Alchemizing Your Hearts Riches





    • Blessings of an extraordinary measure over you & your life path & material life flourishing
    • Sweet activations of your unconscious keys & codes, inherent talents & latent ancient wisdom within you to bring forward you physically actualizing your greatest possibilities now
    • Clearing & activation to help bring both you the collective more into balance between spirituality & materialism
    • Clearing & activation to help bring both you & the collective more into balance between the divine masculine & the divine feminine
    • Intuitive, holistic coaching & transmission around what’s really at the root of this all, that’ll make you hit your forehead with your palm and go, “duh!”
    • Super strong vital clearings on all this (see below)
    • Even more concentrated, vigorous activations of the opposite, positive, most beneficial consciousness & outcomes for you

This product's intention is for you to up your game with allowing yourself to be powerful in both your spiritual and material life.

Are any of these you?:

  • You consider yourself or you’ve been told “you’re bad with money”?
  • You’re good on the material side of life but you seem like you could be having more worldly success more quickly & easily
  • You have been working the Law of Attraction or this manifesting stuff for a while and just don’t seem to be able to kick it into high gear, or “be in the flow”
  • You are good with money & worldly success to a degree but you seem to have hit a ceiling or a sticking point to get beyond your current level & haven’t been able to break through
  • You hide & want to keep yourself invisible so this is slowing down you (and your business’) growth & success – as if to protect yourself (from possible intangible problems, danger and even persecution, although these reasons are not likely conscious)
  • You care a lot what other people think about you & get affected by their judgements more than you feel you “should”
  • You have a hard time taking inspired action or following through
  • You hesitate and tend to be indecisive, afraid of “making the wrong choice” or missing out on “the other choice”
  • You actually (unconsciously or subconsciously) are more afraid of having more success than staying where you are
  • You actually (unconsciously, subconsciously) are afraid of being free, powerful & luminously magnetic

Both of these last two are able to be Observed in your behavior & choices.


  • Connect more with Power (the Light)
  • and have you, your life & path be infused with it, to enrich both your spiritual and material life
  • Be equally strong in both your spiritual & material life & cease shrinking back in either one
  • Allow yourself to choose not just abundance & prosperity, but wealth…

Then this exclusive 11/11 event is for you!

And due to the times we’re in right now, this eclipse season we’re still under the effects of, including Tuesday’s full moon with a full lunar eclipse…

… And that 11/11 in numerology is a brilliant day for clearing karmic debt…

… And because I have extensive & expensive training & innate capacities to really get at karma & Hoover it in a rare & effective way, NOW is the time!

Comprehensive karma clearing on your relationship with the material plane/physicality;
Whether that be involving any or all of the following:

  • Success – worldly
  • Money
  • Visibility
  • Biz
  • Body
  • Sex

I also, when tuning in to see what riches from my time over the “Release” cycle on the Celtic wheel of the year…

…where I’ve been bringing in & down vast quantities of really pristine, brilliant light…

…through me to my students training & upleveling as Vibrational UPgrade Practitioners, both in the heart chakra and in many, many sacred, megalithic power spots throughout the UK…

…have seen that the first offering I then share with you all coming out of this precious, focused time for my own personal progress too – always ridiculously powerful, sweet & HIGH…

…wants to include some super robust clearings to help you:

Come out of old contracts from previous incarnations as spiritual seekers or religious order members and/or leaders or monks or nuns or healers or witches or tribal elders or truth seers & speakers…

…because we’ve entered a new era…

…so you can be free in ways you haven’t been for eons, in and for this new time/era.


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