Wow. Wow. Wow. Glad you followed your Guidance and took an Inspired Action step and chose to check out this post so you can receive the higher vibrations and transmission behind it. Take a moment to breathe before we move into the sacred energetic transmission you’re about to receive. You are entering sacred ceremonial space – a full moon ritual which I’m setting up with a transmission contained within for you to then be able to shift into alignment with the actual energetics of this full moon. What’s the energy – feeling or sense – you get from this lovely blue jay? What words come to you, character traits? I chose this image of the blue jay for a reason. This morning when I was doing my sun gazing, grounding & consciousness work I was outside, barefoot on the ground as usual. And for the first time in 20ish years, the blue jay appeared to me. Some of you may have heard that while going for my masters in Public Administration, focusing on public policy particularly with an environmental conservation focus, I was the local Audubon’s only intern. They trained me as a bird naturalist so that I would in great part help alleviate their time constraints by taking over a major task of theirs – taking folks out on bird tours to the local bird rookery in Tampa Bay, where migratory birds come to nest. Prior to that, both during and after my bachelors I’d participated in Native American medicine wheel ceremonies, and in a lot of Native American sacred ceremonies in California for 3 years, then later the Bear tribe in Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, and then the Seminole tribe here in Florida. I met a few Native American medicine men, chiefs and elders, bringing a sack of sacred, clean tobacco to them each time. Each time too, that I went to meet them, hawks would fly right into my personal space in such a way that it was absolutely impossible to be ignored. One time I thought I was going to get in a car accident as I drove on the North Carolina highway in the rain in the near dark and it swooped right onto and then by my windshield. Hawks are considered sacred messengers by the Native Americans, and a sacred sign to pay attention to what’s coming, as there is a sacred message coming. After completing my masters and the training with the Audubon – wait I started this during my last semester of my masters – I then lead people as my own business on local fresh water waterways – rivers fed by fresh springs – on kayak treks and canoe treks teaching them how to do either if they did not know, while acting as a both a naturalist interpreter of not only the bird life but the alligators, turtles, deers on the riverbanks, and some fish. There were at times alligators 12 feet long sitting there in the sun on the sand on the riverbank, so I had to teach them how to bang their oars on the canoe or kayak as we floated by to keep the gators at bay. That was always fun! During the time in Florida leading to my masters, during it and after, then too when teaching in the public classroom here, I saw blue jays so frequently that at times I felt as if I were being stalked. Because a lot of the time, they were attacking or going after crows! These smaller blue jays going after much bigger birds always fascinating me, with their boldness. There were fights in the air that were put right in my pathway and with such an energy surrounding me with what I was thinking and feeling and moving through in my life, that I knew it wasn’t just about being in their eco-system. I knew the messaging was for me. There’s a difference – one which I taught and still do, now too. Animal medicine, meaning when and how to interpret the symbolism the Universe is presenting to assist you, is different for each person, depending on the circumstances in one’s life. But there are standards so to speak, that are rather consistent, I’ve noticed through the years that an animal does, in fact, mean this message it’s been known for centuries to. I mean, the Native Americans had their own interpretations that endure across tribes. Then when moving to Asia, at times I found these interpretations to be consistent! So the blue jay had disappeared from my life the whole decade in Asia, gone when returning here in the summers to visit my loved ones, and not around since living back here in Florida for this past 9 years. Gone. My dance with the blue-jay’s messages. Let me take a brief sidestep; the blue jay was so big in my life that when my grandmother died, my Mum and Dad and aunts all knew my connection with it, that not only did they give me her collection of bird books filled with stamps that she’d glued in there that she was mailed monthly from the Audubon society, but also the blue jay bird little statues she had. The blue jay’s aggressiveness at times, coupled with what was happening in my life, and especially when it would go after a crow (they’re in the same family) could leave me feeling a bit uneasy. I was working through a rather key karmic lesson prior to and as I moved to Asia, and at times I felt this pattern was attacking me, it was so aggressive and omnipresent. Do you know what I mean? So having had the blue jay gone from my life for 20+ years, as beautiful as it is, in its role as a rather consistent messenger, well my body just now exhaled. I knew from all my training & experience – and my Guidance – that I had moved through that karmic lesson. And the blue-jay was no longer needed, even as I returned to live in its habitat. So this past week those of you on the special zoom event, “Harmonizing You & Your Co-Creative Powers Amidst the Chaos” saw the videos I showed of the woodpecker right outside my back lanai, in my back yard area. The woodpecker – the biggest woodpecker possible, the red-headed one pileated woodpecker – has been with me all week, no exaggeration. While I planned the special zoom event and wrote out emails to you all about it, it kept pecking away, tap tap tap on trees in the background. So much so that after hours one day I had to go outside at one point to pay attention to it, it was that loud and consistent! And then the next day it was there again – Tuesday through Friday! – the day before the zoom event, as if keeping me company all week but delivering its message of, “there is a new rhythm for life getting established right now,” that I was guided to take videos of it and share with those who’d been in the energy with me all week of the special zoom event, “Harmonizing You & Your Co-Creative Powers Amidst the Chaos” as more and more folks signed up. And indeed, what I was presenting was about exactly that, how there are new energies, higher frequencies hitting the earth right now and the limited scientific measurements of it and other indicators that I had to listen to my Guidance to suss out and find in order to understand how this all fits together and then present to you all on the event – and it was solidly about how there is a new rhythm to life now, as we move into this new paradigm! (I’ve received rave reviews about how that was the best event they’d ever attended from all the work I’ve done, how others felt really softened and lighter by the end of it, so if you still desire it, you can get it here – it too had a really special feeling for me too, by the way.) So ok, some of you may have picked up on the increased posts on my facebook biz page and within the free Vibrational UPgrade™️ facebook group about courage and the 5th chakra. Some of you who have read my 2nd book, Vibrational UPgrade: A Conspiracy For Your Bliss; Easing Humanity’s Evolutionary Transition, know that I go into great detail the significance of the throat chakra, and how I came to call the heart – 4th – and throat – 5th – chakras the “co-creator’s channel.” Some of you who have been with me in my yoga & meditation classes have seen the coughing that goes on as we have gone up the chakra column in poses and toning for each and as soon as we get even to the 4th chakra beneath the throat and not yet even there yet, the majority of the room coughs. Many of you who have been on the free monthly call (it’s 1 week earlier this month, by the way, due to my being in Glastonbury giving trainings to my energy medicine students) with me have also heard me mention this phenomena, calling it “coughing yoga.” And by the way, no other teacher of any yoga class has ever reported this to me, nor energy medicine practitioner. So right now as I type this, I am getting this is something somewhat unique to me – this focus on and ability to clear and activate the throat chakra. So here is one of those posts from this week. What I wrote above it is, “You may observe yourself clearing your throat more, or have the feeling of a tickle in your throat, or when/if you get sick it nails you here. “You may also observe your feeling limited in freedom – whether time, space, money, choice… “You may also have observed that you don’t have as much courage as you desire to actually go for – choose – what you desire. “The throat chakra is critical right now in this Great Shift of our Awakening Times, hence the irritation.” And so it seems, as I wrote about in 2015 in my 2nd book, the 5th chakra is the 2nd will center, and has become the 2nd power center of the chakra column now – it is that key. And the intuitive understanding I’d had of this back then is really coming alive now! The connection? Some of the blue jay’s traits: “Animal symbolism of determination, assertiveness, and intelligence is also a shared trait among those who claim the blue jay as their totem (and also common attributes with those having the vocations above listed). We see these characteristics in the blue jay because it is fiercely bold against its enemies. “The jay is fearless when it comes to protecting its partner, young and territory. So too are those with this animal as their totem. They will defend their positions against adversaries who seem much more powerful than themselves – often with successful results. “In animal symbolism, the blue jay resonates truth, faithfulness, and solidarity because they are vigilant in their tasks. They also keep the same mate for life, which is symbolic of endurance, patience and loyalty. The jay is an excellent symbol for those wishing to honor their long-lasting bond between friends, family and lovers. (my Masterminders know this about me, with the nickname,”mama bear!”) “In the spiritual realm, the blue jay speaks of clarity and vision. In Native American symbolism (namely the Sioux Nation) the azure of the jay against the blue sky indicated a “double vision” or double clarity. This visual/spiritual “blue on blue” concept speaks of purity of the soul, truth of the heart, and clarity of thought. “The Sioux also observed the jay preferring fir and oak trees for their homes and nesting areas. These trees are symbolic of longevity, endurance and strength, and so share the same animal symbolism with the blue jay.” “These spiritual and dream impressions are especially poignant because the jay is an air animal totem. Creatures of the air naturally symbolize the realm of thought, higher ideals, spirituality and the attainment of higher truth. “Blue jays are vastly curious, stopping to peck at any shiny thing that catches their eye (much like crows and magpies). Those who resonate with the blue jay will also find themselves equally curious. “There are a lot of meanings connected with