Rebirthing the Lighter YOU

14 Day Immersion:




The higher your vibration..

…the more robust the subtle energy bodies are – fed by your chakras – that surround your physical body.

And the more robust your overall field is – your subtle energy bodies – the more effectively your field is calling out to the Universe your desires.

This is why so many ppl who work with me say “You got me to the HOW to work the LOA.”

And they got there by having energy medicine, clearings & activations strategically targeted towards this ultimate goal.

In case you did not make that connection from why you’d bother to lighten up & have more joy when your focus is on more successful manifesting, faster…

…this is why you’d want to decisively & simply step into receiving the energies behind this program.

(Even if the rest of the words on this page do not necessarily resonate with you.)

So let me ask you, when you see these three words:

Resurrection, Rebirth, Joy

How do you see these 3 intersect?

More lightness & joy is a part of what I sense would benefit you and the collective more now.


So, on the concept of rebirth:

In the Ayurvedic culture, or on the yogic path, an ancient practice still done today is whenever there is seasonal change – cleanse.

And why do we do cleanses?

To get lighter.

To clear out the old toxins.

To make room for the new life that wants to be born in this new season.

In my world of Vibrational UPgrade, part of why we do a cleanse is also to be even more aligned with our hearts and hearing our Higher Self ever more clearly via our intuition.

So that means clearing out the mental toxins too, that reside within our consciousness at any level, and within our subtle energy system (chakra column and energy pathways.)

This includes you then being shifted into even more effective self-management & self-mastery over whatever the ego-mind presents as habitual choices, fear based choices or protesting “noise” that block you from your light & potential.

So our lives become increasingly magical & impassioned.

Do you feel the lightness & joy in that?

And living up to more of our innate potential, as a child of the Universe, in a human body on planet earth, now, in these most intense yet auspicious times of our greatest evolutionary leap for humanity ever! – 2012-2032.

So that we’re making choices that are co-creating even more of the light down here on planet earth, as bridges between heaven and earth.

And more able to infuse passion into our mundane, daily lives.

This passion gets increased too, when we’re aligned with our soul’s “purpose” or passion.

However small, medium or large that purpose & passion may be labeled.

And that leads to even more joy!

In fact, in my 3rd book, Reasonable Dragons, I go through the calibrations of common thoughts, and “joyous creation” is the highest vibrationally – even higher than love!

So if “joyous creation” is the highest possible vibration to hold –

– then do you see how having less density, heaviness or blockages – the release & cleansing part of this immersion’s energies –

-will then lighten you, raising you to a higher vibration?

– And how having more of your old blockages cleared, you’re more prone to taking more decisive & even bold action?

And by taking more decisive action with increased courage, you’re exercising the other half of “joyous creation” – the creation part..

And by lightening – result of clearing & releasing the old – you’re naturally going to have more joy.

Do you now more clearly see the intertwinement here – and the Grand Design behind this rebirth immersion?

This is just some of “The How” my people speak of when they say I’ve got them shifted into the LOA actually working for them –

– and this is for you now to get the LOA working more to your favor.

Changes are really happening! I’m always the one dragging ass and following commands when it’s time to get organized and go. Today I packed the car with everybody’s stuff as if it were a Tetris game – while others were busy with other things. I didn’t even notice until towars the end!! I’m ecstatic! Really- they call me the Sloth. I shall call myself the SlothNoMore for awhile and then I’ll think of something better! Sorry for bombing the page today, it’s just that things are coming together kind of all once.

Catherine Quero
Attended previous 14 Day Immersion

Thank you for everything, Dr. Alison J Kay. You’ve provided strength and support for me and there is so much opening up in ways that I couldn’t even imagine. I’m trying to lean into that as I process the grief. This was life changing to say the least. You are definitely the one to come to if you’re ready for huge shifts and change. So much love and golden light returned 🙏🏼✨💜

Kirsten Schreiber
Attended previous 14 Day Immersion

Thank you for this 14 day kick in the butt booster. It was fun and powerful. Great way to start the new year and the timing was so right for me. Hope you don’t wait until next new year to maybe do something like this again. Thanks again. ❤️🌈

Marilyn Barnes
Attended previous 14 Day Immersion


“Howdy Dr. A! You popped in my head recently. I hope all is well with you.

