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“ThetaHealing™ for Having an Open Heart Chakra”

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Here’s How To Listen To This Audio:

  • Get comfortable

  • Be in a position where your head can fall back (you’ll most likely fall asleep or get spacey)

  • Do not drive, or do anything that requires your attention

  • Also, you can listen to this on a loop overnight while you are sleeping

SPECIAL NOTE:  Dr. Kay is the only Thetahealing practitioner who does these clearings out loud. They are not meant to be for the cognitive mind, they are meant to shift energy patterns that originate in the subconscious mind. Dr. Kay, from her 22 years of teaching meditation, has learned the importance and impact of allowing the cognitive mind to see what is being changed and how it increases the effects of these clearings, so she says them out loud.  If when listening you find yourself unable to understand her words or “hear” her cognitively, it’s typically an indication that this is where your “stuff” is, so keep listening and eventually you’ll see that you CAN hear it and the clearings will go even deeper.
For more information, you can view Dr.Kay’s Weekly Group Program page and read the testimonies of folks who have received these clearings and are sharing their successes in order to help future folks like YOU to better understand this process.