Opening You to the New

This is a series of 3 events with the 2nd & 3rd event happening with eclipses: the 2nd event is on a full moon and a partial lunar eclipse, the 3rd event is on a new moon with a total solar eclipse.

They can each be bought separately or for increasingly generous discounts, you can purchase 2 of the 3 or all 3.

Doing all 3 acts as an initiation due to each event including a never before done sacred anointment done with a brand new exquisitely blessed tool, (with a second new tool introduced to you for sweet attunement to the new in the 3rd event) as you’ll see once you read on.

Event #1: Wild & Free

Letting you out of any version of your proverbial cage and getting your
soul back into your body, so you can have increased Presence and
Genuine Power and be Wild & Free

November 11th, 2021 At 6:00 PM (ny time)

This is a special, brand new event; never-done-before.

You’re going to experience a uniquely sweet, oh so special sacred tool hugely blessed by some really unbelievable sources – by a powerhouse shaman, earthly sacred spots and then also in the etheric; unconditionally loving, potent & supportive beings – that I’ve brought back from the heart chakra of the planet (my trip to Glastonbury, UK for the latest round of retreats & trainings for new and upgrading VUP Practitioners).

You will be specially anointed and blessed with one of these most unbelievable tools. (Second new treat/tool is in the third event in this series of 3). This alone is worth the admission! 

Picture King Arthur getting knighted by Queen Guinevere.

I sense that this is for the most advanced of you.

It’s also for those of you who feel the yes to getting a quantum leap forwards into the new energies and a newly refreshed, refurbished you. 

Where you’ll be setting yourself up to be ahead of the curve, ready for the new year –  and this new era that will be much more strongly making its presence felt in 2022.

We’ll be allowing grace in to heal and release deep patterns  – perhaps lifetimes long – where your unconscious and subconscious has been limiting you from whatever cause (ie family imprints, cultural conditioning, trauma, karma, old contracts…) this event will not be like any other as I allow the new increased light and power – and for this new era – to come through me in new & awesomely cool ways.

Also, I very infrequently do this process as it is SO deep & penetrating I have to use it sparingly – and people in my signature program Magic, Manifestation and Money Flow have given me this feedback the few times I’ve done it:

Soul Fragmentation: calling the various parts of your fragmented Self & soul back to your body to have increased Presence & access Genuine Power, as a divine child.

There is going to be vast involvement of increasing the power of your heart and soul, whilst bringing in some really beautiful potent feminine masters (whether male or female) to assist this new birth of your more wild self, flying free with exhilaration and grace, as if on a magic carpet ride.

The events and energy of living on planet earth in these times has been tricky to choose more freedom within the backdrop of problems and fear.

Yet that increased freedom, lightness and exhilaration as if flying, soaring like you’re on a crimson red and violet purple magic carpet, supported by the wings of ascended masters and divinity, is precisely what CAN happen now – for those of you willing to simply decide and choose that freedom for yourself.

I also sense – KNOW –  there will be some new processes coming in to support this rebirth of your soaring, open & happy heart whilst deepening your embodiment of your soul and connection to it, and the divine.

In a way, this feels like a clarion call for this new era, and the new you, with your empowerment and inner spiritual authority profoundly enhanced, and infused with the higher vibrations of the increased Love and Support that IS in fact available for us now – for those feeling called to step up the light and their light now in the new ways that are just now becoming possible.

As ever, and within the innate mission to my work and path and mission, each of us carrying more light will benefit greatly the collective now and the earth, as we each allow ourselves to step more into our inner divine authority now and set ourselves freer, to bring down the immense light that wants to be more resplendently present here on earth, now,

through each of us who choose to be this essential carrier – I did not say warrior – of the light, allowing the Divine Love to infuse us and those around us.

This will also have some focus and results on releasing more of your intuitive clarity and creative flow, as you allow for more of your spiritual presence, you will allow for more of the divine to work through you, helping you with your creations and divine mission.

This advanced event is only for those who are ready for increasing their light and embodiment whilst letting go in a deep, releasing way of what has been.

This will allow you to, with way more grace and ease, soar forward in your life and progress on your path, as the vibrations and work/play we get up to is to increase your light and embodiment of your most sacred, divine self.

Whilst eclipsing the caging of this wild & free nature inherently within you.

