Activations for you to make AUDACIOUSLY NEW CHOICES to actually be co-creating your new!

From this event, you will breakthrough insights where you realize
that you are not who you thought you were, you are in fact,
a much vaster being.

*Including Clearings & Activations & Energetic Support ONLY Available Within The Vibrational UPgrade System


Due to the nature of these times acting as a clarion call for you to recognize your power in your choice to create your life, it seems like what would really help you all/us all moving forward is to have your courage increased so you can choose beyond the level you’re currently used to choosing.

That’s a set point, and we’ll be activating you to have the boldness, dare I say, the audacity, to make better choices that honor what your heart is telling you, guiding you to reach for.

So we’ll also be wiping out those more wimpy tendencies.

Can I get an amen to that?

This way, you’re set up to move into the new that IS well, actually NEW!

Doesn’t that feel a whole lot lighter than robotically regurgitating the past, spewed up onto your new, present moment?

These times are commanding and demanding for us to move into the new. I Trust you get that.

So, remember back to the first zoom of April, on self-mastery?

The focus was to help you come out of anywhere where you’re still feeling, perceiving, choosing from any lingering influences from your past that cause you to feel like a victim.

Taking you out of being at the affect of what others have chosen and are choosing and creating was one intention with that.

But also it was to then position you more solidly to be the affectOR.

Meaning, your alignment goes from the horizontal, 3D reactivity to what others are bringing into your life, and into the vertical.

When you’re aligned this way, you’re more free to make the actual choices that are going to move your souls evolution forward, per your Guidance from your Higher Self & Source.

So we’ll be activating you for this increasing boldness.

And we’ll be activating the increasing empowerment of your free-will becoming stronger to authentically choose what your heart desires and what you’re actually here to be and do now.

So now, what is needed is to activate that capacity to be the co-creator OF your reality, not at the affect of othersreality that theyve chosen & created by default.

If you’re already able to perceive your yes, get in on this action here


I am also strongly sensing from when I stand out under the stars and ask – that as the new paradigm gets further physicalized, it seems like we’re going to have to increase our power to make audaciously new choices.

This requires increased courage. So we’re going to activate this for you.

And clear your cowardice out, along with the root causes of that tendency to choose less for yourself.

Living successfully – thriving in these new times will also require the ability to be able to choose what is clearly a “YES!” within, despite having the logical plan around “the how” having to be there in order to say yes.

Without the mental deliberation of the ego-mind’s questioning, “but this…” and “but what about that?”

That’s a tactic the ego-mind gets up to in order to sabotage you living the life your Higher Self  (heart, soul) are here to.

Which can show up as delaying by weeks, months, years  – lifetimes, even! – you actually being on target with living the life you’re here to.

So we’ll also be clearing out the unconscious and subconscious blocks causing you to slow down your rate of change with this self-sabotage.

And we’ll be activating you to make audacious new choices despite what monkey business the monkey mind is getting up to inside your head.

And whether that mental dialogue – or diatribe! – be “the how” around how to come up with the money to follow through on your yes, or the time, or the energy, or the step-by-step formula that’ll get you to that new and different result – choosing it anyways requires quite a bit.

Some of it is Trust – in yourself, in your connection to Source,
in your intuition, in life working for you not it happening to you, as if a victim.

We got to that with last month’s zoom on self-mastery.

And much of what is required is Boldness – to choose when you intuitively KNOW it’s a yes, despite having negative thoughts and questions floating around by your now triggered ego-mind.

So I’ll have to also run activations to help your unconscious and subconscious accept your brilliance, and your deservingness of living a Grand, Fulfilled, Thriving life!

That triggering is only occurring because it is being challenged by this new up-leveling.

Which points out the habitual ego-mind’s real undercurrent of, “No! Stay familiar, keep things relatively the same!”

I know you’re here within the Vibrational UPgrade™ tribe for change, for evolution, for your spiritual growth, for your ability to manifest what your heart desires more consistently.

To be able to do so requires the nagging hesitancy and the lack of being tuned into other, new possibilities to be cleared.

Which I will joyously, exuberantly escort right out of your consciousness!

This is something that’ll Serve you, right?

So go for it and


There’s a lot more involved here around the psychology of change and the energetics of change.

I have specializations in both, as you likely know.

If it were a fact of you being “able to just figure it out” via the rational or intellectual mind, you would have already, right?

So my guidance is pounding at me that in the coming days and weeks and months, you – we all will be – consistently being asked to lift yourself up to higher and higher vibrational states of awareness.

You’ve already seen more than just hints of this, I know.

This may mean letting go of certain relationships, practices or states of being or even particular habits or thought patterns that would lower your vibration into fear, doubt or shame.