Your audio clearings are amazing! Shortly after a month of listening to the Activate Your Freedom & Prosperity Vibration in tandem with the Chakra series, I received a bonus from my day job as a librarian. Don’t worry, I heeded your warning not to listen to the chakra clearings all at once.

Keep up the fabulous work!”

– Dominique “Dom” Brightmon


“Thank you Alison J Kay for being such a wonderful, caring and amazingly powerful teacher and helping me transition out of a life that no longer served me. ❤❤❤”

– Janina Moe


“Alison J Kay I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for tonight’s call ❤️. The last clearing was especially emotional and potent! I felt the energy sooooo deeply and was left feeling like a wet noodle just like Veronica. Lol 😊 the work you are doing is extremely important and beautiful….thank you.”

– Andrea Zona


“Last night’s call was INCREDIBLE!! Thank you Dr. Alison for the time you took with each of us. I received a lot out of every interaction. You’re onto something good here! Hoping for more mini intensive workshops in the future. Sending blessings, light and love to all who attended.”

– Patty Rogal Landry

So, more on joy now:

Do you see that we’re in new times now?

And there’s a new type of and new level of light that is pouring down on us all now?

So we need to allow the old to die off in order to have more space to embody this increasing light.

The result of which will contribute to your being able to have room and space to allow this light to then organically be compelled to lead you to embodying more joy.

So what if we were to cleanse out more of your attunement to suffering and that “back of the house consciousness” linked to that old paradigm and your past lives lived in that vibration that are still causing you to feel heavy, or non-joy…

…where you’re not able to see, and thus not able to make the choices you actually want to be making that will, in actuality, create more joy and lightness in your life?

Another way to say that is learning how to live in a possibilities paradigm.

And during this cleansing time, amidst the purging and de-cluttering – or spring cleaning – of your mind, body & spirit, and consciousness…

…We also activated you being reborn into a lighter, more joyous, more impassioned, more connected to your Higher Self – aligned – version of you?

What else would become possible for you to access?


So, on the concept of resurrection:

I was speaking to a colleague of mine and she was talking about how “the Christ story” has been overly focused on the crucifixion.

And that somehow that joyous message of the act of resurrecting or rebirth had been overshadowed by the attunement more to suffering (ie the crucifixion) than to joy.

(And of course that served the powers that be, at the time, too.)

(I grew up Jewish, with a strong sense at age 12ish of Christ being a KEY figure of healing & light from an awakened heart, unlike what the Rabbi was saying. In fact, in my later years once I began to study energy medicine and look into the “lost years of Jesus,” I have been known to say, “I sense that Christ is one of the strongest healers to ever walk this planet.)

She said this about the over-emphasis on the crucifixion in response to my saying how I’d perceived, whilst standing under the night sky back in 2013, “Christ has come off the cross.”

This has to be the single biggest “download” via my Intuition that I have had to work with the most to unpack, in order to fully understand and integrate, ever!

What I got, in part, was that the suffering that humanity had become attuned to for 2000-ish years, and expecting, was ending. (YES! Stay with me here… 🙂 )

And that Christ was no longer “available” to have folks project their suffering onto him, without taking any personal responsibility for their choices that lead them to then create or experience said suffering.

And my work is right there in the trenches with that connection from what we believe, which is held in our unconscious and subconscious…

…To then how that becomes central to whether we’re in victim mode or feeling self-empowered.

Which affects what you do & don’t see as possible, both obvious & more nuanced – and thus what you’re choosing & not.

And with less blockages in that “back of the house consciousness” you’re increasingly more conscious of your innate power within your choices.

And thus the co-creating of your life that you do with your Higher Self is done via increasingly mindful choices.

