Reiki Level 1 Certification & Vibrational UPgrade™ Energy Medicine Training

Reiki Level 1 Certification & Vibrational UPgrade™ Energy Medicine Training

with Dr. Alison J Kay

*No class scheduled at this time



This training is for you if:

  • You simply desire to make a quantum leap, or breakthrough in your own spiritual awakening

  • You have always had an interest in learning Reiki for yourself and/or your loved ones AND you have never taken a class before with Alison or any other instructor

  • You have the desire to add Vibrational UPgrade™ Energy Medicine techniques into your existing practice AND you are already Certified in Reiki Level I, but want the experience of Alison’s complete training plus her vibrational attunements



 Reiki 1 Certification Curriculum

This a pure lineage, only 6 removed from Dr. Usui himself.  Therefore, the training is pure to Usui Reiki.

  • You will receive 4 HIGH vibration attunements that will permanently SHIFT your vibration, clearing out layers of density and activating you so you are more attuned to and can channel more light, on behalf of yourself (at Level 1) & Humanity.

  • You will learn the Sacred Reiki story through sacred transmission

  • You will learn the basic hand positions for Reiki 1 Self Treatment, with a manual for it all


Vibrational UPgrade™ Energy Medicine Curriculum

Beyond the Reiki training, you will receive instruction about:

  • The nature of subtle energy – what it is, where it is, how it moves, what it does

  • You will be trained to identify the various qualities of subtle energy, both in how you flow it and how it exists all around you, and within and from the cosmos

  • You will understand why subtle energy is called subtle and not tangible and how this affects your levels of vitality, well-being, clarity, peace & calm

  • You will gain a clearer understanding of the meaning of tantric practices

  • You will learn to understand and differentiate localized morphic fields, collective, cultural and universal

  • You will be taught the Yogic Secrets of Spiritual Awakening that counteract the West’s misunderstanding of the role of the pineal gland

  • You will learn ancient wisdom about how this energy is used for increased stamina, sexual drive, longevity, well-being, clarity and sense of unity

  • You will be given ancient, relatively unknown in the West teachings about the flows of chi or prana, including sacred Yogic (Indian & Tibetan) sages’ teachings and secret Ayurvedic practices of keeping the channels clear

  • You will gain a strong and fundamental understanding of how chakras play a central role in the mind, body, and spirit system as an organizational road map to the embodiment of enlightenment

  • You will be given guidance & instruction so you can clearly see, feel, and understand how subtle energy (chi, prana) flows throughout the chakras and along the meridians (Taoist) or nadis (Yogic)

  • You will come to know more Taoist Secrets of cultivating life force energy for vibrant wellness & spiritual openness

  • You will be given the Ayurvedic (Yogic) & Taoist (Ancient Chinese) secret eating principles for a raised vibration


You will receive a Reiki Level 1 Certificate, and a 10% membership discount with the

International Association of Reiki Professionals (IARP) at the end.




“I took a huge step out of my comfort zone this morning and reached out to a salon about bringing Reiki into the salon.  Just wanted to say thank you for being the new voice I hear in my head, when I am feeling self doubt I hear your voice and your positive mindset and I expand even more.”

-Joanna T./ New Port Richey, FL

“To My Beloved Mentor – I am so elated to be attending your Reiki Attunement/Vibrational UPgrade Energy Medicine training! The changes I’ve already experienced since I’ve been with you are more than I could’ve ever hoped for or imagined…and I know this is just the beginning! You are a GIFT to me!”

-B.G., St. Pete


“Dr. Kay really presents the chakra system & energy flows in a way that will make clear to you your life’s challenges – whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual – as they energy pattern it is & as it effects your physical, mental & emotional well-being.  This self-awareness and the tools and treatments she then offers to support the clearing of these energy patterns is simply awe inspiring.  Her work is excellent!” many telesummit & talk show radio hosts & their guests & Dr. Kay’s clients… AND: “I’ve been taking Chi Gong for years and I have never understood it until now, in this first session with you.  Thank you!” ~Harvey, Energy Healer, St. Pete



Workshop is held over 2 days

*No class scheduled at this time


& includes a minimum of 6 hours of instruction and 4 attunements, with time set aside for your Q & A about Spiritual Matters (HUGE!)



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Get information on Level II here >>


OM-Reiki-flyerDr. Alison J. Kay is taking her years of studying subtle energy in Asia – including becoming a Chi Gong teacher and an India trained Yoga Aliiance Registered Yoga & Meditation teacher – her 20+ years in the energy medicine/energy healing, holistic health, health & wellness industry (a Certified Personal Trainer w/a Specialist Certification in Fitness Nutrition), her many keynote and signature talks and media interviews, her authoring of the book What If There’s Nothing Wrong? and the wisdom gleaned from colleagues throughout these fields of consciousness and health & wellness during her 2 years hosting a hugely popular talk show, “Create Your Best Life EVER!” (i.e. Dr. Bruce Lipton) AND most importantly – the thousands of successful outcomes with her clients from around the globe! She has been compiling all of this wisdom into the new Vibrational UPgrade™ Energy Medicine, which you can purchase on, Vibrational UPgrade™ – A Conspiracy For Your Bliss; Easing Humanity’s Evolutionary Transition. Dr. Alison has continued to consistently and constantly UPgrade her own system, with ongoing trainings and energetic transmissions that continue to raise her vibration, and turn around and robustly share & support others’ upliftment during these most auspicious and intense times on planet earth – Humanity’s Awakening.