• new moon 10/30
  • new cycle
  • new intentions
  • new new new!

A new moon occurs on October 30th at 1:38PM New York time in Scorpio. Scorpio is more serious than Aries, the most serious of the signs, but new moons tend to be more positive, so we can approach serious matters in lighter ways, and have an easier time managing passionate and intense situations. We can focus on trying to understand something better, getting to the heart of the matter, and can dig and dig some more. We can also focus on what we want to transform for the better, and we may be rising from the ashes in some way, ready to fight another day. Aries and Scorpio are the warrior signs, both traditionally ruled by Mars, so we may be more energized to fight the battles we feel we need to.

And What If There’s Nothing Wrong? (Dr. Alison J. Kay’s first book for those new folks). What if there is no battle to expend energy on? What if we can drop the warrior stance, and we can simply – yes simply! – allow for the transformation?



Dr. Kay uncovers the unifying tools with the understanding of how energy flows – or does not – in the body, and how that creates:

~ Health and wellness
~ Vitality and clarity
~ Centered calmness
~ Abundance
~ Healthy emotional expression
~ Balance and a whole lot more

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