Have Infinite Joy & Ease


This package is a FUN one! Good for quieting the monkey mind and for the low – or loud – background hum of stress and anxiety. Also good for those who have already realized this reality’s tendency to have us believe that life is serious, that work is meant to be hard, and that life is about martyrdom, suffering, pain, angst and that’s just the way it is. Also good for those who stubbornly hold on to the “just waiting for the other shoe to drop.” Good for anyone who is ready to go to an entirely new level in their lives in all arenas! Really good too for those seeking to raise their vibration. Good for those who have been suffering from bouts of depression, anguish, going through a painful break-up, or who are seeking to come out of the hamster on the hamster wheel of dead-end jobs and desire to feel alive and awake!

Packages are designed for optimum effectiveness, with observable change – as soon as possible. One of Dr. Kay’s slogans is “less talk therapy, more effective results, quicker!” Meaning – come out of the story line and be who you want to be!

Packages include three (3) mp3's composed of: two (2) 60 minute Thetahealing™ Clearings and one (1) 60 minute talk from Dr Kay's online radio show, "Create Your Best Life Ever! What Else is Possible?" featuring such guests as Bruce Lipton, Dr. Bernie Siegel, John Robbins, David Wolfe, Krishna Das, Physicist Amit Goswami, Raymond Moody and many more.

The 60 minute talk is meant to help integrate, activate further, and direct the energy - or consciousness - released from the Thetahealing™ Clearings of your blocks to move you forward quicker.

When the conscious mind hears the clearings, it gives the conscious mind something to use as a benchmark, as these energies cleared and released are subtle energy, so the changes are subtle (i.e. better quality sleep, better quality energy, less touchy when in situations that normally trigger you, more patient, lighter, more peaceful and calm, more organized, more action taken to manifest what one desires instead of procrastinating behavior...) and if the conscious mind knows more what to look for, then that helps perpetuate and create bigger changes and shifts, quicker.

Tangible results are also common, such as: biggest sales ever after clearings of the blocks to abundance, new jobs, dream jobs, houses sell that haven't for 6 months in that same week of the clearings session, moves into new homes that are more positive, new relationships that are more positive, dropping off of conflicts and negative people, negative thoughts no longer accessible and many, many more. (See Dr. Kay's testimonials page for more.

Thetahealing™ is not a prayer. It is a system of healing based on Quantum Physics,' including the discovery of The Observer Effect, which Dr. Kay writes extensively about in her book, What if There's Nothing Wrong? This is why you'll hear Dr. Kay say, "show me" at the end of each clearing.

You'll also receive "downloads" - beyond the clearings - of the new energies you're desiring, and access to them on a daily basis, and then the more powerfully you'll receive "The Creator's" perception of these new energies, so that it all happens in your highest and best, with grace and ease.

You will want to listen to the clearings over and over again. You may not hear all of them audibly at first. In fact, you may feel that Dr. Kay is mumbling or the volume is too low. That is your conscious mind hitting one of your blocks. Frequently, people report hearing some of these clearings for the first time after listening for 30 days.

Be ready for change! You'll notice it more first in your thinking - like, "OOH! That's a new thought!" and then from there, you'll be able to make new choices, which results in new and different behaviors - and your new life!

Enjoy and many blessings!


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