Reiki Level 2 Certification & Vibrational UPgrade System’s Energy Medicine Training


Reiki Level 2/VUPSEM Class with Dr. Alison J Kay

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This training is for you if:

  • You simply desire to make a quantum leap, or breakthrough with your own spiritual awakening

  • You have previously completed the prerequisite Reiki Level 1 class with Alison OR you are certified in Reiki at any Level (1, 2, or Master) with another instructor and have submitted the Level 2 Prerequisite Assessment Form

  • You are a Reiki Master yourself and you would like to receive a high vibrational edge and boost your practice & learn to incorporate the chakras into your sessions in a real, practical and effective way to realize greater outcomes for your clients.

NOTE:  CEU credits for massage therapists are available upon request, must be arranged with Alison prior to the training




 Reiki Level 2 Training Curriculum

This a pure lineage, only 6 removed from Dr. Usui himself.  Therefore, the training is pure to Usui Reiki.  In this class you will:

  • Receive 4 attunements that attune your crown chakra to be 75% increased in its opening and ability to call the ki, or “universal life force energy” to your system via your crown chakra, as if an antennae

  • You will learn the 3 core symbols of traditional, pure lineage, Usui Reiki

  • You will have the food, or nutrition, required for our times – energy, along with the infinite ability to grow this energy within your system

  • You will become equipped to bring down more light onto the planet to assist humanity

  • You will be able to treat others professionally, whereas Level I was focused on self-treatments

  • You will learn the first secret, sacred symbol that shows you how to direct energy to be increased in a specific location, as a current

  • You will learn how to both spot treat and do a full treatment for the mind-body-spirit trinity

  • You will learn the second secret, sacred symbol used for addressing mental and emotional issues specifically

  • You will learn with this symbol how to reprogram the subconscious from specific fears, i.e., “I am afraid of water.”

  • You will learn the third secret, sacred symbol that allows you to open up an etheric tube connection and send distant healing

  • You will be guided through sending a distant healing to someone whose picture you bring with you to the training

  • You will learn how to use one of these 3 symbols for protection, purification, clearing, cleansing and releasing attachments

  • You will learn how to use one of these 3 symbols for past, present and future karmic healing

  • You will learn how to use one of these 3 symbols for treating past life issues

  • You will learn how to use one of these 3 symbols for accessing the Akashic records, and what using the Akashic records gives you access to

  • You will learn ways to cleanse, charge, clear and program crystals

  • You will learn how to increase your sensing and your ability to read auras

  • You will learn how to “smooth” and “fluff” someone’s aura

  • You will learn how to “beam” energy

  • You will practice hand placement on others for mental/emotional treatment and a full treatment


Reading through just half of this list of what is taught during this exclusive training will give you an idea why people travel from around the world to work with & learn from Dr. Kay.  Her vast expansive knowledge coupled with the typical over-delivery is the main reason why so many have been asking her for this training as is what sets it apart from all others.


Vibrational UPgrade System’s Energy Medicine Training Curriculum

Above and beyond the Reiki Level 2 training, 4 attunements and certification that will allow you to professionally treat others and open up your own practice if you so desire, you will gain additional techniques and understandings from Alison’s own Vibrational UPgrade System’s Energy Medicine.

  • You’ll learn how to feel energy under your hands and how to increase the sensitivity in your hands to feel subtle energy

  • You will learn how to precisely sense where a client’s chakras are and how to sense if a chakra is open, closed, or balanced

  • You will learn the basic to intermediate levels of how energy flows in the body according to both Yogic and Taoist principles so you can cross reference while being given a clear distinction between the two philosophies

  • You will gain a clear understanding of what the chakras are and learn the domains of life each chakra covers

  • You will learn the typical issues clients have and are seeking help for, and then their correlation to which chakra

  • You will learn how to direct more ki, chi, prana or vital life force into each region of the body

  • You will learn the truest, purest interpretation of the chakra system’s correspondence to which body region

  • You will gain an experiential understanding of how the chakras are the intersections of the mind, body and spirit

  • You will be given ancient Yogic secrets about keeping the chakras clear

  • You will be given daily practices to cultivate your own ki from both the yogic and Taoist traditions

  • You will learn the different levels of gracefully addressing a client’s concerns

  • You will be shown the various methods there are of addressing a client’s concerns at the mental, spiritual and physical level

  • You will be presented health and vitality from a holistic perspective and begin to understand the whole body system

  • You will be presented with the beginning of an understanding of the way the mind and body communicate

  • You will learn how the chakra column corresponds to the mind-body system’s two main communication systems

  • You will be shown how to enhance the mind-body communications through the body’s two main communication systems, the endocrine and the central nervous system

  • You will learn how the ancient Yogic sages worked with the chakras for both physicalizing energy (manifesting current) and for spiritualizing matter (liberating current)


 “Alison, your teachings are so inspiring – your sense of humor is refreshing and your intuition is beyond this planet and the fact that I can sit at your feet to learn blows me away! Before we met, I felt there was ‘something’ blocked in me on my path to Self Realization…to knowing I AM. You are instrumental in me being filled with light, which is expelling the Darkness of past thought forms & perceptions. Wow! Thank you for being you!” –Brenda C. – St. Petersburg / Level 2 Student

If you are interested in beginning your own practice or dramatically up-leveling your training so you can offer a real edge of professionalism & client success, then REGISTER NOW



In addition to the over 8 hours of class instruction provided by Dr. Kay over the two days,

you’ll receive four powerful (4) vibrational attunements

You will also receive a BONUS of the ThetaHealing™ for the 3rd Eye and Crown Chakra MP3 download.

This 60 min. audio will serve to prepare you, elevating your intuition & connection to source prior to coming to class.


(MP3 BONUS: A $50 value included with your registration)



*Please take note of this pre-requisite PRIOR to registering

In addition to receiving a Level II Certificate, you will also receive a 10% membership discount to the International Association of Reiki Professionals (IARP) AND a 20% discount on Alison’s Chakra Attunement Audio Series


*NOTE:  You will be given a confirmation of your registration that you can take with you to class as proof of payment.  The bonus mp3 will be available immediately after your purchase.

Please read this Disclaimer fully before making any purchase



OM-Reiki-flyerDr. Alison J. Kay is taking her years of studying subtle energy in Asia – including becoming a Chi Gong teacher and an India trained Yoga Aliiance Registered Yoga & Meditation teacher – her 20+ years in the energy medicine/energy healing, holistic health, health & wellness industry (a Certified Personal Trainer w/a Specialist Certification in Fitness Nutrition), her many keynote and signature talks and media interviews, her authoring of the book What If There’s Nothing Wrong? and the wisdom gleaned from colleagues throughout these fields of consciousness and health & wellness during her 2 years hosting a hugely popular talk show, “Create Your Best Life EVER!” (i.e. Dr. Bruce Lipton) AND most importantly – the thousands of successful outcomes with her clients from around the globe! She has been compiling all of this wisdom into the new Vibrational UPgrade™ Energy Medicine, which you can purchase on, Vibrational UPgrade™ – A Conspiracy For Your Bliss; Easing Humanity’s Evolutionary Transition. Dr. Alison has continued to consistently and constantly UPgrade her own system, with ongoing trainings and energetic transmissions that continue to raise her vibration, and turn around and robustly share & support others’ upliftment during these most auspicious and intense times on planet earth – Humanity’s Awakening.



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