the blue jay. These are just a few keywords to highlight blue jay personality. Energy Clarity Vibrancy Advantage Curiosity Faithfulness Intelligence Communication Determination Assertiveness Loquaciousness” thank you to what’s your sign for this additional interpretation. This week I showed up on a couple of our/your Open The Drawbridge calls, as I have been sporadically doing lately, as needed. I was on a call with a woman who as we were finding out, had a big dream. She wanted to take the spices produced in Trinidad, her home country, within a program that the country offered to ex-prison folk to help them re-establish their lives via agriculture, and connect them with a wider distribution network. And it was not just the spices, it was any of the ag, and I got too, some of the more exotic fruit. So she had been meeting with resistance, from her siblings back home, and the folks in her group in Brooklyn, NY, where she lives and has joined a group to share ideas & visions, seems for business. So she had heard me on Wisdom of the Ancients (one of my all time favorite summit interviews I’ve given!), had been wanting to get on an Open the Drawbridge call, and finally this week she took the action and just did it. She’d just come from another meeting with her group where she’d presented her ideas, and they’d shot her down, voicing resistance to how it would not work. Yet I could feel her heart. She had a vision. She had guidance. She was attempting to follow it. We explored what she needed from what I heard and then sensed on her behalf from her own words and my assessment via my training and intuition, and saw what I could do via the variety of Services or programs, and eventually focused on the one program that was most suitable for what she desired and required. As I sat with her asking her if she sensed that what she needed was support to help her follow her heart’s dream no matter the protests, resistance and nay-sayers both within her own thoughts and then what she met with outside of her, she enthusiastically claimed, “Yes!” with a sense of relief that she actually could have that. And as I described how the program works, and how the robust clearings & activations, along with the very vibrational matrix I surround all of the folks in the program with would be all around her, and me actively interacting with her as she lived immersed in these new vibrations while clearing out the old blocks and patterns, so that as she was in the midst of the old blocks coming up and causing her to not follow through, all of this would be supporting her, with my holding her accountable to her YES! even when she is having the old patterns rise to block her again, so that she does not lose steam – something she’d said she was doing – she saw and felt the alignment. She’d put on her application for our call that her throat chakra has been itchy and irritated lately. There was such alignment for her with what I have successfully done for others within my Magic, Manifestation and Money Flow program. And she was right there, so close to choosing it. She’d mentioned how she’ll get going, and then lose momentum, and has remained blocked, and that she wants to get over this block already. She mentioned how she’s done so many other programs and has not been able to get beyond this block. As she sat there with her payment links there in front of her to pay to join the Magic, Manifestation and Money Flow group, seeing and sensing and feeling the alignment that she’d followed by the inspiration from when she first heard me… she said she was nervous. I told her, “yes, our physiology reacts the same with both fear and nervousness/excitement.” She could barely take that in. I explained to her whenever the soul is taking steps to expand, the ego-mind reflexively resists that change, and produces fear and protests. And that what we were up to right there in that very moment is the facing of this foundational block that she was reaching out to me to clear and move beyond. Now I’ve experienced folks who either come banging onto those Open the Drawbridge Calls knowing I’m the mentor for them and ready to work with me, and in they come to the best fitting Service or program I offer to match their needs. Then I’ve experienced other folks who are a bit more new and tentative and need to explore more, and then we get to which is the best way to get their desires met and blocks cleared, and once they see the how, in they come. And then, frankly, others looking for some free intuitive reading of their blocks. (That’s what the free monthly call is for.) And folks get nervous, or excited as they’re joining or signing up. Why? Because what I do works. And their ego-minds are sensing the pending change. If what I did didn’t, there would be no bodily reaction. And I’ve never had someone so close to making a choice that she knew was aligned, and then give in to the fear. She had the money, no problem. It wasn’t that. She at one point worried that this wouldn’t work “either,” after spending money on so many other programs. I asked her, “When you were signing up for those other programs were you nervous like this?” She thought for a moment and replied, “No.” So I again responded to her with, “Well that’s because what I do works, people DO shift and change in the ways they desire, (and more!) and your ego-mind is feeling threatened to its preference for things to remain status quo.” I’d never before experienced such an intense hesitation. So close to a new life, to taking the step to cross the bridge of the action clearly intuitively guided to be put right in front of them, and backing down from choosing it. From saying the requisite YES!