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Hi its Dr. Alison J. Kay here; Q&A with Dr. A! Today’s topic is “How do I work with my resistance?” That could come up at any time when you’re facing the new, when you’re facing the unknown, or when you know what resistance is. One of the ways is if you’re even having difficulty recognizing that you’re in resistance. If you know that you’re hearing yourself say to everybody you love and care about that you want A and then you see your choices and behaviors and time spent choosing Z. Everything that’s not A or not going towards A, you can know that there’s resistance there. It’s another thing that’s coming up right now to give, is that if you’re focusing on the external stuff only and you’re looking at what causes, outside of me, are blocking me from having this–that’s not the most functional way and that’s projecting resistance out onto the external world. 

Not to say that everything that happens is your responsibility and is due to something you’re believing or thinking. As I’ve said before I am one of the few–actually the only one I know of in the metaphysical world, spiritual community or new age community (which I’d never like to use ‘new age’) but nonetheless saying that there are random things. There’s such things as karma. I see it as about ten percent, it’s happened particularly living in Taiwan for the ten years that I did over in Asia studying subtle energy, karma and spending tens of thousands of dollars frankly getting training in how to clear karma. So there are things that happen that it’s just time for them to happen, and you can’t go in and say “what have I done to create this manifestation?” That’s a miscreation, or “why would I have created this, so why is this happening to me even?” When there is resistance to change into you doing whatever that thing is that your heart wants you to do you, hear the nagging like “do that, choose and you’re not…”–or even when there’s like lethargicness, heaviness and density towards something or tightness contraction, restriction, that’s also a sign of the resistance, embodied. Then one of the ways is to ask “what are you resisting here?” Obvious but then also when you’re out in nature or when you have some quiet time, or if it’s a more expansive moment when you’re in the bath or shower (a lot of people do their work in there) or in meditation even or out watching a beautiful sunset. When you’re relaxing and you’re not pressed for time and task oriented. You can ask “what are you afraid of here, or what do you think this thing is, so you’re working with your minds conclusions but you’re also coming from a perspective of wanting to understand what’s behind the thoughts.

 You actually hear–because the thoughts–you hear that’s only like the estimates are around and this is generous 15% of where we’re making our daily choices from the conscious mind. Where you’re only hearing 15% of the thoughts consciously hearing them, that causes you to choose what you choose and not choose what you don’t choose. The rest of it all is at a subconscious level and that’s where I spend so much of my time clearing out blocks for folks, particularly when working with me in an ongoing matter like Magic, Manifestation and Money Flow, my signature program, so ask further is this even true? 

Once you find out what the mind is claiming something, you’re acknowledging the resistance. That’s the first step, saying “okay I hear you.” And then after asking “what is this? Okay I hear you” and then “is this even true?” And then not waiting for an answer, like don’t expect your mind after just pumping out a conclusion that you’ve asked for and then asking if it is true for your mind to give you a conscious answer that you’ll hear in your thoughts. You won’t. It’s not like you’re looking for an answer, you’re actually just hooking in a redirect, neurologically to create a new neurological pathway, and that redirect eventually will create a new physiology that then, also, is correlated with new choices that lead to new behaviors. It all starts with a redirect, so what is this resistance? Okay, is that even true? The third step now is a more active redirect; “how does it get any better than this?” The fourth step is “okay, what else is possible?” So when you start with the questions that, as I said it’s a more active redirect, but by the time you get to the fourth question, you’re inviting the universe as the whole. You’re going beyond your chakra column, and hopefully your chakras are open and emanating the vital life force, energy of the chi, so your field is strong. So it’s strongly alling to the collective field or the dao, all around us the field of unlimited possibilities, and you’re asking the universe to show you “how does it get any better than this? What else is possible?” Then the response from the universe will come in some kind of synchronicity within like the next 24-48 hours, or some kind of conscious awareness maybe in five minutes maybe the next morning or maybe that night as you’re drifting off to sleep. You’re curing your consciousness to bring something forward to your conscious mind. Yeah, so all of the clearings and activations that I do have the sense of shifting someone out of that lockdown, where there’s unconscious and subconsciousness just blocking the energy from flowing in less conscious awareness–to bringing something up to conscious awareness. When the energy is blocked down at the subconscious and unconscious level, you are less able to emanate out your chakras that are not flowing with the vita life force energy so they’re closed down.

They’re meant to have vortices in front of them and when you have your system much more purified, your consciousness, your ego mind will be much more cleared so the blocks are no longer there, so the chakras, the wheels that they are, which is what chakra means, are turning by the life force energy. Then the positive aspects are activated by the vortex and these vortices are at seven along our chakra column. The spinal column in the front of our body then are emanating out and create the overall field. You want to be working with the field unlimited possibilities and that’s when you start to reach out to the field of unlimited possibilities and that will bring in, when you work with it, at that higher vibration aligned activated state. It will bring in the collaboration with the co-creation, thats what co-creation comes from, but expecting when you should get a clearing from it to immediately change right in front of you. I know most of you don’t have that expectation, but understanding that you’ll have an awareness or you’ll have an awareness or you’ll recognize. Like I remember one time I did a clearing on myself and I was putting a key in my front door, and it was that night or the day after, I was like “oh my god, that’s a new thought” and so you’ll have that. You’ll have like new thoughts and new awareness. That will then gradually, and I don’t mean slowly, especially if you’re working with me within Magic, Manifestation and Money Flow, new choices. As you make new choices from that new thought, new behavior tracks start so that’s the redirect furthering the path with all the other changes I talked about. So that eventually as you change internally and what you emanate out, then the external response right, with bringing in the match magnetically or the law of attraction but also when you ask the questions that create that vacuum, so that the universe can come in and fill.

Either it’s going after the clearings and activations or it’s either gonna show up as a new awareness, or a new thought that then can lead to “okay now I can make a new different choice, which leads to a different outcome, behaviour, a new pathway repeated to the new pathway.” Yeah and then also what happens is synchronicities to help you. All of life is happening for you, not to you, right, all of life is happening for us not us so then the synchronicities come in once you involve the universe in the field of greater possibilities or unlimited possibilities to come in and bring in synchronicities that help things come together. Like if you have a resistance to stepping out and starting that new revenue stream, that new business, and it’s “I’m afraid of being seen and judged if i’m out there more.” You find out that’s what the resistance is and then lets say I clear, what’s going to happen is either you’re going to have some kind of synchronicity come in of a sudden for you to speak and get out there more and get your business launched out there more. You’ll have a new customer who’s asking about what you do and they want exactly what it is you do so there’s those two outcomes when you work with your own resistance. Particularly within the context of my signature program Magic, Manifestation and Money Flow, actively going for not just changes internally but actual rooted behavioral life changes in your life that you can measure. Look outside and see, the universe wants to co-create with you but you have to get on board with it and the first step is working and learning to work with your resistance. Okay? Namaste! Many blessings!