This is the 2nd half of the Vibrational UPgrade System – applied mindfulness. The first half is THE energy medicine via sessions & clearings & activations.

So as we apply freshly released, cleared consciousness to what we are therefore more mindfully choosing, we become more aware of what games our ego-mind gets up to that cause us to choose and not choose, what we co-create and don’t co-create, what we do & don’t do.

This is the KEY turning point from victim mode to sources outside of ourselves keeping us stuck, to recognition of our genuine power internally.

And thus what we’re experiencing in our lives – or not.

I.e., You may not be choosing to move forward in taking the actual steps that have been proven to lead to successful outcomes as you build your business, having your ego-mind dodge the success, and instead sabotaging yourself by not choosing that, and instead choosing & doing what leads to failure – and then blaming others, your industry, the economy, your gender etc for it.

This is an example of where you’ve given your power away to something outside of you having power over your life, rather than your power to get clearings & activations that shift your consciousness and vibration to help you actually choose to do what will create success.

So I ask you – do you feel like, as a “light warrioress/warrior” you’ve been on the cross?

And do you feel like YOU could be embodying more joy?

And “get off the cross” yourself?

All the past-life persecutions around showing up in a bigger way, and using your gifts in the world & the ensuing “free-floating thoughts” from these traumas of when you’ve been tortured, crucified, ostracized, ridiculed or beheaded for your special gifts and/or your speaking out what you see…

It’s time to allow these to die off!


Because you ARE safe now, in these new times, to do, be & say all of that.

We are in a spiritualized, vibrational backdrop now where boldness to be your most inherently unique you, using your gifts and receiving joy from being and using your gifts is meant to be.

And in these times of increased interconnectivity as Unity births itself into the human race as the new golden age pokes its self above the horizon, and we see signs of non-Unity reaching a feverish peak to burn itself up, before Unity can actually become more of a lived experience here…

…it seems KEY that more of humanity clear out this density that resides in “our back of the house consciousness.”

And so there’s this opening that my colleague presented to me, as we spoke more about what, if we were to not focus on the crucifixion but more on the resurrection, that is about.

We came to that it’s about JOY.

What’s more – April of 2022 has been predicted by professional astrologers as one of the biggest months in 2022.

This immersion starts on April 1st and completes on April 14th.

When I checked into this year energetically, I strongly perceived that April is full of really potent energies that’ll help not only move, but potentially blast our lives forward, depending on how aligned we are and then the choices we make.

For example, there are 2 new moons in April – extremely rare – and the 2nd new moon is with a partial solar eclipse.

There are meteor showers happening mid month.

This program starts on April 1st, which is the first of the two new moons – always the best time to initiate a new path in life with new intentions.

The next day Ramadan begins.

During this 14 day immersion, we will be building towards not only the full moon – which happens the day after Good Friday and Passover – but also those exact spring time, “Suffering Passing-Over” and resurrection-focused holidays (Passover and Good Friday/Easter).

We will complete this 14 day immersion the day before these 2 holidays.

We will also not only be building towards that, but also eclipse season – and what many astrologers are saying is to be the strongest eclipse of 2022, which I also perceive.

We’ll also be building towards the Celtic celebration of Beltane, after first announcing this new immersion on the equinox – according to their Wheel of the Year, based on ancient pagan celebrations coordinated with their agrarian based living and natural solar, lunar & celestial events.

The theme of Beltane – and indeed I work with this theme every year, as it’s 1 of the 2 times per year that I lead the trainings in Glastonbury, UK whilst on retreat with my Vibrational UPgrade Practitioners who are either just starting or up-leveling –

Is thriving

So do you see it? Do you feel it? How KEY this timing is coming up?

We have a RIPE opportunity to align with the energetics gearing us towards the dying off of the old completing/resurrection/rebirth and new life trajectory.

So we’ll be intertwining these 3 core aspects of different ancient cultures:

1. Ayurvedic seasonal cleanses from India,

2. Celtic Wheel of the Year leading into the Beltane celebration, a time of year whose essence, or vibrational theme, is thriving,

3. and Christ consciousness emerging from the resurrection, with the aspect of joyous celebration due to that resurrection.

Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you for that transmission. I have listened to it 3 times already. It is exactly where I am and what I need right now. I speaks allowance and fluidity into my being.

Abigail Rose Gazda
Attended previous 14 Day Immersion

I want to thank you for this opportunity and for Friday’s zoom and the clearings. They were very beneficial to me today, helping me pull out of a very dark place. If I could ask for support on one thing before this is over, it would be more autonomy (complete autonomy) over my energetic field. I interact with two teenagers who I love dearly on a daily basis. (Trey and his girlfriend). First, they are teenagers. Second, they are working through a lot of the same stuff I’ve worked through myself over the years. It is like a rollercoaster ride, and I don’t like rollercoasters! Thanks, again. It’s been great to be back in your container.

Emily Bukaske
Attended previous 14 Day Immersion

I had a huge shift this weekend re: more surrender and acceptance regarding my life and my relationships. Thank you for that assistance.I am sending out all my collection letters tomorrow. What a great love letter for them all to receive. 🙂
In case I have nothing to say on Monday, thank you bunches for this immersion. It has been immensely life-changing, as always, working and collaborating with you. EnJoy your day! 🥰🐉🐇🤩🙏 OH – I meant to add – thanks for helping me to see the subtle ego-mind interference that has been a sneaky undercurrent. I thought “she” was not such a factor but you helped me see she’s still around more than I realized. OR was this related to my “bug”?! Progress is often humbling. 🤔 😁🤩

Chanin Zellner
Attended previous 14 Day Immersion

Thank you once again for sharing your knowledge, insight and wisdom during these past 14 days and assisting me to further grow and see the endless world of possibilities!! I am forever grateful!!

Kristi Putnami
Attended previous 14 Day Immersion


Through all elements of this immersion, via the Vibrational UPgrade Clearings & Activations, the Blessings, and the Intuitive “Hawk-Eye” holistic life coaching for you to engage in Applied Mindfulness:

You will be given blessings on your path so that grace, guidance and miraculous interventions will become more prevalent in your life during this time so that your “becoming” – what you’re being rebirthed into – may be.

Upon registering for this immersion, you will be sent the mp3 of clearings & activations specifically & specially created for our goals here, as well as the three additional bonuses of hour long clearings & activations mp3 that’ll also move you along further to get more out of the immersion. (See below FMI)

