New Moon in Libra September 30th/October 1, depending where on earth you are!


It’s new seeds planting time, as all new moons are. You can pick up a suggestion I have for a ceremony with quartz crystal my reiki master and I did for years to plant the new intentions each new moon. Here’s the replay:


Each new moon brings with it new and different energies, depending on the other planets’ activities. What makes it even more significant is that it is a black sky, no moon to look up and see, yet it is with the enegetics of newness, like a question contained still in the womb of the seed about to come out through the birth canal, after having been cooked in the womb, and now it’s becoming time for not only the energetics of creation, but now the start of the more physicalizing of the new creation.



Called also a Black Moon, you’re not going to be able to actually see the moon as it’s new, right? I love waiting a few nights until after the new moon, for the first sighting of the crescent! I was born on the 2nd day of a new moon. And I am a Libra, having my birthday last Sunday.



Librans have Venus, along with Venus’ Goddess Aphrodite, as their ruling planet. They not only love peace, harmony, balance and creating beauty, but it’s also the relationship sign, where it’s all about the other.

This new moon is going to bring new opportunities, apparently upon researching this new moon’s significance, to go back and where we’d previously given up on a relationship or situation with another being unable to be repaired or a conflict resolved, that this can again become possible.


Yet when researching, I also saw that not only this new moon but the particular astrological configurations we’re under right now of the other planets, there is a strong theme of LOVE.


The BIG LOVE, or Da Ai as we say in Chinese. This is love of Self, Divine Love and honoring that within. And extending that elsewhere, where it will be well received. There is a balancing – always, with us Libras – that keeps either extreme in check, of this orientation towards other. 


So don’t misconstrue a “hanging in there” message in what I’ve written. It’s about Self Love too, and being able to reconfigure the “we” you may once have had, into the “me.”  The bottom line is that BIG LOVE, or Da Ai, is going to be seeping into all relationships, and if that isn’t what is at the core, then it’s going to be making itself even more evident. AND with this flushing of LOVE into relationships, it’s also being made possible again, resolutions where there have been conflicts.


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