Transcript of video above, but highly suggest you watch the full video to receive full attunement!

Hi! Q&A with Dr. A, questions and answers with Dr. Alison J. Kay, female spiritual teacher. So the question today is “Dr. A, how do I feel more positive, more optimistic, lighter?” Let’s get you feeling more connected, another question to be asked here: “How do I heal?” 

So if there is a part of your body that is tight or it has pain, you can put your left palm [up], regardless if you’re female or male, it’s qigong, and if you’ve had a lot of worrying thoughts, you can take your left palm [and put it over your eyes]. If you want to be filled up with life force and vitality, and optimism and rising up to more of your potential, take your left palm on your crown. So this weekend my book released, Dragon Master Creatrix: Conversations with A Female Spiritual Teacher for These New Times, and it hit number one second day out in Canada and the US. I believe it went to number one in the UK, it may have gotten number one in Germany, number four in the Netherlands and in Germany, number 50 in India. It’s a lot of information advanced for folks wanting to balance their inner power with what shows up in the outer world. It’s in story form, it’s on Amazon, check it out! 

Gonna go ahead and attune… Sanctifying the creation of what you are tending to yourself with this life, this life energy, this chi, this vita life force energy. This is the Vibrational UPgrade System without the verbal coaching part, or the teaching part. You may notice something in your ear ringing, or your body wanting to move a little bit, your neck maybe, some tingling or heat, depending on what you’re coming to this with. Maybe you’re producing more calm or flem in your throat. Divine intelligence of knowing what is wrong, divine intelligence on what is needed and where to go. Prioritizes what your system most needed for its functioning and thriving. Physical mental, spiritual, of course emotional is included. You may be yawning, you may be feeling turning up in intensity, the energy you feel–nothing in your worries, let yourself receive–to practice and receive. You may want to move your hands somewhere else, just listen to that life force, let it guide you. You could also have no need to. Go through your potential, your optimal thriving. Put your left hand over your heart chakra, midway between your nipples. Shifting into, not just what you perceive all is well, but to embody that all is well. Namaste!