Manifest More Money



Do you say you want something different with money and yet it never shows up?

What have you decided you need to have in place before you have more money in your life?

What future would you like to create with you and money?

As you start to invest more in you, your life gets bigger.

What if you stopped waiting and what if you started just choosing it?

This VIP LIVE group experience is for those that are courageous enough to demand of themselves and request of the universe to have a different reality with money!

In fact, how much fun can you have with money?

And then what would our planet & economies look like with more of us – especially you “spiritual folks” then spending that money?

What might shift if you were to shift your expectations that you then project onto money?

In this NEW VIP LIVE Group Experience “Manifest More Money In Less Time: Abundance For All Now!

We’re did this on a Thursday because according to ancient wisdom, Thursday was named that day in all Latin based languages Thursday is named after the Roman god called Jupiter in many Latin based languages.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion…

So the developing folklore than became that Thursday is the day you should concentrate on money matters. This day is a favorable day for all things relating to the financial department.

It’s also a great day to revaluate your financial goals.


  • Clearings & Activations to increase your vibrational invitation to money, (while decreasing your subconscious rejection of it – no matter what level you’re habituated to living at!)
  • How your money projections and expectations actually tell your money how to behave (and then we clear out as many core projections and expectations that I see in your field)
  • How to move yourself out of any “leakage to the lack” paradigm (and robustly anchor you into the “Abundance for All” new paradigm that is coming in now).

Bonus: Powerful and potent coaching Q&A where I personally answer your questions about your most persistent money blocks.


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