A Powerful Winter Solstice Activation


Restore Balance to Your Mind, Body & Spirit & The Earth’s.


Dozens of beautiful souls all came together and with the group power, we did potent clearings for the Earth, the Animals, and Activations for increased Health & Vitality & Well-being. These Clearings and Activations will assist all listeners to more effectively be a Bridge between Heaven and Earth.

They will help reconnect you to the Earth’s bitfield for increased Health & Wellness, Stamina, Vitality, Embodiment, Centering and Presence. Because the Solstice is a day of balance, these Activations will be supporting Your Balance, and for the Earth’s Balance being restored in addition to Restoring your Balance with your Connections with both Heaven & Earth. This is where spiritual folks tend to be in the upper chakras, and more materialistic folks tend to be in the lower chakras, and correcting and rebalancing that.

We’ll also be Rebalancing your relationship with Material Goods, Abundance and Source and Activating your Increased Receptivity to Allowing Abundance from the sweet spot of Nurturance, and Support, so you Feel & Increasingly Embody the “All is Well” Frequency in thought, feelings & choices.

  • How we know that we are the force that is driving climate change.
  • Why and how we need to individually contribute to the solution.
  • How vibrational upgrades will help to make this happen.
  • What are these things that we can do to influence our own imprint?
  • Things we can do to help motivate those around us.
  • Things we can do so that our politicians no longer feel like they’re getting a free pass into re-election, without doing anything for our planet.

Included in our lively and rich conversation, we will be sure to be addressing how the worlds of vibrational upgrading and elevating our consciousness ourselves, marries with the world of environmental conservation and preservation.


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