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In this series you are given a very deep experience of being walked through and guided along the path to enlightenment with an awakened consciousness opening you up to your increasing power as a “sensitive” or “empath”. By using the term “Sensitives” it is meant to lovingly reference your own innate abilities to intuitively SENSE and perceive vibrations, frequencies and energies of those around you and NOT meant in the common derogatory way of “you cry too easily.”  What this series offers is empowerment out of the hindrance of absorbing too much of others’ energy, and instead become strengthened and activated to finally step out in a joyous expression of your power. You’re then set up to step into the active, gentle force as the co-creator of your life and living.  
This is the nature of our times, as Dr. Alison has been known to say, yet it is this very product in which you are given the tools and the wisdom, the consciousness and the energy of this greatest evolutionary Shift in humanity’s history, on into this new era of our Spiritual Awakening. You will feel – as many of the original participants reported – Dr. Alison’s power as much as a teacher transmitting wisdom contained within programmed, activated consciousness, as you do the potent clearings and activations.  This is quite an advanced product that had participants commenting on how much they’d gained (freedom, relief, release & joy) from the Instructional parts, as much as the Clearings & Activations.
The powerhouse series is recommended for all who wish to really simply embody their Awakened Presence, and have ease with creating their lives as they desire them to show up, increasingly free of the old, perceived hindrances that the average person still seems to be entangled within. It will set you apart, if you allow it. The series is especially recommended for energy workers, healers and practitioners to have as a training product first and foremost to shift themselves so they may then better serve their clients. Yet it will also vastly elevate your span of knowledge & raise the consciousness for not only yourself, but through your shifted, Awakened and embodied Presence, all of humanity at the same time. You will also receive what the initial participants experienced and spoke of as “offering empaths relief” that includes release of the hidden belief of carrying a burden on behalf of humanity and transmuting that into it being their “job” to live in joy, with a fierce yet gentle and steady empowerment for their gifts.  

Advanced Training & Activations: Energetic Reversal for Sensitives/Empaths

Dr. Alison will support you in re-framing what may have been previously perceived by you and told to you that sensitivity is your weakness. By using the term "Sensitives" it is lovingly meant to reference your own innate abilities to intuitively SENSE and perceive vibrations, frequencies and energies of those around you and NOT meant in the common derogatory way of "you cry too easily."  You’ll be empowered to know how being empathic is actually your strength and your gift and how to embrace it and manage it.  Dr. Alison shares a rarely mentioned and new understanding about why “sensitives” are this way that no one else is presenting; the kind of information that can set you free!

Here is a partial list of what participants noticed & reported:

  • Quieting of mental chatter
  • Less triggering to no triggering when around certain people in their lives
  • More peace, more energy, more vitality
  • Personal interactions with people are shifting and having more ease
  • Less need to be obliging and people pleasing
  • More coming into their own power and less needing to be nice to others 
  • Gastric upset and digestive issues improved (IMPT NOTE: The 3rd CHAKRA is most highly affected as an outcome of listening)
  • More willingness to engage in, make time for, and increase personal self-care
  • Create more space for autonomy in your household - to be empowered to pull away from people who you are used to pleasing taking your own best interests to heart


Twelve (12) mp3 recordings of four (4) in depth training calls.  Each 90-minute call was split into three (3) parts which include: Instructional, Q&A, and Clearings and Activations (a $1000 value)

Call #1 - Unconscious pattern #1 & Clearing it & Activating Your Power
Call #2 - Unconscious pattern #2 Transforming it & Activating Your Power
Call #3 - Integration & The New You (*Alison's Note: Call #3 Track 1 was the most impactful - THE BIGGEST SHIFTER!)

Call #4 - Moving Forward, Empowered & Free

Each of the four 90-minute calls in the series are broken up into 3 parts.

Part 1 is the advanced instructional part where Dr. Alison gives comprehensive, intuitive guidance that engages your conscious/cognitive mind providing the foundational part of the work that is to come. This instructional part is very layered & includes an energetic Vibrational UPgrade transmission.

Part 2 is the caller Q&A where she works with individual callers one on one. These callers represent the entire group so all will benefit from their participation.

Part 3 is the Clearings and Activations portion where Dr. Alison uses her gentle, soothing voice and unique version of verbal ThetaHealing™ to erase unconscious blocks, erroneous thought & belief patterns, and clear out trauma(s) that have lead to you absorbing uncomfortable levels of others’ energies. She then reprograms the negative to the positive and downloads activations for new desired behaviors & ways of BE-ing to become instantly and increasingly accessible. This particular mp3 can be looped and listened to repeatedly for deeper levels of clearing.

