Sacred Site & Sacred Ley Line Buttressing, a Clearing & Activation on Wherever You’re Holding Yourself Back


“So anything & everything causing you to hold yourself back in any and all ways, in any and all areas of your life, would you be willing…?”

This powerful audio session helps you to let go of anything and everything that holds you back, whether it’s traumas, imprints from your lineage, conditioning, karma, or entrenched thought patterns.

In this clearing and activation, you’ll be guided to:

  • Burn up traumas and free-floating thoughts that hinder your progress.
  • Release imprints from your parents and lineage that limit you.
  • Clear conditioned beliefs and habitual thought patterns.
  • Dissolve contracts, oaths, and vows that no longer serve you.
  • Activate latent talents, ancient wisdom, and inherent blessings within you.

This guided audio encourages deep breathing cycles and physical movements to enhance the clearing process. As you listen, you'll feel a sense of liberation and renewal, aligning yourself with your highest potential and possibilities.

Embrace the flames of transmutation and step into a life of freedom and empowerment. Perfect for anyone seeking to break free from limitations and realize their full capabilities.

This is not something I typically do - run clearings & activations on my retreat attendees who are up-leveling their training as Vibrational UPgrade Practitioners.

They’re already receiving SO much clearing, upgrading & light from all that we do!

Yet due to the nature of these times, and where these most advanced Vibrational Upgrade Practitioners - Grand Dragon Masters - are each at with their own path and our work together - I chose to do this clearing & activation at a sacred site in the heart chakra of the planet.

And to record it for you!

As well, it was on the Mother Mary ley line we were all sitting on during this recording.

This site is deeply cherished by me, and tied for 1 of my 2 favorite sacred sites here in the heart chakra of the planet, due to the energy of this very ley line.

I have both researched (attending conferences, working with hired specialists) and experienced (leading retreats here 2X a year for the past 7 years) this ley line in depth -

-and I have to say, it creates the most peaceful, nurturing, supportive energy that is unique and so special, comparative to all the sacred sites globally that I’ve traveled to!

This quality energy with intention buttresses the clearing & activation you’ll receive. It’s possible many of you will perceive this energy too!

You’ll hear the birds’ lovely songs whilst receiving this influx of not only sweet energy and potent light, but also exquisite blessings for you to shift out of that track - or those tracks - of wherever you’re holding yourself back that’ll help you most, as we activate you with a new life cycle/track/timeline for you.

What if we had more of you activated for empowered co-creation from an activated heart & spirit and bringing down more light as a bridge of heaven to earth in these incredibly important, intense & auspicious times -

…for your & our greatest flourishing & thriving now, yes?

Repeated listening is suggested - daily, yes - to potentiate the life-changing possibilities within.


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