gift thetahealing session

Dr. Alison J Kay has a New Years gift for you! She is opening up the first Tuesday ThetaHealing™ Group Call in January!
9pm EST/ 6pm PST
Free Registration For All

Click this link to sign up & get a reminder email so you don’t miss the live call >>

It’s going to be an exciting year! Especially for you because you’ve already chosen well for yourself – you are here reading this!

For a full 60 minutes you can just sit back and relax as Dr. Alison will be supporting you in how to create more of what you’re desiring, at more specific & detailed levels. With you joining the list and registering for the call, she will be able to tap into your specific energy field and address the issues and clearings that you need most. It’s what she does every Tuesday of the month for those who are members of the monthly group session and this first week, she’s opening it up to all as her gift for the New Year.

“I’ve had SUCH absolutely beautiful, at times riveting, results with assisting my clients to actually create lives they can’t believe they’re living, that I am consistently humbled by the beauty and grace of this universe and the work I get to do and the way Source has our back, and the way WE have our own backs. How does it get any better than this?” – Dr. Alison