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Yoga, Meditation, Wellness and Magical Energy Medicine Activations

Half Day Training
Chalice Well Flower Essence

Energy Medicine Activations at the Chalice Well Gardens, well-head. This is where the Archangel Michael ley line is said to cross the Mother Mary ley line (meridians of the earth.) It is simply the single most peaceful place I have ever been, and I’ve traveled to most of the world’s sacred sites and power spots. The holy grail is said to be buried here, too, at the well head of the red spring, ‘red” because of the high iron content in this natural mineral, healing spring. There is an extremely yin, Goddess connected and pure energy in these gardens, where its brilliant line of flower essences are created. The founder of the Chalice Well Essence Society is excited to offer a half-day training for us – with essences for you to take with you, and initiate your clearing during your retreat – and later, once you’re home to continue the gains you make during your retreat.

Visiting More Sacred Sites & Activations & Movement

This is the Glastonbury Tor, which is the last remaining steeple from a church dedicated to Archangel Michael, and on the Archangel Michael ley line. The abbot of the Glastonbury Abbey was hung here, along with 2 others heads of the Abbey, when Henry VIII raided the Abbey for their money. Aside from these tragic events, the entire hill the Tor sits on is one big labyrinth, a real yang power spot, where you will receive activations.

Sacred Meditations, Yoga & Group Activations

One of the rooms at the Goddess Temple where your healing & meditations will take place. There will be group activations here, including one connecting you to the Goddess of Avalon and the energies of the sacred land here lead by a few local priestesses. Glastonbury is known as the land of King Arthur and Camelot, and where the start of Christianity and Celtic paganism met, which creates a most unique synergy more relevant today than ever before, unmatched anywhere else. Individual one one one energy medicine sessions may also be added on; massages and other treatments too. Also, restorative yoga will be offered, fit for any level to open up your system to make the most out of the electricity (for your central nervous system) and other benefits of this exquisite, sublime land, while aligning your mind, body and spirit through opening and balancing your chakra system.

Connecting With the Elementals

Connecting with the nymphs, fairies, dragons, unicorns, elfin and the elementals of this magical land through visiting Sacred Spots and conducting Magical Energy Medicine Activations there, in the Land of the Cetlic Goddesses, Mists of Avalon, King Arthur & the Holy Grail. You’ll be given the space & time after being given instruction on how to actually feel and communicate with the aliveness of the land yourself!

(This is what you see as you enter the village/High Street area)

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]This retreat, as well as the Ischia, Italy yoga & wellness retreat to the mineral spring baths that contain the first Roman baths as well as Europe’s biggest outdoor gardens and mineral baths for European’s mind, body and spirit rejuvenation and renewal, this magical retreat to Glastonbury is also designed to be included to the Vibrational UPgrade™ Mastermind 6 month program. There will be seats opened up for just the right folks who are meant to be on these retreats, beyond the Masterminders. Please add your name to this list and be among the first to help form the retreat, by entering your preferences in the short survey which follows.

This Glastonbury retreat is a life-changer, and those who are called to it, feeling that big YES!, please don’t hesitate to submit your name here. How does it get any better than this? What else is possible?[/text_block]

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