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Your mind is the chemist. The words you say in your mind release the chemistry.  The chemistry then circulates throughout your system and thus becomes your biology.  Underneath this physical level, there is a level of consciousness within the cells of our body, within our immune system, within our central nervous system, within our entire system there is consciousness running throughout.  This is the subtle energy level.


Recently science has proven the mind-body connection through a few different approaches within physics, neuroscience and biology, basically creating the two fields then of psychoneuroimmunology and psychoneurocardiology.  The basic science behind what they found, and its significance in proving the mind body connection is briefly touched upon in some of my workshops.  During these workshops, we lay the foundation conceptually for the tips and tools to follow.


The goal is to focus on is how to work with the mind body connection to support ultimate health, vitality and happiness through various self-care methods.  The state the mind needs to be in to cause the body to work in our favor so that we can thrive and these tools to get there  – is the aim of many of my workshops and seminars.


This is the era of consciousness and quantum physics; the era of physical matter and Newtonian physics is on its way out.  This is why the world and our lives feel so different nowadays, perhaps less solid, more shaky; less consistent, more combustible change.  Its important to learn how to successfully ground and navigate through these times, as stress free as possible, while creating more loving support within your own biology and consciousness, so that your health, your life and those around you can be positively effected.  Namaste.

-Dr. Alison J. Kay


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