  • The old, heavy density will be helped to die off.
  • You will release mega-tons of energetic weight that will naturally bring you into alignment with lightness and manifesting spontaneously more quickly what you truly desire
  • You will have more space to embody this increasing light & thus feel lighter
  • This light will then organically be compelled, as it does, to lead you to embodying more joy. I will help this along…!!!
  • Blessings on your path so that grace, guidance and miraculous interventions will become more prevalent in your life so that what you’re being rebirthed into, may be.
  • You will thus gain more power over the insecure, doubting ego-mind’s thought patterns.
  • The parts of you habituated to making yourself feel wrong, bad, ashamed or not good enough – you on the cross – will be vastly transmuted into more self-appreciation & self-love
  • You will release the pattern of suffering for the world to finally shift and step into the resurrection where you joyfully choose heaven on earth, where all things are possible
  • You will be on the road to co-creating a lighter life because you’ll be more cleared & then activated to become more attuned the light both within you and around you, thus you’ll be infusing your choices and thus life with more light. This will be exponentially improved.
  • You will have a stronger connection to your unlimited potential, the Higher version you could become now, like version 2.0 of you, for these new times. Whether that be more subtle tweaks or massive over-haul!
  • You will anchor in more the embodiment of knowing that you are a unique divine blossom in the Holy garden of life and you will honor yourself & your uniqueness more as you “come off the cross.”
  • You will increasingly anchor in feeling nurtured, nourished and supported as you now become more of what you can, through the protective tending of this immersion.
  • Your desire – and thus courage – to follow your intuitive guidance, rather than the sabotaging, entrenched thoughts from old ego-mind’s habits, will organically – as a result of all that we do in this immersion – gain much more momentum & strength.
  • Your creativity and excitement to employ your creativity in your choices – both mundane and huge – will pop wide open!
  • You will increasingly be Allowing yourself to be led into the fullest possible expression of your divine nature, in all aspects of your life.
  • You will be less ego-mind dominant & more heart dominant.
  • A more radiant, more thriving, more joyous, more loved & supported, nourished & held version of you will become much more dominant, Present & perceived.
  • You’ll become more able to Surrender the worry over the “how” as you follow the bread crumbs from the Universe
  • You will hear your intuitive Guidance more.
  • I will pull through Guidance on your behalf that I hear from your Higher Self to help you gain clarity around how this new you wants to show up in the world
  • You’ll have an increase in your access to those guiding breadcrumbs via increased synchronicities & your Guidance.
  • Rather than the emphasis only being on you having to grow to meet the vision – as you come down off the cross of persecution – you will have your vision for you & your life grow in order to be worthy of you!
  • You will have the opportunity to do a spring time cleanse – TOTALLY OPTIONAL! (And not a major component of immersion)
  • You will be more strongly attuned to the present & to the welcoming in of the new, blossoming you!
  • If you cannot see any vision for the new you in your next life phase yet, I’ll be intuiting, guiding, clearing & activating you towards receiving, and realizing, as much as is ready to come in of the new vision.
  • You’ll have a strengthened sense of clarity for your new & next life phase & approach it with greater welcoming so that it manifests easier.
  • You will feel more inspiration and hope.
  • You will become more actively aware that it is a time to dream and receive & able to do so.
  • You will gain a Knowing that what is dreamed now for you & your life, has extra special blessings from the Universe.
  • You will have more connection to that eternal light that dwells in your heart.
  • You will have more embodiment that you are held safe in the Divine’s love for you.
  • You will have that light called forward more than ever before so that it becomes more visible – even palpable to both you & others
  • You will release the old & be shown the way through any darkness
  • You will be helped by understanding the purpose of past suffering, so that you can let it go and be at peace, free from confusion, shame or doubt.
  • Core to this immersion is clearing & activating you to let the darkness go.
  • You will have your own release, resurrection and rebirth.
  • Your posture may improve
  • Your tight neck may loosen
  • Chronic tightness or contraction may improve or release
  • Your circulation may improve
  • Chronic issues may improve and possibly even resolve (although longer time working with me may be necessary for the later)
  • You will likely make healthier choices for your physical health – ie increase exercise that’s good for you
  • You may drop not only metaphysical weight, but physical weight (whether you do the cleanse(s) or not)
  • Aches & pains may disappear
  • Your levels of vitality & energy will improve
  • You will have more of your parasympathetic nervous system “online,” tapping less into the fight or flight mode
  • Your prayers will be more likely to be more easily answered
  • Your food cravings will tend more towards higher vibrational, lighter, cleaner, healthier food – this is whether you choose to do the offered cleanse(s) or not
  • You will have an increased ease within your body, more of a sense of well-being
  • You’ll be supported in as graceful as possible, mourning these deaths, giving them proper attention and due acknowledgement, so that then those deaths become sacred sacrifices on the altar of new life. That’s whether these are actual deaths of loved ones, of relationships, of ideals, of identities, even of certain hopes and dreams.
  • You will gain confidence that a new direction, and new life, is calling you.
  • You will feel stronger in your Knowing that there is always so much more to come. Always. No matter how old you may be, or how jaded you may feel at times, there is always boundless life awaiting you.
  • You will be more out of victim – you on a cross – mode in all aspects of your life
  • You will have increasing openness, receptivity & receiving capacities
  • You will have increasing willingness to Allow Your Self to have more joy, ease, love & become more of your own “inner cheerleader”
  • You will be discovering the light after struggle
  • You will deepen your connection with the expanded light coming in and cleanse the heaviness of the old collective energies including, persecution, ridicule, guilt, anger, blaming, shaming, etc…
  • You will receive multitudinous blessings over you for your rebirth, renewal, recharge & revisioned new & next life phase
  • You will be learning what it feels like & how to live in a possibilities paradigm, rather than a problem based one
  • Release, Resurrect, ReNew, ReDirect, ReVision, ReBirth will be yours!


