese Medicine/Taoist canon of super-tonic herbalism that are known to help increase joy, as well as a few additional subtle energy tools – essences, oils – that are also not well known for helping to increase joy & lightness

NOTE: This is also the Celtic Imbolic celebration, or Goddess Brigid’s day. She is the Celtic triple Goddess, of many aspects, including burning away any thoughts, feelings or behaviors that stand in the way of reaching our Divine Potential with her “eternal flame.”

So you will receive a connection to her via my own strong connection with her – that other priestesses in the Celtic world have commented on noticing in my field – and a clearing & activation more connected to her to help burn away any thoughts, feelings or behaviors that stand in the way of your divine potential.

Recording will be sent to you within 24 hours & is yours to use repeatedly – daily even! – throughout the year.

And if you were to use this daily I wonder how your 2024 would show up?


…aka “the lightning bolt” is the founder of the Vibrational UPgrade System, a potent container of healing and activating energetics to activate the magic within.

She is an experienced subtle energies practitioner and natural healer with a holistic approach towards helping others thrive in mind, body, and spirit and easing humanity’s evolutionary transition. She has helped thousands of people tap into greater meaning, success and happiness in their living using the methods she teaches.