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Hi, it’s Q&A with Dr. A, Alison J. Kay! Today I want to share with you a celebration into success. One of my Masterminders reported this week–she’s a powerhouse, “How to come out of doing it all, even when you can or despite the fact that you know that you can.” So if you’re listening, you’re likely one of those kinds of people that can manage so much. That can juggle so much, that can multitask, you’re a powerhouse! You can handle a lot, you can handle the kids, the marriage, the household, the health, all of it. Even though you may share some of those tasks with others in the household, obviously there’s this kind of mentality about having to do it all if you can. It’s funny, I remember someone saying to me “just because I can clean houses doesn’t mean that I’ll do it for a living.” This is a little bit along those lines; just because you have the power to be a multitasker and take care of so much it doesn’t mean that you have to. In fact you’ll find things more easy and more coming together with surprising kinds of synchronicities, if you in fact shift out of that mode of action only. There’s a balance that I can go into so much, there’s a yang, which is action and the yin aspect, which is receiving, seeding something, listening to the guidance and then stepping out of that yang way. I talked about that a lot, yet I find it for a particular type of woman, that when you’re used to going for that kind of success, that going for success is yang–it’s masculine. So what this Masterminder did was, she’s a single mom with an older father who she cares for and lives close by, and teen daughter, and her mom lives close by too. She’s used to managing a lot of stuff and she has a very strong mind, very strong intellect, and as we’ve been trained to listen to that mode of action as if that’s the primary tool, instead of being this heart of our spirit of our mind body spirit system. She came to me saying “I know there’s something more I’m supposed to be doing, and there’s something bigger here and I want to be able to do that bigger thing and access that ‘purpose.’” What’s been happening along the way, is she’s been coming out increasingly of that mind dominance, with more balance with the left and right brain hemisphere. I’ve been doing, through the energy of the Vibrational UPgrade System that I guide through, that it is particularly interesting with very successful people. I can talk about this that in another video, but the point is that when you learn what’s involved in your own energy medicine system and you’re shifted through the various techniques that you’ve learned to do within the specific parts of the subtle energy system that’s relevant here: you can have your system allowing in so much more guidance, hearing and having an alignment where you allow yourself to step back out of that multitasking-go-getter activity all the time. 

Listen to your heart and its desires and be more still. Allow for help and support, allow other people’s promise to be there, even if it’s your teen kid where you’re not taking responsibility of going in there. I find this in a lot of moms where you don’t necessarily have to– in fact it would benefit your child–if you didn’t go in there. This is said by this former classroom teacher and administrator for 12 years at the middle-high school level, but also somebody who studied developmental psychology as her first major in college and then taught AP psych, then raised a teen son of a man that I was with throughout my twenties. 

There is this way to be a woman in America that I feel like is a part of the rebalancing, and this isn’t just in America, everything is coming back into balance. The spiritual with the material… chirps of a woodpecker trilling is the symbolism of drumming in your own rhythm with pecking these trees, their heads, their peeks strumming at a rhythm of life, so that’s the trill of a woodpecker you just heard. So strumming at your own rhythm. Everything is rebalancing in this grandshift from 2012 to 2032, the yin and the yang that you’ve likely heard by now, but that shows up in each of us in a way that’s unique in our lives, cultures, conditioning, and karma. In that incredibly yang way, women have in the West, but in particular in America, they assert themselves that there’s so much to manage in the household and with the kids, with the job, the business that they own. Always being active in that way, breeds more of it, its it’s own moment so learning how to shift from action to receiving, to quieting, to align receptivity allows for much more support from the universe. Learning in synchronicities so that the thing you want is at that store so you don’t have to go to a couple of other stores for it, so that that email can get opened by the right person so that the issue can be resolved immediately, so that your husband can bring home roses and sense your increasing synchronicity, so that your kids do more chores, supported by feeling more nurtured. More a sense of a fulfillment instead of the go get it multitasking woman, even if you know you can, because if there’s a part of you that’s feeling unfulfilled or feeling that there’s something more, kind of sense. It’s a part of how you’re just running yourself dry. And there’s another way to do it where it’s all easier, my second book Vibrational UPgrade: A Conspiracy for Your Bliss, our system, our subtle energy system is actually wired in a way that with the universe’s life force. It bounces all around us in nature and all throughout us depending on how clear we are. It’s there to support us, and so learning how to shift out of “I’m on my own, I have to do this on my own” that momentum that you have to be that way in order to get everything and learning how to, like a qigong move. No one to receive, no one to step out and take action and understanding that balance that has such a beautiful success with this week with my Masterminder, this go getter, this really empowered woman, who just said for the first “you know I think you love drama, I think you’re addicted to drama” to her 16 year old daughter, but instead of fixing it for her, she’s letting there be distance, responsibility of the others part even when you know you can go in there and fix it. Keeping yourself a little more space to be a little more present and a little bit more alive and gentle within and with yourself and allowing for more support, it’s the new way in these new times. Namaste!