Empowering Your Manifesting UP Into Co-Creative Genius Capacities


Clearing Your Doubts so that you can have what you desire to manifest, manifest!

This is what you’ll receive from this Master Class of Energetics that are needed for those of You who desire to be on the cutting edge of consciousness, having risen above just manifesting and working the LOA to mastery over the co-creative process.

Mastery over the co-creative process is needed now because this is what’s required more now to thrive in the new era’s vibrational backdrop.

1. Clearing your doubts that you can have what you desire to manifest, to manifest!

Transmission about how meditation is used to re-direct one’s focus off of the external world having all the power, to the internal world, and how this is a stepping stone to powerful co-creation, and what’s needed to sustain and progress one’s consistent co-creative capacities.

2. Clearing where you leak this power to others and externals, where you are giving the outside world more power and activating YOU to retain this power with your vertical alignment coming first, replacing where the horizontal one has.

3. Clearing the need to have to have your manifestations/creations happen in a certain way and however else you block Surrendering to the omniscience & omnipotence of the Universe/the Divine, over your own ego-mind’s myopic, intellectual perspective.

4. Clearing anywhere your conditioning of the logical format having to happen before your desire can manifest, with those if then statements. i. E. I need to be _______ before it can manifest or my business needs to have _____ before it can be successful.

5. Clearing any and all difficulties you have with receiving and allowing yourself to receive.

6. Clearing out blocks that prevent you from staying focused on the desired outcome with positive expectancy.

7. Clearing out where you may fall down on patience, and give in to the ego-mind’s whining of “Why hasn’t this shown up yet” and activations to keep the faith and trust and step up your co-creative power.

Transmission of how you seek to have your self-concepts confirmed & how what you focus on is what you end up seeing & experiencing & co-creating.

8. Clearing where you’re still blocking yourself from stepping into more of the embodiment of “You ARE creating this all!”

Transmission on the nature of time, with co-creating in these new times.

9. Clearing where you’re limiting yourself in any way from accessing more of the wondrous possibilities and a grander portion of your Divine potential

This is a super STRONG & CLEAR series of clearings & activations, with empowered transmissions clarifying the weakest points I've seen folks through my decades of working with them on manifestation and my own life, with both instruction via a high vibrational "transmission" that has keys & codes in it as well as strength, that organizes this information into your consciousness, so you can not only retain it, but it becomes your Knowing.

This new era, from what I can see within my own life and the folks currently in my programs as I work with them too, and from all the meditating, perceiving and receiving I focus on in order to be one of the Guides through these most intense yet auspicious times, is commanding that we rise above "just manifesting" and not only recognize, but embody our co-creative powers.

This is so that whatever we end up creating reaches for more of the unlimited potential and possibilities becoming available to each of us and collectively. This new era is called a Golden Era for a reason!


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