Invincibility Guarantee & No Refund Policy


We have discovered the most powerful way for you to succeed through all that we share through Vibrational UPgrade products, programs, and services. In order for you to stay 100% committed to utilize all that is shared on your behalf, there are no refunds for any products, programs, or services you buy through Vibrational UPgrade. With this in mind, we strongly recommend you attend any events LIVE.  If you do not choose to attend LIVE or are unable to do so for any reason, you will receive a recording within 24 hours of the event  – a tad longer, possibly, if it’s a weekend event. After you secure your commitment via your payment, you are committed and we honor your 100% commitment – and will help you get to that 100% commitment after you pay if this is one of the issues you tend to fall down on (ie sustaining focus, commitment) as appropriate to the program or event you’ve signed up for. There are NO REFUNDS… and this includes any digital assets you’ve purchased & have received if your ego-mind goes into resistance to the change you initially invoked by purchasing said digital product.  We are 100 % committed to your own deep commitment to gain everything you are meant to receive through this entire opportunity and guarantee to take an invincible stand for your enlightened success.

The TRUTH is that the only way that you become defeated is when you stop and allow the machinations of the mind to take over your life. When you invest fully from the beginning and stay committed, there is no way possible for anything but full benefit of your deepest commitment to become inevitable. We believe in your Infinite Power and Potential to make a deep difference in your own life, those you are here to uplift, and the world through Vibrationally UPgrading!!

Need help?

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