Give yourself permission to just let this happen.

And in order to do that, you need increased courage.

You do not need to force anything. It is a matter of softening, allowing and trusting what feels right for you with absolute faith and bold, radical acceptance that fuels your new audacious choosing.

To hand something over for healing, especially when it has been a long-term or persistent difficulty, or simply seems to be too great or overwhelming to be healed, takes a radical choice!

To dare to hope without becoming attached to how or when something can happen, to surrender without forgetting to follow your intuition and act accordingly, to trust even though you may have been disappointed or hurt in the past – all these things take skill and courage.

So I’ll be activating that within you, while clearing out “the background noise” or monster under the bed, in the back of your mind.

So you can be more free, here, now. Not carrying around extra weight!

What’s also coming even more online now that we will be activating you for within this special live zoom event is that talents, abilities and powers wish to be restored to you now from past incarnations.

This will help your path. And your evolving beyond the old you, into the new you.

You are growing in power and awareness. That’s what lead you here to Vibrational UPgrade™ System.

From this event, you will have breakthrough insights where you realize that you are not who you thought you were, you are in fact a much vaster being.

And in order to Allow this higher, more evolved version of you to become more and more the ruler of your life – audacity will be required and desired so you can continue to follow your intuitive guidance.

And as you hear and perceive your Guidance from this increasingly Aligned positioning – vertical – then you will require and desire the increased boldness to make audacious new choices.

So that you follow through on your Guidance, rather than shrink back from this new, higher version of you, right?

Sometimes this can be shocking and uncomfortable, and difficult to accept. I know.

I’ve spent more time over the decades working with people to not be afraid of their power and light. And this requires boldness!

So you are learning to integrate this awareness of your vast Self into your life.

We’ll do activations around this for you, too.

I have found that to do that – to allow yourself to become the strongest, highest, most vibrantly alive, successful version of yourself living out your highest destiny to your fullest potential taking advantage of as many possibilities as you can – this requires audacity.

Audacity to actually believe that you’re able to be that version of you.

Rather than just sit here, reading this, receiving the transmission, but not choosing to do anything beyond this – stasis for some of you – passive involvement in your life.

To move out of that passive mode of “research” or just reading and into action on behalf of bettering yourself and your life requires audacity!

The ego-mind can come in here with all sorts of unconscious conclusions, too, and we’ll clear out the most common ones during this special download.

So when you have more balls to be more audacious and make bold new choices, the practical consequences of doing so are extraordinary!

You will be able to live with less and less fear and insecurity, to become more detached and more passionate, more loving, and less demanding, to need less and receive more, to feel more joy and exert less force to attain it – such wonderful gifts await you!

More audacity is required in order to allow the realization that what has happened in the past has power over you only to the extent that you allow it.

So that you then not only choose to let it go, but then replace it with a more evolved, lighter version beyond that old version of you.

There is a portal of light now on planet earth that is being opened to you now to travel through time and space to release the past, to open up to a future bright and to call for more power in the present moment.

And we’ll be further activating this portal of light for you.

But it requires boldness to choose it.

Are you in?


Activations for you to make AUDACIOUSLY NEW CHOICES to actually be co-creating your new!

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From this event, you will breakthrough insights where you realize
that you are not who you thought you were, you are in fact,
a much vaster being.

*Including Clearings & Activations & Energetic Support ONLY Available Within The Vibrational UPgrade System

three modes in Taoists philosophy

There are three modes in Taoists philosophy that are relevant to this.

Now this is what Traditional Chinese Medicine is based on (think yin/yang and acupuncture), and Chi Gong and all martial arts.

Taoism is not Buddhism, which originates in India.

There are three planes of existence you can think about.

And they each express themselves differently in different dimensions or “heavens” as the Taoists describe them.

Pursuing our unique Way is a life-long journey.

The  “NOW” is the nexus point where the practical, the philosophical, and the spiritual all meet and fuse into a single point of consciousness.

So Loving the Tao of Now is about cultivating the intersection of the three energy vectors that meet in the Now.  

The HORIZONTAL vector includes Earth, linear time, matter, sensory, familial, social, cultural, political energies that flow through our lives. It’s where our personality lives. The scientific imagination is great at manipulating this realm.  

The VERTICAL vector is the axis of Heaven – Earth, Nature’s process of transmuting spirit/subtle breath (Qi) into substance/matter and back again. All religious deities live along this axis, as patterns of Qi given form by human spiritual imagination. This axis holds the potential for our soul to awaken to  multi-dimensional realities.

