Stop Being Stuck & Having Stuff Go Slow So You & Stuff Can Move Forward Now




    • We’ll be strongly & emphatically & precisely swiping through any parts of you that remain in connection with the chaos of the collapsing paradigm within your consciousness & field…
      …as we remove your cording to the previous phase & the fear & anxiety.
    • And then you’ll have strongly activated within you the kick-start to move forward, positioned to receive the benefits & auspiciousness of these times.
    • We’ll be clearing out everything possible as I go beyond what has previously been possible in order to shift you into a more positive vibration so you can move forward now, more connected to the field of unlimited possibilities.
    • And if friends or loved ones are facing difficulties then your Vibrational UPgrade will help them, as we orient you to these higher, new & helpful frequencies
    • We’ll be raising your vibration in this special, easy & elegant way as we do here in Vibrational UPgrade , so the old falls away with more grace & ease and you will then automatically attract different, higher things into your life.
    • Clearings & activations so you can have that sluggishness cleared and be supremely activated to move forward now with vastly increased clarity, speed, grace & ease.
    • A richer, deeper Knowing & Embodying All is Well & You are Safe whilst clearing anxiousness, “run-away-fear” and worry
    • You will have equalized your giving & receiving so your self-care in your daily life balances more sweetly with the care you give to others
    • Activating you to have as much internal richness & outward richness as you’ll allow & boosting your allowing yourself to have increased richness both materially and spiritually.
    • Bringing down as much celestial support of unconditional love & bringing up as much support from the mama as possible for each of you. This’ll strengthen you being a bridge between Heaven & Earth, as well.
    • Applying the spiritual principles you’ve been hearing & learning in a real way that affects the actual physical changes in your material life so both improve & get easier is the apex of this event, as we are in the most KEY solstice of any we’ve experienced since 2012.

Is this you?:

  • You’ve been having things take longer to come together
  • You feel weighed down from these past few years
  • You have less motivation & initiative for making the choices you really want to be making
  • You are lethargic, not trusting or unsure so your following through until your desire or intention is physicalized/manifested doesn’t happen
  • You don’t see yourself making quick enough progress in your business, career and money flows
  • You don’t see yourself making fast enough progress on your spiritual path
  • You desire a stronger ability to invoke more support for yourself & your desires to actually manifest
  • You’re in a challenging place physically, mentally or emotionally as the life you have constructed is disintegrating – then this too, is for you.
  • You’re going through an initiation, that is forcing you to move from one level of consciousness to a higher one

During this most consequential moment so presciently talked about by the Mayans, Yogi Bhajan and professional astrologers and more, our reality shifted from 3D to 4D, and we entered a fast-moving period of change that is gaining momentum with each passing day.

Right now the whole world is in chaos though, as the masses, our systems & societies are in reaction to these new energies.

So as the Tower of the old paradigm is collapsing rapidly, let’s get you out of that flow of destruction, fear & reaction.

We are at an entirely unprecedented time now, within each of our own spiritual paths and physical, material lives.
Clearly, these times are heralding massive change in both our own individual’s lives and for us collectively & the planet.

But you already get this.

Hence you being here, reading this.

This turning point from the cleansing and dying off of the multiple millenniums long era of destruction into this new golden era of construction is KEY.

And it’s midway point is precisely this solstice on 12/21/22.

An example of one of the many core dynamics changing:

Many of us have lived many incarnations full of Service to others and humanity done in a way that no longer works, within this greater back-drop of humanity’s spiritual awakening times.

My own Guidance, as some of you may have noticed, started coming in last year around this karmic cycle ending for those/us folks.

In fact, whenever people come in to train as VUP Practitioners (VUP=Vibrational UPgrade) I spend time during their training distinguishing between the shamanic/medicine people’s old way of healing & then update them to this new way that does not leave them feeling drained, burdened or as if they’ve taken on the energies/issues of the people they’re Serving.

Another example of a core dynamic deep in the process of shifting both within each of us and in humanity:

Right now the struggle between authority and freedom is intensifying. Many people worldwide are going through difficult initiations involving relationships, jobs, housing, home life, health, crises of conscience and other things.

Good news:

Currently our planet is 15% ahead of the forecast for our progress towards the new Golden Age. At the Solstice, if we all do our part, we can increase this even higher.

The entire Universe is focused on Earth at this Solstice, it seems.

For those of us in the northern hemisphere, The Winter Solstice is a time of endings and rebirth.

Being in the midway point of this stark downpouring of light that’s been consistently & increasingly happening since 12/21/12, the changing seasons are far from over.

But we can steer this process now, rather than be reactive & tossed around by it.

This is what we’re here for.

As each of us clears & upgrades our consciousness & vibration, and as we project this & make our choices that co-create each of our lives, the construction of our inner vision out into the world IS the construction of our new golden age – an era of construction.

The prefix con means “with.”

Within the next decade we will be given the opportunity to recognize our personal light, power, and ability to function from the heart, with expanded, clarified consciousness & our power to co-create our new golden era.

So let’s get you ready to make the most of it!



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