Event #2: Bold & Courageous

Making room for your Presence of your wild & free self now,
so you can be more bold & courageous on behalf of your life

November 19th, 2021 At 6:00 PM (ny time)

Full Moon & Partial Lunar Eclipse

This event works with the eclipsing energetic – ending of the old to make room for the new – with the spectacular partial lunar eclipse that will see the full “Beaver Moon” turn reddish. 

The Earth’s shadow will cover 97% of the Moon so it won’t quite be a total lunar eclipse, but it won’t be far off. And this one will be Visible to all in the U.S. in the small hours before sunrise.

During this event you will receive some sweet nourishment for your caring self, especially those of you in nurturing professions and/or positions. And then activated and blessed for a sheer dropping of the old mode of caring for others first.

Why? Because what you will receive during this event will be bringing in SO much self-love & self-care & self-nurturance, whilst allowing space for those who do not to step up for our new paradigm

During this event you will also be given a special ritual anointment – now anointment #2 – which will titillate you, ceremonially completing the old version of you as you get the female version of Knighted, to usher in the Queen or King version of you now.

So that YOU & your soul’s embodiment are now here, with Presence, to take your rightful throne, sovereign over your own inner authority to not see the need even for courage anymore. That’s no longer even needed.

Why? Because your boldness will become a natural outcome of this new positioning of your Divine Self assuming her/his throne, having the sheer empowerment to WANT for yourself nothing but the best. That’s the boldness quality here.

 And from there, it’s about brazenly choosing what your soul, that’s on fire with passion for you to live out your divine potential, dancing and flirting with life, teasing out of it all that it wants to give to you.

Event #3: Tuned Up & Turned On

Attuning You to the New; Bringing in new tools and opening your
field to the Increasing Unlimited Possibilities for the new you,
your new life phase and this new era

December 4th, 2021 At 3:33 PM (NY time)

New Moon with a Total Solar Eclipse (visible only in Antartica)

During this event you will be blessed & anointed for the third time. To the Druids, 3 is actually considered a Universal Law, containing magic, power and that of the sacred nature of life.

So that ultimately these 3 events together will act as a sort of initiation. Hence the title of this final event, happening on a mew moon with a total solar eclipse (visible only in Antartica.)

Also in this new event will be an activation that will attune you to a special new tool considered to be just perfect for these times, emerging from the earth only within the last decade, whilst being in the earth for 150 billion years, and found in only one location.

We will also be running a strong group blessing to help the earth.

As well to help humanity elevate its sights on the new possibilities for working in harmony with our beloved, gorgeous planet now.

And by then, it is likely that I will have integrated more consciously more of what I have had downloaded and what keys and codes have activated during bringing down all this light from all the sacred attunements (each 1 = 8 1 on 1 sessions worth of light & I gave 48 so within 3 weeks time I have the equivalent of 384 1 on 1 sessions! Ha! I’d not counted that out until now.) Plus all the sacred sites and power spots and walking on the most consciously active land…..

And then we’ll see what else this Universe – who always has our backs – wants for us all, to support us in being on the cutting edge of consciousness, at this most auspicious & intense time for humanity & the earth.

As well, there will be the individualized tuning in I do despite being in a group, with the likelihood of a splash of personal attention to what clearings & activations will most support you – both via my intuition and per your requests.




Receive the download instantly upon purchase of any one,

two or all three events!

Concerning Abundance For All:

Likely Side Effects From Event # 3 – Well I feel this element is able to be inferred from the title and description of the event, lol!

Likely Side Effects From Event #2: From this event you’ll be more likely to allow yourself to actively make choices and have the follow through/actioning out required to anchor the abundance & prosperity into your life, and want to allow yourself to have what your beautiful heart desires and so your allowing yourself to both choose fo action out as well as allow yourself to receive the abundance like never before – and so you will.

Likely Side Effects From Event #1: You will have your capacity to receive opened & vastly increased to the point that those questions of “deservingness” or “worthiness” complete their compelling existence and they smash like a broken vase, whose shards can’t seem to dig back together no matter what glue you use.


…is the founder of the Vibrational UPgrade System, a potent container of healing and activating energetics to activate the magic within.

She is an experienced subtle energies practitioner and natural healer with a holistic approach towards helping others thrive in mind, body, and spirit and easing humanity’s evolutionary transition. She has helped hundreds of people tap into greater meaning, success and happiness in their living using the methods she teaches.