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(Washington, DC) Dr. Alison J. Kay’s “Vibrational UPgrade: A Conspiracy For Your Bliss: Easing Humanity’s Evolutionary Transition” is being talked up as a game changer and available on Amazon with a new inspiring gift. By purchasing this book of inspiration you will receive a bonus gift of “How to Write a Book” Interview with John Assaraf.


Through study and application, Dr. Alison has learned how the chakra system reveals the keys to health and happiness. With Humanity’s Spiritual Awakening upon us, this ancient system is more relevant now than ever before. As Dr. Alison shares stories from her clients’ personal transformations, the metaphysical is grounded into the physical for your benefit.


In this book you will:
• Learn how to not take life so seriously
• Receive tools to lift your energy to new heights
• Learn how to replace forcing and efforting with allowing and receiving
• Discover new ways to move beyond where you’ve previously felt stuck
• Learn how to live a life filled with more fun, meaning, and fulfillment


Dr. Alison’s way of being, and her blend of experience, skills, training and education combine to enable her to translate both the Hindu yogic and the Buddhist teachings on the nature of the human mind, and the nature of how this impacts our bodies and our lives while also using cutting edge science to support comprehension, into a clear delivery with a concise, grounded and humorous style for the Western, globalized mind that helps her clients get out of their own way.


You don’t need to believe in this in order for it to work… that’s the beauty of what Dr. Alison accesses – as soon as you experience her work, you feel the shift within you.


Meet Dr. Alison J. Kay

Dr. Alison J. Kay, aka “the lightning bolt”, is the founder of the Vibrational UPgrade System.  She is an experienced subtle energies practitioner and natural healer with a holistic approach towards helping others thrive in mind, body and spirit and easing humanity’s evolutionary transition.


She spent ten years in Asia studying subtle energies & ancient wisdom. This is combined with her twenty years experience working in & teaching Yoga, Meditation, Energy Medicine, Mind Body Fitness, Longevity and Holistic Health, where she has been serving both private clients and larger groups, doing private sessions, group clearings & activations, speaking, and teaching classes & trainings.


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