What if Radical Self Love isn’t what you’ve been told it is?  


I’m happy to introduce you to the Radical Self Love Video Summit which starts on May 24th. My interview airs on Thursday May 26th and we covered quite a lot of ground on this interview. It’s a strong energetic transmission for you, activating you to enter these new times strongly connected & aligned, preparing you to allow yourself to receive all the support constantly being directed at you and strengthen your empowerment to create and choose and allow what will create the life you desire – no matter what aspects of life. I was even flying after this interview, when we pre-recorded it.

So, if any of these statements resonate with you….

  • I want more Joy and Happiness in my everyday life
  • I want to stop beating myself up and Feel Good About Myself, Proud To Be Who I Am
  • I want my Relationships to stop being such hard work, to be more Loving, Connected, Juicy
  • I want Financial Security or a Dream Job/Career that I LOVE to go to
  • I want more free time to do the things I WANT to do
  • I want more Confidence to do or have the things I want in my life
  • I want to stop feeling tired, miserable, and get some Peace of Mind and Vitality back

Well….this Summit is for You!  And I’ll tell you why.


This Video and Audio Summit is about the cutting edge revolution in Self Love, not as a narcissistic act, but as an imperative, a “must” to connecting ourselves to our inner beauty, our passions, our purpose, inner peace, and arriving at a place where there is nothing to prove, transforming our worries and concerns into the messages and directives of our souls, and finally, arriving at our wisdom based knowing that takes care of everything.  Imagine that…..the answers coming from within instead of looking outside of ourselves for them.


So if you have concerns, worries, anxieties surrounding your self-worth, money,  career/job, relationships in any area of your life, or you have that inner chatter that just won’t stop talking to you, telling you that you are not good enough, that you are too much even, that you are all alone and you have to do more, get ahead;  that voice that just won’t let you be with “what is” and has you with “what is not” in your life,  I invite you to  join me and 29 other great experts on the topic of the most important relationship that determines all others, Your Relationship to Yourself!


Yes, we do have relationships to money, career, health, our bodies, our own worlds and the world at large AND by cultivating, nurturing the one to ourselves, all these others begin to take the forms that reflect that relationship.  Our outer worlds start to take the shape of our transformed inner world, confidence, peacefulness, financial abundance, loving relationships, creativity….whatever you deeply and truly want.


I invite you to learn about all this, and the Mindset, Strategies, Tools, and the Personal Journeys shared in this summit; to inspire and encourage your natural and inherent resiliency toward health.  You already have it all within you; your mind has your blueprint for a healthy, happy life.  


Get your true power, passion, peace of mind, and confidence by joining the summit today



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