Having Ease Speaking Up For Yourself, Your Desires, and Feeling Safe Doing So while Stepping UP & Speaking OUT

The first half of the audio is all around increasing your speaking up for what you want, see, think and feel – feeling safe doing so and having ease with it. Also activated for you is to be increasingly comfortable to sing with that voice of yours more. Clearings and activations to help strengthen your 5th chakra, which also helps to impact your seeing yourself as increasingly unlimited, unrestricted and able to choose what you desire in ALL areas of your life.

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More specifically, these clearings and activations will address:

  • Clearing all vows of silence taken in previous lifetimes

  • Activating feeling heard after clearing out feeling not heard

  • Clearings & activations around “it is safe to speak up” including major trauma clearings from previous lifetimes when killed from doing so

  • Activating “it’s good to be seen and heard” after clearing out that imprint

  • Clearing out “success is hard for me” and activating it now be easy for you

  • Clearing out “success is harder for me than for others” and making it easier for you than others – addressing imprints from childhood siblings and friends’ rivalries and previous lifetimes

  • Activating “success comes easy for me”

This is a hugely potent session; it’s the first one I did after returning from a big training releasing new capacities within me and under the second full moon/blue moon of the year. Enjoy and blessings!

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