The STILL POINT is the Origin from which Heaven, Earth, and Humankind all arise spontaneously (ziran). The easiest portal to access a pathway known as  “Return to Origin”  — the highest destiny in Taoism — is to open a portal at the crossing point of the Vertical and the Horizontal.

This diagram shows Horizontal and Vertical axes within 3 Spheres/Heavens/Dimensions.

Not shown is the human ability to imagine an entirely new reality emanating from the Crossing Point.

And this entirely new reality while it can be imagined, requires audacity to choose it! 

This vector would be a Diagonal that constitutes a unique Timeline in the matrix of Space.

Human Free Will (expressed as imagination, patterns of Qi) is the wildcard in Nature.

Why is free will such a wild card?

Because you can choose to not use it.

You can choose to not listen to your heart’s lightness when it’s saying, “YES! Do this!” right?

So we want to set you up to be as equipped as possible to make the bold new choices that’ll lead you forwards, using your gift of a wild-card of free will to the best of your ability.

After all, that is precisely what these times are about, 2012-2032, moving into living beyond only the 3D world, but from the 4D (heart centered rather than mind) and into the 5D (where we are operating as conscious co-creators.)

To operate as a conscious co-creator, you have to have the musculature developed, exercised, flexible and trained – your power to choose.

So let’s hook you up, and activate you to choose towards an audacious new you, one choice at a time, over and over again.

Because what can then show up…

Well then, humans can activate a third moving vector, the DIAGONAL axis that creatively integrates the Horizontal, Vertical, and Still Point.

When the three vectors of Qi flow merge at the same point,  the Great Oneness (tai yi) radiates its divine feeling of love and blessings directly upon us.

Why would you deny yourself this? Well, let’s get you activated to choose more audaciously!

(The diagram and some of the explanation of this Taoist philosophy was supported from Michael Winn’s Healing Tao USA)


“Before working with Dr. Alison, I felt very constricted and was constantly worried. My shoulder blades had been under constant tension and felt really tight and hurt.

My mind was going crazy, bombarding me with whatever came to my mind – images of the news, of a movie I had seen, whatever. I had literally no control over it.

Right on the first call she did clearings on my shoulders and basically ever since, the weight had been gone and they are smooth and light now. This alone made a huge difference in my life which I will always be grateful for!

With her intuitive loving guidance, she leads you through the entire process of being you again.

She provides tools that help you master your mind and calm it down. Her approach is holistic and her knowledge immense and covers whatever you name if needed.

She is the Mama Bear that lovingly takes care of all of us. I am in a corporate job right now, but I wish I owned a business: The approaches she delivers to see any business issue from entirely different angles are always amazing to me. In a glimpse she comes up with great insight.

I live my life now with much more joy, ease and calmness! and with much more gratitude and love. I know it’s up to me to choose and there are plenty of choices. You just have to be aware of them!

Since joining Dr. Alison’s program, I experienced extra magical moments of flow and lightness! So thank you for all the magical loveliness Dr. Alison!”

-Claude Roma

“I feel so blessed. We recently moved into a perfect house for us – we love it and it’s just brilliant. A year and a half ago I would never have imagined myself to be where I am – I felt so stuck where I was literally and figuratively….

We started a podcast and we’ve recorded 12 episodes and we’re starting to build a community. It’s so fun, and we’re totally loving it- we just love learning and sharing our knowledge and it’s been a blast. So thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

…You bring such light to the world. I send you much love and hugs!!”

Lesley Lang

“After just a few days of listening to all the free gift records, feeling the clearings and removal of blocks after our call and work I believe Alison is doing behind the scenes, I manifested a completely unexpected gov contract award.

WHAT? Yes, you heard right! How is that even possible?!! Alison J Kay!! <3

I’ve been journaling and meditating for “quick, easy cash and success for my company” for a long time. Looks like whatever block/contract/past life agreement that was holding me back just got the boot! Yay! “

Tami Fitzpatrick

In just 4 months my business went from a wisp of a thought to booking 3 vendor events, booking my first paying clients, launching a website, being a speaker at one of the events, but more important – faith in my future growth.

I want to retire from corporate life in just 14 months and I know that it is totally attainable and will support me financially and grow my personal success.

Thank you, Dr. Alison. I can’t wait to discover what’s next.”

Cheryl Reavie


…aka “the lightning bolt” is the founder of the Vibrational UPgrade System, a potent container of healing and activating energetics to activate the magic within.

She is an experienced subtle energies practitioner and natural healer with a holistic approach towards helping others thrive in mind, body, and spirit and easing humanity’s evolutionary transition. She has helped hundreds of people tap into greater meaning, success and happiness in their living using the methods she teaches.