(IMPORTANT NOTE: this is only a partial list, as I’ll be working with you in an individualized way, seeing what’s needed as I tune in and as it comes up & then I’ll be responding whether with fb lives, posts, a pop-up call, audio or video clip or on our 3 zooms.)

  • 14 Days (starting April 1st) of Highly focused, strategically directed packet of frequencies I will be sending to you individually, daily, that have been shown to help people who work with me clear out the old density, embody more light, be more aligned, and gain more clarity around their passion & purpose – and actually get there! BONUS – this starts right away (Again, depending on how long they work with me & what they come to me with…) the moment you sign up so you are getting EXTRA ATTUNEMENT simple by signing up before April 1st!!!
  • So the sooner you sign up, not only will you save money, but you’ll get more energy & support to you for longer. This will yield stronger results.
  • You will be immersed within a high-vibrational matrix that’ll become nearly palpable for you created for this immersion’s specific themes as well as the daily energy sends mentioned above. Many folks work with me for this alone!
  • You will receive the clearings & activations & the holistic, “Hawk-Eyed”Intuitive life coaching support I give through the opportunity to interact with me daily via posts in the exclusive Facebook group created for this immersion.
  • Instant Access to a special mp3 recording of core clearings & activations along with high-vibrational, potent blessings, to listen to as soon as you sign up & daily throughout the immersion to shift you more & progress you further.
  • And then 3 bonus, hour long clearings & activations mp3’s to use to further your gains before the immersion even officially begins – the sooner you sign up! – and both during and to continue to use afterwards (see below FMI)
  • You will receive a simple, online, top dosha quiz to understand your system within the Ayurvedic mind/body/spirit typing that’ll then lead you to a cleanse specific for you & your dosha! Knowing which dosha type you are from the Ayurvedic classification system is helpful, life long info. But totally optional for you & how you work with it. And then you’ll be shown a cleanse you can partake in, specific for your dosha. As well, you’ll be given a 2nd option for a different cleanse. It’s all choice: this physical cleansing during this immersion is totally optional for you, and will not be a major part of the immersion.
  • You will receive 3 live sessions with me via zoom, where I can “update” your consciousness and field, according to how you’ve shifted from listening to the core clearings & activations mp3 mentioned above.
  • You will then have these additional clearings & activations & blessings to listen to throughout the immersion to progress you more.
  • You will likely also have spontaneous Facebook lives with me when I sense they would Serve you all best.

But Wait! There’s More! What Else You’ll Receive:

Yes, beloved, it is time to believe, to act with a sense of inevitability rather than hopeful fantasy. I will enhance this as well in the ways I just described and whatever else comes through as possible ways to deliver this specific quality.

I will run clearings that’ll help shift you out of possibly “wishful thinking” into recognizing where you can actually be making choices that work towards co-creating your desired path.

This is not a time to hold back and compromise on what is possible, but to surrender the “how” to the Divine and allow it to assist you in becoming what you are deep within. I will help you anchor this oh-so-challenging behavior via clearings & activations, coaching & all else I do.

I will juice this energy being sent for you & over you daily for each of you signed up for the program – so that it will help you gain the ever crucial momentum to move you out of sluggish density, outdated habitual & robotic living based on old programs, whilst lightening you up in mind, body and spirit, so that the rebirthing of you brings forward new visions for your next life phase that’ll make your heart sing!

