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Hi! Happy New Year! It’s Dr. Alison here, hope you feel the lightness in your body, mind and spirit. So here we go, I just earlier finished a qigong session with myself, and it felt so good! I felt aware of the cleaning element that the light has when I’m in my qigong sessions. Then it made me think about how many people focus on their home, cleaning and maintenance of their home. I’ve moved a lot, I spent a decade living in Asia living as an expat, and I also had other experiences in my life–three months in Israel, a month in Istanbul, a month in the Greek Islands, back as an exchange student in Venezuela, you get the picture right? And I remember that feeling of moving across the planet and being aware that it only took nine over sized, big, black duffel bags to have all of my stuff that I owned, except for the closet of books back in my parents house that they were so lovingly storing for me. So I hear the maintenance do on their 2500 or their 4500 square foot homes and the cleaning, the maintenance and the attunement of the need to take care of that house, or that car, and it’s for me. It’s always been that approach of my body, doing that for my body, and that included my consciousness.

I typically don’t give nutrition tips or personal training or health support until somebody in my signature program, working with me as an one-on-one client asked. There’s a couple different, very conscious reasons for that, that you don’t need to know, but to keep it all aligned in integrity, I do want to give it one tip though, that has so many profound benefits. Drinking at least one and a half to two litres of water with organic lemon juice, Whole Foods carry it, supermarkets too. Just make sure you get it organic! Squeeze enough lemon juice in the water to achieve the cleansing effect. You’re helping your liver, you’re helping so much toxicity leave your system, it’s helping boost your metabolism in a way that’s helping you release toxicity that’ll make your system sluggish. There’s so many benefits that I’m not going to go into now.

I want to communicate to you, that I see more YouTube video ads out there where people are talking about the New Year saying “so let me give you some weight loss tips” or “here’s some suggestions about green foods, super foods or adaptogens.” And I’ve been doing that since I’ve been 19, just understanding that I could talk to my body. It wants health, it wants vitality, it wants robustness, it wants longevity, and that’s the impression I got. Check this one out, this one is wild to me, in my Retreats with my students where I train them in Vibrational UPgrade System, they meet me in the UK, they come from all over the planet and when leaving the UK–and I use the UK specifically for example because it’s just across the pond from the United States–the amount of people at the gate about to board the plane at the airport and seeing the special attendance help them wheel them down into the plane, completely decreases, almost to the point where its gone, when looking at the airports and the boarding situations at the UK.

You guys I’m not going to go into the healthcare system, its beliefs and all of the present, but coming up into vaccination time. I know one of my brothers, God bless him, he and I were talking about how he sees in his feed, stuff about the vaccine and how you shouldn’t get it. I’m not here to promote it and say no, but I want to help empower you more, as always. There is a communication that happens between your mind and your body, and this is what I told my brother in response to his question; “how can I deal with the fact that I understand my beliefs affect my body and I understand that I have beliefs that the vaccine isn’t a good thing. That vaccination isn’t a good thing and therefore applied to the COVID vaccine.” And so the mind-body connection, which I wrote extensively in my first book (that I did in the last of my ten years in Asia coming from the holistic perspective over there), speaking back to the last before I returned, it works two ways. 

So all the clearings and activations you might listen to from me, whether from my YouTube channel or you’re one of my Masterminders, in my 3M program, my clients or if you’ve been in one my VIP-set extensives with me, etc. Those clearings and activations are to help separate the mind-body connection, to cut or sever when your body will automatically produce the hormonal settings, because every chakra is connected to one of the major endocrine glands. A chakra is an intersection between mind, body and spirit. The traditional Chinese medical tenet from Daoist philosophy is “Blood follows where chi goes” so that means that physical follows the energy and that goes into quantum physics and most of you listening know by now that what first becomes an energy, becomes a matter. So what I’m saying is energy trumps matter. 

Well what moves the chi, the lifeforce, when I did that qigong session this morning, I worked it backwards almost, in the way that people typically approach, like “I have to have care and maintenance for my house and car.” I go through my consciousness, so there is a way to talk to your body. Like everyday in my gratitude journal, I’m thanking my body for my compatibility. It’s been a mutual relationship since age 19, I’ve been taking great foods, superfoods, learning about herbalism. As I become more educated and steeped in understanding holistic nutrition and thriving from all different ancient wisdom and understanding as well as modern, cutting edge science when it comes for new ideas. New ideas about ancient herbs, there’s a new study about an adaptogen like astroganja–anyway, the idea that you can talk to your body and it listens, is implied by the idea of doing clearings and activations on your subconscious and your unconscious so your life can show up differently, so your body can show up differently. So you can talk to your body, if blood follows where chi goes, that means that this is what’s directing the chi. The chi comes in, the chakras get open, the vortices turn out the vita life force energy, your field is now emanating and higher so you switch any set point, because your body prefers set points. That’s why anyone I’m working with with weight loss or exercise regimes, I don’t set them up with high intensity training from that first month because the bodys going to plateau. That’s why I set them up with that incline of walking, so that they’re not working out like a mad woman, or a mad man, in six months time when their body hits that set point. 

So understand the power you have with your consciousness and with how your body is actually created by your consciousness and you have so much more power to communicate with it. We’re gonna take this substance and we’re going to ask you body, to lovingly accept this for my highest health and vitality and support and obviously don’t take anything that’s clearly toxic with no sense of rational thinking, but talk with your body! Namaste!