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Dr. Alison is an experienced public speaker with more than 25 years of experience as a mind-body energy healer, founding the Vibrational UPgrade System, and working in yoga, meditation, chi gong, energy medicine, mind-body fitness, longevity and holistic health with a specialization in the chakra system.

Considered one of the leading experts in my field, she has taught around the world and written two books: the award-winning “What If There’s Nothing Wrong” and international best-seller “Vibrational UPgrade – A Conspiracy for Your Bliss; Easing Humanity’s Evolutionary Transition” with a 3rd one one the way in 2019.

The topics she speaks on most frequently include:

> Vibrational UPgrade: A Conspiracy For Your Bliss – Not Your Difficulty!
> The World is Changing but That’s a Good Thing: Living During Humanity’s Greatest Evolutionary Leap
> Breaking Free from the Chains: The Truth About Making Money in Today’s World
> Finding Courage: Allowing Yourself Everything You Desire
> A Victim No More: Channeling Your Power to Live the Life You Want

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Interview Highlights


DEC. 2017 – Interviewed by Dr./Rev. Michael Beckwith, founder of Agape Spiritual Center in LA




Speaking Event Highlights


October 2016 – St. Pete Yoga Festival, St. Petersburg, FL Title of talk at the event, “The Yogic Understanding of Bliss and Thriving.”spyf-logo March 2016- Awakening Into The Sun, St. Petersburg, FL Emcee of entire weekend’s events and special guest speaker.awakeningintosun


October 2010- 2015 – Rasa-Lila Yoga Festival, Tampa, FL Title of Talk: “Understanding the Role of Subtle Energies, The Chakra System & ThetaHealing Clearings of each Chakrarasa-lila-logo

October 2010- 2015 – Rasa-Lila Yoga Festival, Tampa, FL Title of Talk: “Understanding the Role of Subtle Energies, The Chakra System & ThetaHealing Clearings of each Chakra”LAexpo-logo


February 2014 – LA Conscious Life Expo, Los Angeles, CA Dr. Kay offered hands on holistic wellness & chakra attunement energy medicine sessions as an exhibitor & also presented a talk entitled: “Chakras and the Science of Flow” February 2013 – LA Conscious Life Expo, Los Angeles, CA Title of Talk: “Chakras: New Integrations”mayan-galactic-cruise

August 2010 – Mind, Body, Spirit Expo, Tampa, FL Title of Talk: “The Nature of the Mind, and its role in moving or blocking Subtle Energy’s Movement in our Bodiesbmse_logo-tampa-2016


SEPT. 2016 w/host Joe Taylor – topic “Meditate Your Way To A Healthy Life” – JAN 2017 topic -“Anxiety of a Single Parent”connectfm

NOV. 2016 w/host Claude Jennings – topic “Holiday Stress and Meditating Your Way to Happiness” – DEC. 2016 w/host Jay Grace – topic “Awaken Yourself From Within” – JAN. 2017 w/host Claude Jennings – topic “Depression Among Adolescents”wgts OCT 2016 w/host James Lowe topic “Meditating Your Way Through Life” – NOV. 2016 topic “Overconsumed With Life”kjag

NOV 2016 w/host Robb Holloway – topic “Meditate Your Way to Happiness”wakeupcall2


DEC 2016 w/host Ted Garcia and LaDona Harvey – topic “Holiday Stress Relief”kogo

DEC 2016 w/host Ethan Bearman – topic “Moms Sleep Less”kgo_810_logo
DEC 2016 – w/host Guy Wehman of “Suncoast Live” talk topic ‘Making Your New Year’s Resolution Stick’ JAN 2017 w/hosts Ken Brown & Avram Goldman topic – “Live Your Life the Zen Way”ksvy JAN. 2017 w/host Mary Jane Popp – topic “Hidden Risks of Chronic Stress”KAHI
MARCH 2017 Interview with Paula Vail – “Choices Finding Your Joy” CLICK TO WATCH VIDEOwbtvn


MARCH 2017 – Host Albina Khouzina Topic: Teen Depression on the Risekboi

December 2012 – Mayan Galactic Cruise with Susan Shumsky, Mexico Yoga & Meditation Teacher for the cruise attendees and private energy healing sessions.


Apr. 2019 The Transformation Show with host Durva Ghandi

Apr. 2019 Greatest You Summit with host Christine Williams

Nov. 2018Ignite Your Inner Fire with host Amanda Gilks

Sept. 2018Finding Yourself Masterclass with host Clarissa Findlay

Aug. 2018Tenderfoot Yogi with host David Kay

June 2018  – Mindful Mom Revolution with host Dena Farash

May 2018Mindset Mastery Summit with host Shelli Roberts

Mar. 2018 Awakened & Ready Summit with host Mike Picone

Feb. 2018Calling In Your Soulmate  with Jaqueline Marie

Dec. 2017Sound of Transformation with host Rev. Michael Beckwith

Dec. 2017Enlightened Humanity with host Bonnie Sax

Nov. 2017 Free to Be Me Online Retreat with host Sonia Bueno de la Torre

Nov. 2017Quantum Conversations with host Lauren Galey

Oct. 2017Spiritual Rave Summit with hosts Bonnie Sax and Lily Winsaft

Sept 2017 Beyond Pain Summit with host Audrey Schnell

Aug. 2017Greatest Your Summit with host Christine Williams

Apr. 2017High Life Summit with host Melanie Newman

Mar. 2017 –  Self-Love Bootcamp  with hosts Stephanie Miller and Laura Biswas

Mar. 2017 –  Out There Podcast  with host TJ Ryan

Dec. 2016 –  The Intentional Spirit  with host Temple Hayes

Dec. 2016 –  Unstoppable Heart Telesummit  with host Diane Byron

Nov. 2016 –  Finding Your Joy  with host Paula Vail

Oct. 2016 –  Meditation Does Not Require A Silent Mind  NBC Connecticut interview Watch it here.

