Being the Best Looking Version of You & Appreciating It


This is one of the workshops done on a cruise through the Caribbean themed “Yoga, Wellness & Timeless Beauty” in Jan of 2024.

The energy is SO high, the shifts SO strong even I was surprised!

These clearings & activations are to help you work with your body via the new choices & possibilities that emerge…

…as your receive shifts in your consciousness from the new awarenesses you gain from using this recording repeatedly…

…but also from synchronicities that come in to help you rise to choose & allow yourself to engage in new choices, behaviors & products that’ll help you be the best-looking version of yourself.

Scroll down to see a more specific list of the clearings & activations you’ll receive


  • Loving how you look
  • Your breasts/pecs (for men) & butt look in a way you appreciate, rather than detest or resist (changing this non-surgically, nor changing this in a painful, stressful way ); in other words, replacing where you don’t like them or the way they look, appreciating the way they do
  • Activating the version of you where you’re actively & ever increasingly choosing to allow yourself to be the prettiest, most beautiful, good looking version of yourself & clearing anything & everything limiting this
  • Clearing anything blocking you from making choices that’ll help your beauty/good looking-ness (for men) to radiate out more & activating you & your choices to maximize your beauty & good-looking-ness to radiate out more, more now than ever before, ever increasingly (only some of what gets specifically named in this robust clearing are: clearings on self-sabotage & info overwhelm/confusion over the “how” to do this so you’ll more clearly be guided to the how w/grace & ease; self-restrictive patterns over you not radiating out your beauty/good looking-ness; clearing “if I radiate out my beauty, I’ll get attacked/it’ll cause me something uncomfortable.”
  • Clearing around any limitations for you to discover what it’ll feel like for you to be the version of you with the desired level of toneness & in shape, weight, proportions and size as soon as possible with as much grace & ease as possible (just some of what came up strongly & is clearing during this one: holding excess flab for protection; holding excess flab nor having level of desired toneness due to traumas from misappropriate sexual behavior, inc. inappropriate invasion & objectification, so flab has been carried to help prevent these traumas from repeating; physical traumas like the knees & also the shoulders and more physical traumas, so you can work out differently & have more the results you’re desiring) and then the activation of the positive messaging to help you find out what this version of you looks like where you’re more & more the size, shape, proportions and level of toneness you desire, ever increasingly.

NOTE: This one contained a level of strength & command to it that was quite surprising yes even to me at this point.


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