Sixth & Seventh Chakra Attunement


Individual Download – Sixth & Seventh Chakra Attunement

Sixth Chakra Attunement – THIRD EYE CHAKRA: Ajna in Sanskrit means “to perceive and command.” In this recording, you will get the following issues explained at root cause, addressed and cleared.

Physical: inner ear balance issues; bells palsy; brain tumors; sinus congestion; headaches, migraines; vision issues
Mental, Spiritual & Emotional: poor memory; difficulty imagining alternatives or seeing future; distrust of intuition; over-reliant on logic, reason; imbalanced brain usage, i.e., more left-brain usage than right or vice versa; don’t see things as they really are, illusions, delusions; denial; overly projecting of what one wants to see so what one is seeing isn’t accurate to reality; nightmares; difficulty concentrating; lack of imagination; can’t remember dreams; heavily invested in believing there is only one right way; inability to understand metaphors, symbolism, only think and perceive literally
Key Traumas Cleared: being told that what you are seeing isn’t what you’re seeing; being told one thing that doesn’t match what you’re seeing; your intuitive or psychic visions are not valued or invalidated; post-traumatic stress syndrome

Seventh Chakra Attunement – CROWN CHAKRA: Sahasrara in Sanskrit means “thousand-fold.” In this recording, you will get the following issues explained at root cause, addressed and cleared

Physical: brain tumors; amnesia; migraines; possibly central nervous system imbalances
Mental, Spiritual & Emotional: lack of connection to spirituality; lack of seeing the sacred in life; no or low connection to a divine source; overly intellectual; cynical about the sacred, divine or spiritual; learning difficulties; daydreamy, spacey, not grounded; spiritual without being grounded in body on earth; lack of connection to the sacred in life, the spiritual, the divine; closed-minded

Key Traumas Cleared: programming that the mind and intellect is most important; not able to think for oneself; heavy indoctrination i.e., to follow blindly; fear of the spiritual

This recording combines clearings on BOTH the sixth and seventh chakras it offers 30 min of instruction and 30 min of ThetaHealing.

Listen to a sample here:

The more open and balanced our chakras are, the more life force energy – juice for life – flows throughout our bodies. Learn why our chakra centers are not something new age, but are our keys to vitality, health, and well-being, as well as a road map for our evolution at the unconscious level, and the soul level.

The clearing of your subconscious, unconscious & even conscious beliefs that you had programmed into you – most typically unbeknownst to you – from in utero up through now, will be cleared using Thetahealing.™ Each recording is focused individually at the level of the individual chakra. The movement through those sticky areas in your life eases, as the root beliefs locking you up in that area of your life (i.e. speaking up for your needs; money; being a giver and not a receiver; abandonment/rejection/love issues; self-sabotage i.e., procrastination; low self-worth causing you to play small) are cleared and re-programmed. This includes clearing any trauma in that chakra, freeing you up to see anew and then choose anew.


  • people who want to learn more about how our mind and emotions effect our health & healing
  • new holistic practitioners who want to learn about the chakra system
  • someone who feels like they’ve done all this clearing work around a certain issue but are still facing it and want to finally get unstuck and move on
  • those wanting more vitality, joy, well-being, abundance, clarity, insight, intuitiveness, forgiveness, open-hearted interactions, sensual expression, and overall JUICE FOR LIFE & OPEN ALIVENESS
  • those seeking to develop the ability to draw boundaries while still remaining open to others; i.e., empathics

Once you see what area of life each chakra has domain over, you will then be able to connect the types of thoughts, beliefs, emotions and issues that you are dealing with to each chakra. This gives you a road-map for you to use throughout the rest of your life!

Yes it IS that simple – the body works in metaphors, as the subconscious & soul works in symbols – it is the mind that likes to complicate things.

This is deeply transformative work. The unfolding of all the clearing work will continue on for at least another 3 months after the you listen to the recordings. Guaranteed you will not be able to remain the same afterwards!

If you’re ready for change, but didn’t know how to initiate it – this is absolutely a sure fire way to get your energy shifted, your density – or tightness – dissipated, and your vibration raised in not just one area of your life, but all the main domains that contribute to creating our best lives ever!

Normally a single session of Thetahealing™ for 60 min is $100, but Dr. Alison is offering this work at a discount of only $47 per individual chakra (a full one-hour clearing)…or get the complete package and save $85 more!

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