Again, you will immediately be immersed within an overall matrix created vibrationally of elevated frequencies that surround this program and you from the moment you sign up clearing out the old & anchoring in more light and the new you! So the sooner you sign up, the sooner I begin working on you, sending energy daily with this sweet & potent energies, and the sooner you begin to listen to these 4 clearings & activations mp3’s to help you move forward faster & make more overall progress out of this immersion!

Frankly, I feel the energetic support alone is more than worth the price of admission, so to speak!

Daily intuitive guidance and mentoring via the exclusive fb group created specifically for this immersion.

Individual, “Hawk-Eyed” intuitive, holistic readings on your energy & consciousness and what is needing to be released.

And then clearing that, and what is coming in for you next for the renewed, revisioned, rebirthed you.

You’ll become consciously aware of new & meaningful blocks around that which you’re releasing, and much of that which you’re meant to be becoming now.

You will receive clearings on these blocks & limiting beliefs.

You will receive activations after on these blocks & limiting beliefs that make consciously accessible now the positive aspects, replacing these blocks & limiting beliefs.

You will be increasingly getting yourself cleared & released & activated for the positive behavior or belief that will build in momentum for your next phase of your life, as the lighter, more empowered 2.0 version of you.

Individual, intuitive holistic readings on your energy & consciousness on what specific visions are coming in for you now, what else is becoming possible for you now, to choose, and co-create from this rebirthed you.

Synchronistic openings increasingly happening.

You’ll be starting to see & sense some real traction on your increasing lightness.

You’ll gain momentum towards a recharged, refreshed you.

You’ll be given instructions on how to best implement & proceed with the cleanse you choose – Please NOTE: this is totally optional, the physical cleanse, and will not be a major part of the immersion.

You’re going to start to understand cleansing your mind, body and spirit applying ancient wisdom in an entirely new way, which you can use for the rest of your life.

Close the gap more between where you are and where you want to be.

In receiving these clearings & activations and lightening yourself, you will also help Serve the collective – humanity, planet wide – to lighten & possibly embody more joy too, should they choose to.


  • If you feel heavy & want to feel lighter
  • If you have painful struggles – relationships, health, finances, career, purpose, spirituality – who want to be able to release that
  • If you see a core pattern that’s been problematic for you, that you’ve already done work on, that you feel is outdated but you sense you’ve not completed with that pattern or contract yet & desire completion
  • If you consider yourselves “light workers” and have had this degree of self-sacrifice, people-pleasing or over-giving that is no longer functional for you and you know you need an upgrade to a higher version for this pattern
  • If you’re empathic & feel you’re drowning in overwhelm from taking on other people’s patterns and the suffering of the world at large and would like to release that pattern and adopt a more advanced version of this, healthier for you – and all – now
  • You want support in clearing out negativity and darkness you feel you’ve taken on over the past 2 years or so
  • You’d like to have an easier time thinking positively
  • You feel like you can sense this is a new time, and you know there is more light and a new aspect to this light and want to align yourself to be more attuned to and embody this more
  • You’ve hit a wall & haven’t been able to move forward in any area of your life
  • You desire to actualize forward movement in any area of your life
  • You’ve had new physical or emotional or mental symptoms pop up and you don’t understand what’s happening


  • If you don’t want to experience a lighter, more joyous you
  • If you want to stay on the cross & continue self-sacrificing & making yourself feel bad, wrong, heavy and the source of blame for others
  • If you don’t want to have a sense of being aligned to the opening to the new that’s happening from our cosmos intended for humanity now
  • If you don’t want this sense of being able to re-birth yourself, no matter what stage you’re at in life
  • If you’re feeling too overwhelmed to being able to make any difference in your life from what you choose
  • If you’re actively busy seeking sources of blame for anything going “wrong” in your life


This energy starts the moment you sign up.

1) Clearings & Activations to Rebirth the Lighter You & Get Off the Cross, Cleanse & Attune to Embodying More Joy

Created especially for this program. Recorded mp3 of a series of clearings & activations and a strong transmission of energies to help you Vibrationally UPgrade yourself.

