Mayan Ruins Energy Activations Call


Dr. Alison traveled to Mexico in February 2017 and recorded a very special one-hour clearings and activations call while immersed within the powerful energy vortexes of the Mayan Ruins.

What makes this call so uniquely potent is that it is transmitting new energy for this new paradigm which has been encoded within this recording amplifying these grand and catalyzing astrological energetics.  Then coupled with the fact that this takes place during the auspicious time of the full moon, lunar eclipse and the 5 planetary alignments shaped into a pentagram facing the Galactic Center.  These activations serve to usher in this new time, preparing you to move forward with higher vibrations able to more easily manifest what you desire and becoming more empowered as the co-creator of your life.

This is a 60-minute MP3 audio download that was recorded on Valentine's Day among the very light, pure and playful energies of sacred power, royalty, jewels, and of restoring harmony and connection to Source and Self.

During the first 30 minutes, the clearings and energy transmissions are focused on self-love which involved very soft yet potent heart chakra activating frequencies that assisted in releasing once and for all the connections to struggle and suffering and opening up to more lightness!  Near the end, Dr. Alison also shared a fun, child-like playfulness within the energy of money and abundance that is everyone's natural birthright.

During this dynamic call, Dr. Alison carries the particular energy of the 2nd and 4th Chakras that activate very feminine energy which will assist with your ability to receive, and to sit in your receptivity, increase your magnetism of what you desire, while also assisting you with grounding more into your sensual body, and feeling life. There was also secondary energy of the 3rd Chakra from Chichen Itza, the most famous Mayan ruins (pictured in pink).  This is a potent power center which enhances manifestation powers, self-confidence, and self-esteem.

This call ushers in the new era of these new times for this new paradigm.  It is recommended that you listen to these potent clearings and activations repeatedly so you can benefit from the cumulative effect of receiving the new energy that is now being showered upon us elevating us to even higher vibrations.

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