Oct. 2016 –  Your Best Self Now Summit  with host Elena Terziyska

Oct 2016 –   The “X” Zone Radio Show  hosted by Rob McConnell (Topic: “The Mind of the Protestor” dealing with anger)

Sept 2016Perfectly Imperfect   hosted by Vyoma Nupur

Aug 7, 2016Vibrational UPgrade   Live Show on BBS Radio Show hosted by Dr. Alison J Kay

July 2016The Emboldened Heart Summit hosted by Malinda Zarate

July 201610 Days of Having, Building & Sustaining a Vibrational UPgrade  hosted by Charlinda Byrd

July 2016For the Love of Reiki  hosted by Paula Vail

July 2016Gathering for Financial Consciousness hosted by Dana Williams

July 2016Inspiring Breakthroughs Summit  hosted by Jeffery Davis

July 2016Why Am I So Happy?  hosted by Paula Vail

June 2016The Miracle Alchemist  hosted by Cheril Goodrich

June 2016Find Your Man Teleseries  hosted by Cole Bambino

May 2016Aim 2 Purpose  hosted by Louise Hicks and Kennan Mason

May 2016Radical Self-Love Summit  hosted by Lillian Benrubi

May 2016Real Life Chats hosted by Kim B Smith

May 2016Aimed 2 Purpose  hosted by Louise Hicks and Kennon Mason

April 2016Fearless, Fabulous You hosted by Melanie Young

April 2016The Emboldened Heart Summit  hosted by Malinda Zarate

April 2016From Brokenhearted to Openhearted Summit  hosted by Jeannine Lee

March 2016The Intentional Spirit  hosted by Temple Hayes

March 2016The Healing Whisper  hosted by Mary Anne Chase

March 2016Unstuck & Unstoppable Summit  hosted by Lois McCullough

March 2016  – Heart 2 Heart Radio hosted by Kim B Smith

February 2016 – Dear Prudence Radio hosted by Prudence

January 2016 – The What If Show  hosted by Charlinda Byrd

January 2016  – A Gathering For Financial Consciousness Summit  hosted by Dr. Dana Williams

November 2015The Learn With Lerner  interview hosted by Adam Lerner (VIDEO INTERVIEW)

October 2015  – A Time For Healing  hosted by Randi G. Fine

June 2015  – Happy Ever After Divorce Summit  hosted by Jeannine Lee

January 2015  – Emboldened Heart Telesummit  hosted by Malinda Zarate

August 2014Transform Your Life!  Book Launch Event Video Interview – Watch it here

July 2014 Holistic Health Summit

June 2014 – Dark Mantis Talk Show on Blogtalk Radio  hosted by Tara Vossenkemper

June 2014The Elegance of Conscious Living Summit hosted by Ariadne Sassafrass

March 2014 Jazz up Your Life With Judy Telesummit hosted by Judy Anderson

January 2014The Self Improvement Show; Energy Healing hosted by Dr. Irene Conlan – Listen Here  

December 2013  – Emboldened Heart Telesummit  hosted by Malinda Zarate Listen Here

July 2013Voice of America hosted by Jim Stevenson Listen Here

July 2013Body Mind Spirit Network – “Living with Hope”  hosted by Trudy Thomas Listen Here

July 2013  Emboldened Heart Telesummit  hosted by Malinda Zarate Listen Here

May 2013 –  Personal Transformation Summit  hosted by Mark Porteous

March 2013Indie Book Publishing Radio hosted by Steve Jorgenson Listen Here

March 2013Pursuing Your Happiness  hosted by Farid Arjan Listen Here to Part 1

March 2013Pursuing Your Happiness  hosted by Farid Arjan Listen Here to Part 2

February 2013Shift Happens Radio  hosted by El Carrier  Listen Here

December 2012Shift Happens Radio  hosted by El Carrier  Listen Here

September 2012 – Coaching With The Masters hosted by Gabbi Taube

June 2012 Daybreak Asia  Listen Here

Online and Print Articles



December 2016 – Journal of Complementary & Alternative Medicine talking about how the chakras assist with healing at the mind, body and spirit level.



January 2013 – Tampa Bay Wellness Magazine Author spotlight on Alison J Kay pages 26 and 27


February 2013 – New You Magazine “Changing Direction” Part 1 & Part 2

December article by Sheila Murrey: “Eastern trained holistic life coach energy healer”

December 2013Pinellas Reader article by Elizabeth Norlin: “The Power of YES!”

Honors & Recognition


2015 & 2016 – Listed among the Top 3 Pilates Instructors in the Tampa Bay Area on Thumbtack as well as their Best of in the category of Energy Healers



APRIL 2015 – Winner of the Pinellas County Advisory Board’s  “Creating Pinellas” Award for local business entrepreneurship.

Spirited Woman Top 12 book pick list


April 2014What If There’s Nothing Wrong? on Spirited Woman’s Top 12 Spring Book Pick List!

View our press release discussing this honor here.



May 2014Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network Announces “What If There’s Nothing Wrong?” as Book of the Month!

View our press release discussing this honor here.