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Hi its Dr. Alison J. Kay here, Q&A with Dr. A, and this is how to look and feel younger naturally, no matter your age! I’m going to give away some of my less well known secrets during this! The first aspect that I want to mention is life force itself, so from Chinese the word chi, and from the Hindu yoga culture, the word prana, which translates into English as vital life force energy. Simply, if you have more vital life force flushing throughout your system you will have a fresher face, a fresher look and it’ll keep all of your system more vital, which includes your skin. We’ll get to the skin in a little bit, but at this point if you are more of “how to have more vital life force energy flushing throughout your system,” it’s the nature of all the work that I do. For example, by the Second Chakra and the Chakra Audio Series (and run all of them) not all in one day, just one a day especially if you’re a beginner. I could say to you hey get the Sixth and Seventh Chakra that’s all together in one product. If you want to have your face looking younger–but that’s not that’s not really how it works in the subtle energy system, so the bottom line is having more life force flow within your system.

I know that my students for example, when I’m training them in the Vibrational UPgrade System one of the things I tell them is one of the hand positions they can do is put their palms over their eyes and that feeds more light or vital life force energy into that area. You could also get trained to run energy medicine through your hands where you’re in tune to be able to channel even more and have even more life force directed to you or you could try just your deactivated or unactivated palms because everybody does have chakras flowing out of their hands. You could rest your palms on your eyes for five or ten minutes a night and see what happens so the next is if you get your entire chakra column unblocked. Then you have more vital life force energy flowing throughout your system and that is going to make you feel rejuvenated and refreshed and it’s also going to do a lot of other effects.We’ll get to that at the end too. 

I want to go into now some of the more longevity geared secrets that I learned living over in Asia and getting trained as a yoga teacher in India, as well as all the touring and traveling I did in Southeast Asia and with the traditional Chinese, I lived there for over a decade. So the first one is skin brushing, dry skin brushing. We keep our skin clear more open, it’s the largest organ in our body, and we do a lot of detoxifying from there. Dry skin brushing helps with that detoxing. It’ll help your skin to breath more and so it won’t look so dry, dry skin brushing for the face I recommend however but again, your skin is the biggest organ in the body so dry skin brushing and that comes from the traditional Chinese. (You’re going to hear kids in the background playing by the way). 

The next one is hydration. This is frequently overlooked for having fresh vital skin and having plump juicy skiing. If you tend to run dehydrated, or you tend to not get enough water during the day then you could put one granule of coarse sea salt in an eight ounce cup of water. Sea salt contains the entire mineral profile and it’s a natural electrolyte, so having those minerals in your body will help you and also keep you more rehydrated or hydrated. The next tip is you want to watch your nutrition and so if you’re eating dirty, your skins going to reflect that especially in the face. If you’re eating with a lot preservatives or junk food, if you think the life force. I started out with this video about life force and I am going to continue to talk about this and I used to lead workshops when I first got back here from Asia. For the first couple years at health food stores where I would show people how to make longevity tonics that tastes like mocha chai lattes. Some of you will recognize this if you’ve been to them or that it tastes like it was lattes and mocha chai lattes and then chai itself. There were three different flavor profiles. 

All of those were composed of longevity herbs and so think; nutrition contains life force or it doesn’t so the closer to being out of the ground the fresher it is the more life force it will have and give to your system because your system is then processing in a good way metabolizing what you’ve just taken in right? The fresher your food is, the more robustly healthy and alive your food is, the more alive you’re going to be. Basic premise, so then there’s longevity tonic herbalism like I was just talking about. I have specific training and certification in this and one of the most–so there’s the Chinese tradition that I’m steeped in the ayurvedic tradition. That’s what I’m steeped in as well as a fair amount in the Native American/Western. Where I go to for the longevity tonic herbalism, this is a different classification because they’re not the kinds of herbs where you have to parcel out or can only take so much, or only take for certain time for medicinal healing purposes but they build, they accumulate.

Ginseng is a well-known sample or example of this longevity tonic herbalism, is its whole as a whole category, in and out of itself. Reishi mushrooms are one way, one longevity tonic herb that helps with so many things. I actually, when I had my own radio show, I actually did an entire radio show with my chinese herbalist out of LA is on just reishi alone. If we’re talking about life force, reishi’s known to go to the heart chakra its known to uplift the higher self, the spirit and so that’s also going to yield fresher boosting of what gives aliveness. Vital life force energy, the spirit so you look more spirited. Then I want to go to the ayurvedic tradition because there’s an ayurvedic tradition in here. Let me tell you a fun story though, one of the first herbs I learned about was hoshuwu and that’s going back to Chinese for a second, and the story I learned with that was how hoshuwu got discovered. Man with black hair is how it translates from Chinese to English, there was a 70 year old something emperor that wanted to have sex with a 20 year old girl and so he sent his protege out to the mountains to grab to find some herb that’s going to help him look younger. and be more attractive to this 20-something year old. So the protege came back and I don’t mean to call him protege, he was probably some herbal wizard or his herbalist. So he came back with hoshuwu and so the man’s hair all grew back, and so men use hoshuwu in part to have their hair grow back but hoshuwu is considered also a longevity tonic directed towards a certain aspect of what’s known as the three treasures. I don’t want to get into that, it’s too much but that it’s kind of the same story within the ayurvedic culture. 

Ayurveda is the natural medicine out of the yogic path, the eight limbs of yoga. One of them is ayurveda, and so I got turned on when I was there in India for my yoga teacher training. Something called rasayanas, and I have been taking a version of that since discovering it from my ayurvedic doctor who was teaching the ayurvedic units tester was doing a good teacher training in India.  I went and had a couple consults with them so I could learn even more and I got turned on to chirvana pravash, don’t need to know that name as one of the rasayanas are considered longevity tonics and they’re made in the ghee, which is without going into the ayurvedic components of it. I used to teach this in yoga schools, this unit as well as the uterine chakras so I could go into a lot more here. They increase ohas, which is what leads to enlightenment, rasayanas do, or permit what chi does and that’s the base for these rasayanas so they come in tubs typically and it’s like you’re eating a paste. Not literally like you glue stuff together but it’s not a liquid or a capsule.

For the external, ayurveda is really good for skin care for the face too and so I want to recommend another company called The Ayurveda Experience annd they have a beautiful skin glowing oil to use based on the traditional ayurvedic herbs. Literally the traditions in India for skin to glow. Coming out of the more physical things you can do to create more life force let’s go back into now where you don’t have to buy anything and you have immediate capacity. One of the ways that our eyes will scrunch and we’ll have those worry line creases between our eyebrows that will just look more serious and we’ll look less youthful. It’s when we’re problem focused when we’re busy problem solving we’re busy trying to prove how much we know we’re busy being in the know and focused intellectually the opposite of that is childlike curiosity right? Just with this wondering, like a sunflower, like a child curious so instead of knowing living life more in the questions. When you find yourself going into that squinting or that focusing on that problem-solving. Let’s do this… redirect!… Stop that! Because having that child like wondering, look at my eyes, the eyes are wide and open. There’s curiosity and childlike-looking up like you just saw me naturally do. Right, so be like a sunflower look for the light, turn towards the light, and have more flowing within you and you will emanate it out the mind blocks that I’ll have you know so stop that! Blessings, namaste!