Increase Your Joy Factor & Invoke Grand New Possibilities


Magical Gateway to Help you in ALL Ways Now!

From receiving the clearings & activations in this here lovely product to increase Your Joy Factor, You will receive:

  • Clearing your hidden, unconscious & subconscious & even conscious blocks, no matter the source, towards being more inclined towards joy rather than heaviness, seriousness & choosing what perpetuates that vibrational state
  • Clearing & activation around where you don’t value you & your life so you do
  • Clearing of where you have a tendency to go heavy whenever the state of the world, the planet, politics are brought up
  • Activation of optimism for you, your life, our planet, our politics & our earth
  • Clearing out whatever hidden blocks you have towards not choosing joy.
  • Transmission & activation on choosing joy no matter what
  • Activation of more of your light body & hence your lightness
  • Clearing & activation so that you’re set up to have more synchronicities to help you embody more joy, more typically & easily
  • Clearing & activation so your joy factor increases & can become your new set point
  • Exploration of these new energies and new possibilities and activating them to benefit you & your life path
  • Clearing the hidden blocks where you are risk averse & preferring the comfort of the familiar & then activating your willingness to take more risks that work to your advantage
  • Activation of your system, overall, to allow yourself to pass through the magical gateway, and be able to access & make choices that create a more charmed existence.
  • Clearing & activation of more of your divine potential in every previously mentioned clearing & activation, but this one specifically directed towards this helping you manifest more consistently, easily & on command of what’ll create a more JOYous existence
  • Blast of potent golden energy – transmission – to assist you with now attracting more money & have more ease manifesting, as if to wrap this all up in a sweet bow

This is a super STRONG & CLEAR series of clearings & activations, with empowered transmissions clarifying the weakest points I've seen folks through my decades of working with them on manifestation and my own life, with both instruction via a high vibrational "transmission" that has keys & codes in it as well as strength, that organizes this information into your consciousness, so you can not only retain it, but it becomes your Knowing.

This new era, from what I can see within my own life and the folks currently in my programs as I work with them too, and from all the meditating, perceiving and receiving I focus on in order to be one of the Guides through these most intense yet auspicious times, is commanding that we rise above "just manifesting" and not only recognize, but embody our co-creative powers.

This is so that whatever we end up creating reaches for more of the unlimited potential and possibilities becoming available to each of us and collectively. This new era is called a Golden Era for a reason!


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