2) Full SuperMoon Lunar Eclipse Clearings & Activations

First half is around money; second is around you allowing your voice to be heard. You can have what you want; you are safe to step out now and be heard; being in your power is a good & safe thing; you are loved & always connected to love.

3) Activations to Help You Move Forward w/ Clearings of Common Excuses the Mind Uses to Stay Stuck

The first half is all about being activated to move forward, and the second half to remove money blocks and other excuses the mind comes up with to keep you held back.

4) The YES vibration in essence | Learning to live within Unlimited Possibilities & Manifest from There!

Check out this hour of some real cutting edge clearings & activation’s, some of which I’ve not ever done before. This if ripe with the YES! energy, so you can vibrate with more of that and less of the mind’s hidden conclusions that make you say no and not go for what you desire.

Thank you AJK with much gratitude for your endless giving to others. I am so appreciative to have been part of this experience! My wish for you is to continue to re-charge you, the one who continually re-charges others!! Self-care is self-love. I know you KNOW that! 💖

Julie Crouse
Attended previous 14 Day Immersion

WOWZA – powerful transmission there! 🦾💪 I think I just got rewired. LMAO – What popped into my head for blocks are: I don’t want to “make” people uncomfortable by talking about my offers and asking for money, I will squander any money I have, money is evil (that surprised me). The externals are time MANAGEMENT (self-sabotage – lacking discipline and not doing things I don’t like such as sales calls) and thinking I need outside help instead of relying upon my obvious deep connection with Source. Lastly, APPROACHING people to do sales calls has been a TREMENDOUS barrier to manifesting but that’s tied to that first block. Thank you, Alison, for the image and assistance! 🙂

Chanin Zellner
Attended previous 14 Day Immersion

Hello Alison, I wanted to let you know how fantastic the message with the rose quartz scepter you sent out at the end of the call was yesterday. I received a whole lot of downloads from my higher self, and my ears were talking, especially the left one. And I was yawning so much. Thank you so much for everything you are doing for us, I greatly appreciate it all. 💕✨🥰💕

Eileen Gachette
Attended previous 14 Day Immersion

Thank you Dr. A for your knowledge, wisdom, and strength! Your gift you offer to each and every one of us, ready to receive, is invaluable!! I personally have noticed another level of awareness and gratefulness for this beautiful life! P.S. I take salt baths regularly!! Highly recommended 💖

Julie Crouse
Attended previous 14 Day Immersion


Hi! I’m Dr. Alison J. Kay and I’ve been helping people clear, transmute and release the old, habituated, worn out versions of themselves that has become too small for the life that wants to be birthed for & through them.

This can be catalyzed by a crisis – or a few at once – in their lives.

However, for the past 5-7 years, increasingly, it’s been with people who have a niggling that they could be more fulfilled, awake, alive & ready to thrive.

That perhaps they’re missing the mark, somehow.

Do you know what I mean?

Whilst working with them in this clearing out of all the “old & outdated” aspects of their personality level self, along the way, using my Vibrational UPgrade System of energy medicine & applied mindfulness, I’m assisting them to make room for their rebirth into more of the life they’re here to live.

I’ve been doing this successfully for 25 years.

This version people then get to is free of much – if not all, depending on how long they work/play with me – of their density, so they’re lighter, freer, more detached from the worrying, doubting, nattering ego mind…

…and hearing, listening and empowered, as they step more into following their Higher Self’s leadership via their connection to the Divine.

This connection to the more Divine version of themselves and it leading the way – along with their heart – anchors in the “new & improved” version of themselves.

Some of what that looks like is they’re living their daily lives with more clarity, empowerment, ease, courage, joy, fulfillment, well-being & prosperity.

Known as “the lightning bolt” is the founder of the Vibrational UPgrade System, a potent container of healing and activating energetics to activate the magic within.

She is an experienced subtle energies practitioner and natural healer with a holistic approach towards helping others thrive in mind, body, and spirit and easing humanity’s evolutionary transition. She has helped hundreds of people tap into greater meaning, success and happiness in their living using the methods she teaches.