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What if being confident isn’t actually about what you’ve been entrained to believe?
What if I were to show you the root cause why both successful people drive themselves too hard and folks who don’t ever really try at all BOTH had the same core issue? (I go into more detail below, so scroll down if you want or need to)
In this package you get access to a full recorded LIVE video zoom event that includes:
*the proper clearings and activations that actually dissolve the blocks I’ve found most overlooked around having confidence AND activate the alignment within yourself that you have been yearning for so you can feel strong in your core, embodied with a foundational knowing that then emanates out as confidence.
This will help catalyze you, via activating within you what you know you’re here to be and live that life you smell, sense, know is available to you!
Here’s what a Stellar Confidence Action Taker Said:
“I’m feeling pretty blissful myself after tonight’s clearing! I needed that SO badly and, boy did she ever deliver. I was shredded for 24 hours before the call…like tissue paper. Now feeling “Stellar”!”
Did you know that what you are struggling with, may not be what you think it is?
It’s an epidemic of confusion that could be spinning you off in an unnecessary struggle of trying to ‘heal’ a part of you that isn’t even wounded… This is a BIG issue in the healing and energetic community that I am here to disrupt! There is so much to unravel here but I want to hone in on a specific area that seems to be where folks are asking for the MOST help… self-esteem.
It’s a word that is thrown around SO loosely, when it's SO much more than just confidence & believing in one's self. It is, in a sense, a perpetrated viewpoint and imprisonment of 'well this is how I see myself’ feeding that epidemic of being wounded.
Throughout my decades of doing this work, and particularly during 2021-now, I have consistently been shown this "family" of unconscious & subconscious blocks for those Healer types or Intuitives or Seers or Perceivers or Empaths or Spiritual folk (however we want to term this genre!) with this particular challenge that they connect to low self-esteem.
Yet super successful people also have a specific "family" of unconscious beliefs I've seen that diminish their quality of life.
Most people tend to support a lifting up of your self-image and a changing of the self-talk as in using affirmations.
But that, while it can be a good practice, it is only the surface and really the symptom of the deep root cause.
Instead, it's more in the root chakra, in the root of life. You're busy with a driving energy & force at an unconscious level that pushes you to prove yourself. All the time. No matter what. That includes proving yourself with how productive you are.
Through this work I've identified and have dissolved the blocks for tens of thousands - see, this issue of "self-esteem" is a massive webbing of a family of unconscious blocks & beliefs, and some trauma (typically in the womb or past life traumas that include deaths that were traumatic, ie. hangings, being burnt at the stake, be-headings, fires burning up loved ones & homes... are just some examples of what I've found myself clearing on behalf of my clients throughout the years).
You will receive deep, profound clearings that target dissolving the entwined blocks around where you are subconsciously proving that you have the right to be here.
The layers are quite entangled and it’s no surprise that when you tend to the surface level beliefs your system can actually go into holding the entanglements even stronger. So where most labeling "self-worth" or "confidence" or "self-esteem" is actually not that at all.
Here, let me let Shelley tell you in her own words. She'd just been cleared of the pattern at that root level, and you can feel it in her energy & words how she's like a toddler just learning how to walk with these new legs. Again, the root...
"My struggle with self-confidence is something I have been focused on clearing. I have had issues with self-confidence all of my life & have gotten to a point where I want to finally face it. What I’ve come to understand, with the help of Dr. Alison, is that I was defining self-confidence as knowing that you will succeed in anything you want to achieve.
"Once Dr. Alison got my back and cleared out something I wasn't even consciously aware of - as she does! - I was tying self-confidence with success. Yet, you look around and see people who are confident all the time regardless of their circumstances. What I’ve come to now perceive, feel & increasingly know from this round of clearings & activations, it is so much more than that. Self-confidence is knowing that you are meant to be here, at any moment in time. It’s ok to just be ME in any situation that I encounter. I have to stop picking myself apart and just accept me. Not some image I think I should be.
I chose to come here and experience this lifetime and so I don’t have to be anyone else but myself. So simple but yet so profound!"
-Shelley W. of Unique Search Consultants
Now keep in mind, if you were to view Shelley, you'd not have any indication that this woman was not confident.
She owns her own successful business, is busy learning a new healing modality (my Vibrational UPgrade™️ energy medicine), has successfully - as a single mom - raised a well-adjusted daughter who just went off to university, is in a loving relationship with a supportive partner, owns her own beautiful home, is a good looking, smiling happy woman. So it looks like she has it all.
So I want to be clear:
it's not necessarily self-esteem or a lifetime of drama & trauma from seemingly having low self-esteem. The folks I work with are desiring a higher level of living, as Shelley is.
And as you likely are.
The work I do is targeting getting folks to where, like Shelley is: she's freer to follow her heart, daring with ever increasing courage to choose what she really wants to, and living the life of her dreams. She's also working with me in my program that helps folks come out of their industry standards.
So for Shelley, it's around what it means to be a recruiter in the technology field, so that she can have more ease and be less bogged down, as I continue to clear out the old paradigm's conditioning, and activate more my peeps' knowing of the new - and their latent keys and codes so that they can continue to choose the ease rather than the struggle... Continuing to live on the cutting edge of possibilities and see what else can be created next!
Much of where I come from is from having pulled out of the American system due to not being in agreement with struggle, having immersed myself not only in the traditional Chinese culture for a decade, and then India, and Istanbul & other international locations - and seen what else is possible for increasing ease & grace.
So it's perfectly timed; my return to the States as the new paradigm of our Awakening times, where SO much else is becoming possible is where I come from as I clear & activate, mentor, coach & guide my peeps looking for what else is possible within their businesses, bodies, relationships with Self & then others, their money flows, their beauty, their feeling safe to be here so they CAN choose & Allow themselves to go for more. So it's not just about Humanity's Awakening Times - it's also about bringing in the greatest possibilities.
Especially for women, especially for you goddesses out there, especially for the re-balancing of the feminine, as so many of you desire to live your lives from more passion, purpose, ease, joy, fun & well-being.
But for men too - because your paradigm around what it means to be "the provider" is changing!
And all of this gig I'm up to, day in and day out also includes coming out of where you're burnt & crispy from the overdoing, over-productivity focus of the North American model of how life is "supposed" to work.
You, likely, simply have no idea how much your cultural conditioning creates your levels of assumed stress & how much you can come out of that.
What Shelley realized is indicative of my also Guiding her out of this North American model of what being a business owner is "supposed" to look like.
Because so much of it is done from an unconscious level of "proving one' self."
And that can be cleared, so this level of confidence I am presenting here is not only addressing "low self-esteem" it's really addressing how do you thrive? Your money, your relationships, your body, your well-being, your heart being light free & happy - all of this is involved from the way I have been Guided to approach this "self-esteem" or "self-confidence" presumption, and its relationship to success.
We are talking about thriving here. And Shelley has chosen that for herself, as have many….
Now it's your turn!


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