Dr. Alison J. Kay

Armchair travel to a sacred site
& ceremony for this Equinox



*** March 2023’s Monthly Horoscope: The Decade’s Next Turning Point

*** March kicks off a big new phase for humankind—and yes, it really is that significant.

The month ahead is full of new beginnings and the March Equinox is the tipping point.

The energy of creation is high, so keep your vibration lifted, your heart open, and your mind expanded.

*** It’s time to remove all self-imposed limitations – so many planets are at 0 degrees at the equinox, including the equinox’s also being at 0 degrees.

This really opens the opportunity to new beginnings in every area of your life – and for us to really create the new earth.

Aries – our equinox is at 0 degrees Aries – is the beginning of astrological year so it’s kind of like a blueprint.

It’s an important day – gather with others.

And so we are!

Here’s what’s up for you to receive:

Please note whatever is in bold will be focused on you in a clearing & activation

And the armchair travel specific info is below.

And due to my not having experienced yet this global gathering at this sacred site, I am leaving room for whatever else I may not be aware of yet that’ll want to be a transmission when we gather live.

For the 2023 Equinox, we have zero major planets in retrograde motion. This means we have some strong, forward-moving energy for getting things done and making progress.

Right before the Equinox peaks, on March 17, Mars, the ruler of Aries and the planet associated with action, motivation, and getting things done leaves its post-retrograde shadow phase, sending a burst of energy into our cosmic skies.

To embrace all of these energies, use the March Equinox to soak up the energies of balance.

Use this energy to return to a zero-point state where you are steady, sure, and whole in who you are.

Use the March Equinox energies to bring balance into your routine, into your diet, and into your way of being.

Acknowledge where things are out of balance, and work to bring ease and harmony to those areas.

Spend time in nature soaking up the harmonizing rays of the energy grid, and recognize that new opportunities are possible.

Create some intentions, visualize what you wish to attract, and stay open.

And so we are!

Here’s where the armchair travel, and the specialness of this offer begins.

See, I’ve traveled to sacred sites consistently for equinoxes and solstices since 2011, including Chichen Itza’s Mayan ruins on 12/21/12, where the Mayan calendar was produced.

And I’ve taken videos at these sacred sites whilst doing live transmissions via distant healing on these sacred days for the folks playing with me in Magic, Manifestation and Money Flow and my VUP (Vibrational UPgrade) Mastermind.

But these times we’ve entered are now SO important, this month the key month of the decade…

…that I’ve decided to bring you all with me & transmit a live event whilst there, open to everyone who is in the Vibrational UPgrade community.

Specifics to the armchair travel to a sacred site on the earth’s ley lines grid, within a crater formed by either an astroid or comet, during a sacred gathering of global indigenous tribal leaders:

You will be doing this through my being at a sacred site on the earth’s energy grid, in a 3 day celebration at this sacred site of worldwide aboriginal leaders & new thought leaders focused on bringing in more peace & harmony for the earth and humanity.

There will be one of the crystal skulls there, which I will be accessing and transmitting that sacred knowledge to you all on this event.

Additionally, I will be in the event, yet pulled back to my hotel room to lead our event, fresh out of these energies where I will have been receiving for the previous 3 days…

…transmissions, drumming, sacred ceremonies and the vibrancy of the sacred spots’ special electromagnetic energy that the ancients identified

– is dragon energy, built in an ancient crater from an asteroid or comet, between 256 and 330 million years ago, with this energy in the remaining crater and in rocks all around it and on the land –

So I’ll have some further transmission to drop you directly into these special once in a lifetime equinox’s frequencies & celebration even more directly via videos that I’ve taken since the opening of the ceremony on Saturday.

However, I will have gone to the sacred site and be there since Friday.

Those of you who sign up will be receiving energies to connect you to these special energies from the moment you sign up – stay Observant!

And even more specifically, I’ll begin building it on Friday, to actively be transmitting to you.

So you’re going to be receiving distant healing as well, even before the live event.

So by Monday, I’ll have been immersed in this all, for the previous 72+ hours, and then that day…

…up until I receive a sacred 1-1 transmission, immediately preceding our gathering.

There is a focus on connection also to the star nations via a few different tribal elders; 1 from the Maori and another part Lakota/part Celtic.. and more!

So I’ll be transmitting this energy to you, and activating your keys & codes to pick up on what I am given during this 3 day immersion in these special energies…

…as if you’d spent the effort, time, energy & money to travel there yourself!

I’ll get you as close to this as I possibly can & as much as you’re ready & willing to receive.

So do what you need to prior to our event starting, coming ready & open to receive!

More specifics to the equinox and the clearings & activations you will receive:

March is arguably the biggest astrological month of 2023, set to usher in profound changes that will unfold for the rest of the year.

The world we’ve grown accustomed to, for better or worse, starts to shift as two major outer planets (Saturn and Pluto) move into new signs for the first time since 1996 and 1798.

These profound transits can snap us out of autopilot, leaving us awakened and alert.

The Spring Equinox 2023 happens on March, 20 – the same day that the Sun moves from Pisces to Aries, as Pisces season 2023 shudders to a halt – making way for Aries season 2023.

This is also the birth of the astrological year.

(A day later, April 21, 2023, we experience the Aries New Moon as well.)

Since Aries is a fiery and optimistic sign, we’re bursting forth (into spring, or fall) with full belief in our ability to manifest change.

Everything in the universe strives for balance, so creating and manifesting to encourage balance and equality shouldn’t face resistance from the Universe.

Calling in balance on all fronts is always a great idea – harnessing the time of the Equinox to help, makes results come quickly and easily. We can call in balance in general, or balance within a specific aspect of our lives.

***Shed the old you in every possible sense you can do it.

This isn’t a regular spring clean, it’s a whole new episode for humanity.

Cleanse your field cleanse your consciousness.

Those who violate the divine order – they’re going to have to face their mistakes; retribution & divine justice is key for this time.

Whilst those who don’t, can reap benefits & harvest of their spiritual integrity.

We’re all breaking out of contracts etc.

This Equinox – there are so many indicators of endings and beginnings – we’re at a tower moment for humanity (tower moment is a reference to the Tarot deck’s tower card) as we move into time to create our new golden era.


…aka “the lightning bolt” is the founder of the Vibrational UPgrade System, a potent container of healing and activating energetics to activate the magic within.

She is an experienced subtle energies practitioner and natural healer with a holistic approach towards helping others thrive in mind, body, and spirit and easing humanity’s evolutionary transition. She has helped thousands of people tap into greater meaning, success and happiness in their living using the methods she teaches.