BONUS ONE: Third Chakra Attunement Download (a $50 value)

It is know that the 3rd/Solar Plexus Chakra is such an integral part and holds core patterns that most empaths struggle with (including digestive disorders) that Dr. Alison found it essential to include this as a bonus with this product.  For optimal effectiveness, she recommends that you listen to this PRIOR to the first call as a foundational piece as it will get you started clearing out the main chakra responsible for the body’s empathetic patterns so you can gain more from the program.

BONUS TWO: 1-hour mp3 “ThetaHealing for Reversing Self-Sabotage Into Allowing For Your Success” (a $50 value)

Dr. Alison is including this as supplemental support and she recommends you listen to this after completing Call #2. It specifically focuses on the root chakra patterns that are addressed in Call #1 and the success sabotage patterns that are addressed in Call #2.  Listening to these ThetaHealings after those calls will serve to unravel and sweep out the remaining core fundamental energy patterns and clear them energetically.

Recommended Listening for Optimal Effect

After having seen how far the results of this program have exceeded her expectations, Dr. Alison has a specific formula for listening to this that she feels will create the optimal effect.

Begin with listening to Bonus One, the 3rd Chakra mp3, then listen to each Call 1 and Call 2 all the way through (all 3 parts).  Daily listening of the clearings and activations in Part 3 is recommended and for every 3 times processing the clearings, go back to listen to that call's Part 1 instruction as a way to go deeper.  After completing Call #2, then listen to Bonus Two, the ThetaHealing for Reversing Self Sabotage. Continue on and pay special attention to Call #3 as it was the biggest shifter of them all, and finally listen to Call #4 to complete your journey of renewal.

This new space, once filled with outdated beliefs & conclusions that blocked your energy flows, will now be open to flowing more energy and vitality so that the new thoughts coming in can be Observed and you have more freedom to choose what you actually desire. No longer will you feel locked into having to take on other’s stuff & absorbing their negative energy, or even taking responsibility for how they feel because you have moved into a new space with less density

The Your Sensitivity Is Your Power teleseries is for you if you see yourself in at least 3 of these descriptions:

  • You know you actually take on other people’s stuff, more than just worrying about them
  • Your energy levels are lower than you’d like them to be, or they go up and down quite sporadically
  • You don’t seem to be able to effectively say what you mean with others, although you do fine with your rehearsals ahead of time, or when alone
  • You consider yourself co-dependent, or know you have co-dependent relationships
  • You sometimes may feel as if you’re a victim to this world and others
  • You often hold yourself back or close yourself down
  • You find yourself over-giving and you don’t know how to stop
  • You notice you hold onto extra weight and often have trouble with your digestive tract
  • You don’t feel comfortable in your own skin, and want to feel like your old self again
  • You know you need to have better energetic boundaries
  • You want to dissolve the unconscious & subconscious parts of you that take on other peoples’ stuff as if it’s your duty in life
  • You want to feel supported instead of just being “the support”
  • You want help in opening your heart and quieting your mind

Valued at $1100, You get all of this transformation for less than the cost of a single 90 min. session w/Dr. Alison!

IMPORTANT: Please review this Disclaimer before making your purchase.

5 reviews for Your Sensitivity Is Your Power Audio Teleseries

  1. Admin

    The below is taken from a blog post by Sheila Murrey sharing her outstanding experience:

    What happened after attending “Your Sensitivity Is Your Power” teleseries
    Posted on January 10, 2016 by Sheila Murrey

    Just before the New Year, I had the immense pleasure of doing a bit of pre-paving by attending Dr. Alison J. Kay’s, “Your Sensitivity Is Your Power” tele-call series, and wowee!!

    Let me tell you, if you missed the live calls–keep a watch on this page, as if she offers replays (and I think she will), you could still check it out.

    So, what happened after I attended the tele-call series?

    I gained a clarity of my own personal power. Almost like I was stepping up a staircase of emotional well-being and balance! Yes, I accepted an invitation from the Universe to step up my personal power by being on these calls!

    As a sensitive type of person–in my life having been one to cry easily, become overly concerned with other people’s dramas, or get easily overwhelmed, I noticed each day after the tele-call experience, I felt lighter, happier, and less concerned with stuff happening around me!

    Sometimes, I tend to feel as though I am carrying the burden of other people so much that I prefer not to interact with others. That feeling lifted after the tele-call series for me!

    People used to tell me that they knew I was naturally empathic. I wanted to understand more about empaths, and Dr. Kay explained this in great detail. She let all of us, the participants on the calls, just how each of us could use this gift of empathy to give us more ease and comfort day to day. We learned how to use our sensitive side without losing our sense of self.