… …when someone knew something was right for them and just couldn’t make the choice to say yes to it. For me, my heart went out to her and goes out to her, because this exact fear & hesitation is what has been blocking her life from moving forward in the first place. And her dream was just SO beautiful, and would’ve helped SO many! And I knew what she was presenting me with for the challenges, that I’ve successfully moved others into birthing. It had that same energetic component to it. I only say yes when it’s a fit – and it SO was! We were so close to this dream being able to be manifested! We could bring in the necessary alignments and attunements so that her soul calls in the right people and circumstances to magnetize this to her, and with the clearings and activations and matrix of the Magic, Manifestation and Money Flow program around her – for her to ALLOW it all, this big bold dream to manifest. And I just couldn’t hang on the line any longer to coach her any further (I’d already spent an extra 15 minutes with her, and had lost my break between her call and may next client) beyond her fears, because I had that client’s session that I had to get to. And what it really was coming down to was that she simply had to make the choice. And it takes fancy footwork at times on my and my team’s behalf to be able to coach someone through the very blocks that have kept them stuck and stagnant, in order to say yes to doing something about it. To actually doing something about it. To actually take a – or THE – step towards the changes not only that you desire, but also what you KNOW is meant for you at that time. Right? You’ve possibly experienced something like this? Perhaps not this extreme, likely, but hesitation that goes beyond reasonable. Even googling to ad-naseum is disguising this hesitation. The further research your ego-mind says it wants to do before making a decision. You KNOW when something is right for you. You get lighter. You get excited. You feel uplifted. That’s a yes. Choose that, take THAT action. This IS a new time we’re in, living in a new rhythm, having courage. Stepping into what it means to actually have the power to co-create what you desire. Fearless tenacity is what I in part consider with the blue-jay. The very traits I took the time to list for you that you took the time to read are to motivate you, and further align you to the energetics of what is needed now. And what this full moon is about. And as I reviewed videos last night about this full moon from my most trusted astrologers, making the time to because I can sense how key this full moon is, this time window we’re in right now (rather than quicker reviews via reading) and took notes, courage is key under this full fire moon in Aries. And I see now how I am uniquely positioned to work with this aspect of courage, I see now another side to the blue-jay’s medicine – a more fun one now, (lol!) about a different pattern of mine. It would seem the exercising of our free will choice is really being tested now. And to go for what’s right and aligned for you – and as appropriate, for the collective. To stand up and speak to power. To go for something your heart’s desiring, despite both your own internal ego-mind’s resistance to the change, and then the ensuing change that then shows up on the 3D surface of life, matching your doubts & fears. And the capacity to have the courage to choose to create what I actually desire, despite what the masses are doing and people say. (If you want to have a boost for yourself to do this, encased in a transmission from me via storytelling, you can go here). Here are some of the notes I took about this full moon, which goes full into the sign of Aries at 5:07 pm NY time, Sunday 10/13:

-powerful full moon. Full moons always bring energy power awareness intuition a lot of things begin to awaken in you when you’re processing the energy of a full moon. -It’s a pushing intense energy. Also can be described as growth through force. Just forcing yourself, the energy is forcing you to change. If you’ve been procrastinating, if you’ve been stuck, if you’ve had difficulty making decisions, this is time for you to really be forced by these energies to stop that and do the opposite. -Energy of fire, you’ll find a lot of momentum. Financial opportunities will be coming in, not like a pile of cash in the mail. But the Universe is sending you an idea for which the money can come in on. -So this time the full moon will bring really great opportunities but they will come to you in the form of an idea. Think long term. Like between quick profit and long term gain, look towards the long-term gain. -Really encouraging you to be open to the Universe’s Guidance. You may ignore an idea or feeling, but the Universe may be communicating to you in this moment. -And if your attention is in the past or the future, you’re not here, in the moment, where life is happening, you may not be able to really feel nor perceive these opportunities. -Could do fire breathing, for pranayama. Look it up in yoga journal – and be careful with it! This is powerful. -it’s primarily bringing in energies to get us to “Burning Away Lower Self to Birth More Soul Energy” -This Aries full moon is quite active, disruptive. Has a lot of energies that are in a sense of tension. -Moon is at 20 degrees of Aries, opposing the sun at 20 degrees Libra. So they’re on different sides of the zodiac, with different intentions, needs & desires, when it’s the brightest in the sky and illuminates something in our consciousness that we didn’t realize -Every full moon has the potential to raise our consciousness that we couldn’t see in the dark, that was hidden or that we’re meant to realize to make