Fresh, New Energy For You & Your Life


This was a super powerful numerological alignment – 12/12/23 – occurring on a new moon, which is why I used this day for our sacred gathering to give more power to what comes through & what you receive.

Even though this numerological event has passed, the clearings & activations are still as potent in their shifting power & delivered via the quantum field to your consciousness, so no worries. Time & space truly don’t matter with this kind of work.

You’ll receive clearings & activations, frequencies and potent transmissions that’ll lift you & shift you into fresh new energies to help you expand your consciousness so you can receive & perceive new ideas at a higher vibration for you, your life & living.

Scroll down for a complete description of all that you’ll receive.


Particular attention will be focused on enhancing for you what’s in bold below.

  • The Dec. 12 Sagittarius new moon is all about restoring optimism and brings with it a major vibe shift.
  • Plus, 12/12’s new moon in Sagittarius will have all 12 zodiac signs feeling lucky.
  • In astrology, new moons offer the start of a new chapter and are great for introducing fresh ideas, beginning relationships, and seeing things from a different perspective.
  • The New Moon being a great time to plant new seeds & set intentions makes it RIPE to align you more strongly – by you receiving these clearings & activations, for it will help bolster you & empower your intentions, dreams & desires manifestations – and bring new awarenesses of what else you’d like to create forward.

Also, it’s 12/12 so:

  • On the 12th day of the 12th month of the year, a powerful numerology code is activated helping to raise the frequency of our light body,
  • access high realms of consciousness,
  • and bring a sense of completion to a greater cycle.
  • It’s time to now stop the battle & mental tribulation for lightness. This is what we have worked so hard for… New Life. This is how we can serve the betterment of humanity.
  • 12 is a powerful number in numerology that represents wholeness and completion. We have 12 months in the year, and 12 signs in the (tropical) zodiac, and it is only once we have experienced all twelve of these states, that we can gain a bigger-picture perspective and understanding as to where we have been.
  • And since Sagittarius is a fire sign that champions bravery and honesty, this lunation is a beautiful time to aim for the things you want — just be sure not to make any rash decisions.
  • And this new moon in Sagittarius will usher in bright, optimistic, and pleasant energy.
  • This lunation imposes a newfound sense of optimism and abundance — which is totally on brand for the archer, who’s ruled by lucky Jupiter.
  • The Sagittarius new moon also presents the ideal time to do inner spiritual work, travel, and socialize. That’s because new moons are a time of fresh starts, and the fire sign’s brazen attitude inspires us to take risks and go after what we want.
  • The general vibe of this lucky Sagittarius new moon is amplified thanks to the archer’s native planet, Jupiter, which will be hanging out in stubborn Taurus and is finishing up its retrograde journey. It’s been in a backspin since Sept. 4 and moves direct again Dec. 30.
  • Jupiter in Taurus lends a fierce tenacity to this new moon. The new moon may inspire you to dream big, but Jupiter in Taurus is giving you the dedication you need to turn those dreams into a reality.


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