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Alison J Kay


Dr. Alison is an experienced public speaker with more than 25 years of experience as a mind-body energy healer, founding the Vibrational UPgrade System, and working in yoga, meditation, chi gong, energy medicine, mind-body fitness, longevity and holistic health, with a specialization in the chakra system. 

She spent a decade in Asia learning from masters of energy and spiritual wisdom that has led her in becoming one of the world’s foremost subtle energy masters on the planet.

Considered one of the leading experts in the fields of New Thought, subtle energy and energy medicine, and the human potential field. She has spoken and taught around the world and has written three books: the award-winning What If There’s Nothing Wrong? and international best-seller Vibrational UPgrade – A Conspiracy for Your Bliss; Easing Humanity’s Evolutionary Transition and then her Reasonable Dragons 3rd book – available both in audible and print form – has become a #1 International Best-Seller. Her 4th book, The Dragon Master Creatrix: Conversations With a Female Spiritual Teacher For These Times released in January 2021& has also become a #1 International Best-Seller.



“You have a very rich perspective and understanding of how to approach life and living, which is very different than how people approach life in America and greatly impacts mental, emotional, and spiritual health.”


“The new science of epigenetics where the mind is responsible for reading the DNA is an empowerment biology because you can change your mind. And, you can control your biology. So, you are not a victim of your genes. You are a master of your genes. And that’s what you help people get to, Alison, and why the good work you do is so important. You understand how the subconscious gets in the way.”


Interviewed by Dr./Rev. Michael Beckwith, founder of Agape Spiritual Center in LA




Note: This is a partial list only… 😊

Aug 2023 – Thrive Energy Healers Network with Andro Auro Alamar

Jul 2023 – Sabotage to Success: Overcoming Impostor Syndrome with Sharon Parker

Mar 2023 – Connecting to Your Intuition with Di Challenor

Mar 2023 – Magic and Miracles with Stephanie Colasacco

Mar 2023 – Moving into Conscious Living – Season 2 with Jen Whitbeck

Jan 2023 – Making Miracles Happen Series with Adrien Blackwell

Dr. Alison J. Kay

Has appeared on numerous global platforms, both online and in person, reaching audiences in the thousands to millions. With over 25 years of pioneering work in energy healing, yoga, and holistic health, she has become a venerated voice across countless shows and media appearances. Her engaging presentations and workshops deliver transformative insights, affirming her dedication to fostering a healthier, more enlightened world.



Dr. Alison J. Kay has distinguished herself as a prominent figure in both business and community spheres, receiving several prestigious honors for her contributions and leadership. She has been recognized as one of the Top 3 Pilates Instructors in the Tampa Bay Area by Thumbtack and has also earned their ‘Best of’ award in the category of Energy Healers. Her entrepreneurial spirit and impact on local business were further acknowledged with the “Creating Pinellas” Award by the Pinellas County Advisory Board. Additionally, Alison has been honored with the Author Golden Badge for her status as an International Best-Selling Author, further solidifying her reputation as a leader in her field.

September 2021

Author Golden Badge from International Best-Selling Author

2015 & 2016

Listed among the Top 3 Pilates Instructors in the Tampa Bay Area on Thumbtack as well as their Best of in the category of Energy Healers

April 2015

Winner of the Pinellas County Advisory Board’s “Creating Pinellas” Award for local business entrepreneurship

Specific Interview for Dr. Alison’s 3rd book, the #1 International Best-Seller also available on Audible, Reasonable Dragons

February 2020 – The Author’s Show

Sample of an Interview for Dr. Alison’s 4th book, the #1 International Best-Seller, The Dragon Master Creatrix: Conversations With a Female Spiritual Teacher


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