    After each tele-call, I began to do more of the following each day:

    During any kind of difficult situation or conversation I would mentally ask myself, “Is this mine?” And, if I knew it was NOT my problem, then I would mentally state, “Return to sender with grace, ease, and love attached, or I would simply state, “Send ’em love” and really feel the vibrations emanate from my heart, that invisible intelligence that Dr. Wayne Dyer used to speak of, going out to the person and lighten my feelings about whatever was going on.
    Breathe – really breathe, even take an extra walk as needed, climb stairs, stretch, or meditate. Then at my office desk, self soothe with my Young Living essential oils, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and/or Jin Shin Jyutsu (JSJ). (This has also has enabled me to share these modalities with others–Yay!)
    Distance myself when my inner being told me, re-soundly, that right NOW (in THIS moment), this person is not good for me. I respect and love myself enough, to walk away!
    Set boundaries. If, in the moment, I can choose whether this conflicts with what I’ve previously written about (to “Be open to receive”) and just know I am going to allow myself to receive, or not. Must I receive all and filter? Must I receive bad to receive good? Maybe. But, I have the power to choose that for myself.
    Expand my energy – Each morning include in my meditation to go into my awareness and expand it outward to my family, my circle of influence, neighbors, local community, state, region, country, continent, and world. Celebrate the knowing of others via Twitter, Facebook, my blogs, etc. whom live in other countries. Celebrate this knowing of WE ARE ALL CONNECTED. This is true.
    Empower myself. Indeed, put my cape on! 😉 Be my authentic self. Act on the truth my inner being resonates with, i.e. when I feel my God bumps. I even signed up for Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith’s Life Visioning class, no doubt because of how powerful I felt after completing Dr. Kay’s tele-call series! How does it get any better than this? Yay!
    I know this, but sometimes I do not act like it. It is never necessary to be the victim. I am not trapped. I always have a choice. I break any DNA, biological, mental, or spiritual, chains that could have come through my lineage and blood. In the name of our Limitless, Ever-Living, Omniscient, Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Pulsating, Be-ing, Creator Source God who IS the Energy that holds the Universe together. Beyond what we can see. Beyond what we now know. Faith IS the substance of things not yet seen.

    Empaths have our own level of sensitivity, level of awareness, unique energetic healing modalities, and spiritual gifts to share with the world! I am ready to share mine!

    The tele-call sessions with Dr. Alison J Kay and her empowering messages and clearings, transformed past (even something that happened a moment ago is “the past”) shame of negative actions–allowing me to consciously “let go” of negative limiting thoughts, acknowledging that forgiveness is a daily process. I knew the pain I felt in my body were the cells of my body (scientist Candace Pert proved cells hold memories) calling out for me to transcend and know that really everything IS okay!

    Dr. Kay’s clearings tuned me in and provided me with different verbiage to explain to myself, and to you in this post, what had been happening. Healing is an ongoing PROCESS!

    Everyday life causes certain connections to occur. The neighbor who may or may not smile at me when I step outside. That person doesn’t know me. The store clerk that serves me may ask, “Did you find everything okay?” without really meaning it. The restaurant owner who scolds an employee, while ignoring my husband and I, didn’t realize they would lose us as a customer by behaving in that way in front of us, instead of seating us–they could train their staff in private later! The soldier (police, firefighter, teacher, or other public servant) who is just “doing their job” without considering the moral choices he or she actually has.

    Many of us abdicate our ability to choose and lose a moment (or more) of happiness and joy for ourselves and others. And we can help others – we really can! If we’re in better shape emotionally, mentally, and physically, we can change the world! And why is that important? Because We Are All Connected!

    The tele-call series for sensitives with Dr. Kay continues to free me. The time spent on those calls FELT sooo good, not just for a short time, but weeks later.

    Meditation and yoga teacher Dr. Alison J. Kay offers weekly group telephone calls, online video-conferencing (Google Hangout), and private sessions where you can learn about meditation techniques. She teaches yoga classes too! Her group fitness classes include: yoga, mind-body, and core-strengthening.

    Dr. Alison J. Kay studied in the east, Asia and India and thoroughly knows and understands the basis of the placebo effect (using several modalities, including meditation) and it’s relationship basis of subtle energy. To me, there is no such thing as “false hope”. Hope is hope. Because FAITH is the SUBSTANCE of things not yet seen.