those necessary changes and shifts. -We’ll be receiving an activation of what’s under the surface that we can no longer keep within. -Realization of the deep change of what hasn’t been sitting well in us, esp. around the masculine around what we’re willing to fight for. Something is bubbling up in the collective psyche around what we’re willing to have courage for, to stand up for to even go to war for. So something is being called forth in your consciousness to be initiated and it might piss you off. The anger may be used to get your attention. -Mars is weak at this full moon. Mars is about going for what you want. And it’s in Libra, when it is, he’s the furthest away. So here, under this full moon, he has to sit down, talk it out. Yet this Mars in Libra is ruled by Venus, who is also weak in the sign of Scorpio, where Venus is not at her best. One of her home environments is Taurus and she’s away from her home environment. But there’s a unique relationship between Mars and Venus and configuration at this full moon, so they’re actually assisting each other in understanding where the partnership energy can be in this mutual reception, even with each of them not being at their best in the signs they’re in at this full moon. -So we have this interesting sense of things being uncomfortable,. The moon is under stress. The sun is under stress, along with both Mars and Venus as just said. -Uranus is opposing Venus; Uranus is all about surprising you, shaking things up. And Uranus is also quincox to Mars which also indicates an unsettled energy. -This full moon is bringing up emotional messages that you’re not meant to squash. You’re not meant to keep it in the dark. There’s a soul’s urge for very deep emotional growth. Change is happening, it could be bumpy, there could be turbulence here. But it’s so change can happen. -Yet Pluto’s positioning is applying big pressure – it went direct 10/3 – the change is happening, it’s eminent. It’s happening in the world within you and within your relationships. You are not meant to remain the same; you are meant to rise up and see something at a higher consciousness. -This square from Pluto is one of the biggest influencers at this time, requiring you to mature. This Aries energy from impatience or impulsiveness is needing to mature. -But this goes back to the soul’s intention to rise up through the pressure, like a pearl. Through all of this energy that’s not letting you feel you can be at peace right now – which is a contrast to the sun’s position in Libra which really wants you to be at peace. -It’s a dynamic time, you’re going to be working through it. As the Mercury retrograde is in Scorpio, and it’s going into the fears, it’s going into the unconsciousness, going into the fears, going into untapped personal power.

So there is definite change here in our sense of self and where we go to when we need courage. When we need the strength to stand on our own. -And that is one of the higher aspects of the full moon in Scorpio: the independence, the leadership, the I can do this on my own, I will have the courage to move ahead, to forge ahead on my own regardless. -Jupiter is making a beneficial trine to the moon and sun and this is helping you to move forward because of the fire sign energy. Follow the inspiration and motivation is showing up, follow the faith, keep your head up, above water and follow where that motivation and inspiration are showing up. -It will remind you that you came in with tools to access, the Jupiter in Sag. This adds to the desire to manifest Abundance. -It is conjunct Sirus here which adds to the desire to manifest abundance because Sirus is associated with the Harvest, what you’ve been working on what’s had to grow through cycles. So this is receiving support – what you’ve been working on – and to have trust in that, despite possible intensity or reactivity. -There’s an initiation of sorts, unhealed shadow self is coming up that’s unhealed to be unhealed within you; it’s the shadow feminine, ie mean girl, the anger you hold, the anger you have, a bitchy critic, anger that comes up too quickly almost impassively, there’s pressure now to change this. -As we move through a burst of energy with this full moon, there is a burst of something coming through to get your attention so you can release it and be on the other side of it. Keep in mind 3 days after full moon there’s more coming in the stars …there’s a lot of change afoot right now in the middle of October. -Keep in mind if you’re willing to see something in a new light that light could be the end of a dark tunnel. So remain open to the light and what you’re willing to learn about yourself, which is the Aries energy. -Because as you raise that higher consciousness within yourself, you’ll bring it to your relationships and out into the world. -And these are also the 2020 energies! thank you to Molly McCord for most of this astrological interpretation

This is seemingly the very same pileated woodpecker showing up this week, who showed up during another one of my Masterminder’s one on one sessions. This Masterminder is leaving to meet me in Glastonbury, UK next weekend to begin her levels I & II training in Vibrational UPgrade System’s energy medicine. Here is the link to be able to view and self-assess for your own blockages with the 5th chakra (scroll down). There are also samples of free clearings here. Here is where you can take the next step, with courage, into co-creating the life you’re here to, but don’t hesitate, in part because of there being limited spaces that fill up ridiculously fast, but also – well did you read this email? Big love/Da Ai and many blessings! Dr. Alison & Team Vibrational UPgrade