  2. Admin

    Re-printed from an email received by Dr. Alison

    From: Lisa Moynahan
    Date: Mon, Jan 11, 2016 at 5:27 PM
    Subject: YSIYP testimonial
    To: “Alison J. Kay, PhD”

    “I am a fairly recent private phone client of Dr. A’s and I just went through what I considered to be the truly life-changing experience of Dr. Alison’s Your Sensitivity Is Your Power series. Although I was unable to participate in a single series call life because of prior commitments, listening to the pre-recorded sessions were unbelievably effective. Doesn’t matter if you are awake or asleep.

    During one of her Previously recorded sessions I fell asleep. When I woke up I felt like I had been hit by a brick. It felt like an acute gastrointestinal flare up but at the same time like I was vibrating at a higher level. It was really an unusual sensation. In addition, my intuition became noticing sharpened. I was able to go to whole foods and CVS and intuitively pick out three new supplements I had never taken before as well as modifying my diet in a new way which calmed and healed my insides in 3 or 4 days. I also historically have been a bit of a hypochondriac and in December was surrounded by sick people. I did not get sick and knew I would not get sick! It is so awesome to finally left the burden down of fear of sickness. My energy level is also substantially higher.

    On an interpersonal level – not that there’s any difference – I have been able to let go of things that previously would have upset me. I just received an email from an old friend who told me she does not want to resume our friendship because after five years she still feels hurt by some things she expected me to do that I did not do. In the past I would’ve chewed on that for quite a while. This time, I was able to look at the communication without experiencing an emotional charge and let it go fully without remorse, self recrimination, judgment or longing for a different outcome. It is what it is!

    If that wasn’t enough, I am now embarking on a new business venture that I was petrified to start. No longer afraid!

    I’m going to finish this endorsement by saying if I read this before meeting Dr A I probably wouldn’t believe any of what I wrote, but I can tell you with absolute fact it is true.”

    – Lisa Moynahan

  3. Admin

    “Loved loved loved the Sensitivity series! Thank you. I haven’t felt this good/steady in a long time. So helpful to be aware of what’s “mine” vs someone else’s energy for sure. I’m still listening! I really loved the first and 3rd parts of each call, so I keep replaying!” – Alanna/ Boston

  4. Admin

    Re-printed from an email received by a participant:

    “Hi Dr. Alison!

    One thing I wanted to share with you is that I love the talking section on the 3 part series because everything you’ve been sharing has made me nearly cry out with relief. You mean that if someone comes up to me and is a jerk it’s not my fault anymore!? Fabulous! I hated believing that anyway – it made me feel bad and I got tired of always feeling like there was something for me to fix about myself. And today – learning that it’s no longer about Christ dying on the cross and us being made to feel that service and self sacrifice was everything!? Even better! I HATED learning about Christ on the cross. I get why it was done but I hated the guilt and other lower energy junk that came with it. I do love what Jesus did and said during His life and frankly, I’d rather focus on that anyway. I also was excited to learn that my job is just being joyful.

    For work I don’t know if what I’ve been doing is what I want to do for the rest of my life, let alone next week. What I really want is to wake up happy and joyful and ready to just BE and then go from there. To know that I will be safe, secure and taken care of while I go about being the most joyful ME I can be is like a breath of fresh air. It’s like being told to go run and play after a lifetime of imprisonment. Yay!!!!! I feel as though the more I focus on this, the more freedom I will see in all aspects of my life.

    So THANK YOU! Even in small ways I’m seeing that I’m being taken care of – I ran out of quarters this week after doing laundry and thought, “oh no, I’m out of quarters!” I then chose to trust that I’d have enough by the time I needed to do laundry again and that day I found a quarter on my walk. Within 3 days I had enough to do a full load of laundry and I don’t even have close to enough laundry to do yet! While that’s small, I know that if I can manifest that, I can manifest enough money for me to go through life and just BE and know I’ll always be taken care of and that me being joyful and willing to share that joy with the world is not only enough, it’s EVERYTHING!!!!! How can you not feel joyful when that’s your assignment?

    And as for questions, the only thing I really want to say/ask is MORE! I want MORE!

    Thank you, as always for everything. I can’t wait for more money to show up so we can resume our one on one sessions but until then, I’m just so happy to be continuing on in this program and seeing what shows up.”

    Thank you,

  5. Admin

    Re-printed from her Facebook post

    “The Your Sensitivity is Your Power” product, that’s actually what I started with in April. Mind BLOWN with putting all those pieces together after living most of my life as a disgruntled doormat. I actually sobbed with relief the first few times I listened. You are the first person that has been able to accurately explain ME to me and what a BONUS it is to find out I’m actually NOT defective!!! Hallelujah!! And btw- you wouldn’t believe the shift in the people around me too, A-mazing!”

    “Your work has been a game changer for me so thank you thank you thank you for sharing your gift.”

    Jaclyn Smith

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