Vibrational UPgrade™ Certification

“The World’s Premiere Healer Certification”

Have you been wanting to start your own business using your healing capacities as an energy medicine practitioner & coach in applied mindfulness?

Have you been wanting to boost your fledgling healing business, and stabilize it to a steady income you can happily live from?

Have you been wondering how to use your own healing gifts to maximum effectiveness and doing so with ease and flow?

Have you been desiring an upgrade for your healing abilities?

Have you wanted to add a new modality to your list of certificates in the natural healing arts – but want this to be the last certification you’ll need before you finally have a successful energy medicine/healing business?

Have you seen that within your healing business the results you’re getting on behalf of your clients are falling short from what you want for them?

Another typical person to go through this training & certification is someone in the corporate or business setting in a different industry, looking to have an edge for their position or business, while uplifting the overall experience of their daily work. This does include raises at work due to Vibrational UPgrades you are receiving!!

Is that you?

I understand that many of you may have been in the closet for lifetimes hiding your incredible healing gifts. I have been guiding people out of that spiritual closet of shame and helping transmute, free up and transform that shame into their superpower.

Since the start of running energy medicine sessions, I have been asking for and being led to  the ways to speed up and to get the most robust results possible for my clients.This is in great part what is at the core of Vibrational UPgrade System’s Certification.

Let me paint you a bit of a picture, because this is the type of question I’ve asked when looking at if this master or teacher is the right one to escort my precious gifts to the next level, as you may be. It’s one of my earliest one on one sessions;  I only had my first energy medicine modality under my belt (of what were to be five, before gathering it all, along with my yoga & meditation teacher training in India, into VUP). My hands were over a client’s womb and solar plexus. She had already really been getting great results from her previous three or four of ten sessions thus far. We were both super pleased.

Yet, I found myself asking: “How I could get even better results for my clients?” I sensed there was a way to speed up one’s spiritual growth. From there, within a month, I was led to move to Asia, where I lived for a decade. And after returning to the States with all I’d gained from living and studying there – and working full time as a classroom teacher and administrator within the international school system, while continuing to run energy medicine sessions alongside that to both local Chinese and ex-pats – I left behind the classroom teaching and administration career, and took my energy medicine & holistic wellness business full time.

Five years on, I had seen and experienced SO much more, delivering thousands of one on ones by that point, and within humanity’s greatest spiritual awakening times, that we’re still in. I gained familiarity with what people were most typically looking for, while still viewing each person as an individual. I saw key patterns. And these key patterns have to be contextualized in the nature of these times. See, I was given an unexpected opportunity to explore the nature of these times, when Voice America asked me to have a radio show around the Mayan Galactic Alignment on 12/21/12.  Despite that I’d been doing nothing whatsoever around that within my business – save for taking VIP clients on trips to the Mayan ruins in the Yucatan which had by no means been made public – I intuitively got the yes to do this radio show for two and a half years.

It was key in helping me construe the nature of the times we’re living in, by interviewing many experts and specialists on this topic, eventually becoming one myself, on a cruise from Florida to Chichen Itza in Mexico, and receiving special ceremony & blessings with a Mayan shaman there on 12/21/12. It was such a big deal, there were TV channels there filming it. I heard later from many different people that they’d seen me on TV as far away as Poland! So this gave me the context within what I’d be operating within, as I Served others, with my energy medicine & holistic health & wellness business and mission. In fact, my mission incorporated this understanding of what an auspicious and intense 20 year window we’re in now.

So much so that, my publisher, knowing this about my work, insisted that “Easing Humanity’s Evolutionary Transition” became the subtitle of my 2nd book, Vibrational UPgrade: A Conspiracy For Your Bliss. That book, by the way, is given to you within the first week’s modules of the VUP Mastermind. So getting back to those key patterns I was seeing in people; increasingly these were especially for people who were inspired to get their own healing powers up and running in a prosperous energy medicine business, yet hadn’t been able to.

See, part of my mission has been and is to help Westerners see that if they were to understand their subtle energy system and how consciousness works in conjunction with Universal Laws and ancient wisdom that I saw folks live from while in Asia, well there would be a whole lot more thriving in the West.

The other part of my mission is to professionalize the field of energy medicine – and coaching, for that matter. So that it’s no longer tossed around as “energy work” and something that one is not “supposed to make a good living from,” or only offers to resistant relatives and loved ones. (Right? 🙂 ) And then when it comes to professionalizing coaching more, well that’s not as much about it not having more of a professional slant (ie ICF) yet if you look at my first mission statement above, that implies that intellectual coaching can only get one so far, no matter the techniques.

Vibrational UPgrade System is a combination of both my energy medicine background and my meditation & yoga teacher training in India & decades of teaching these both.

So are you ready to upgrade your skill set with this most potent energy medicine and create a prosperous career as a Vibrational UPgrade Practitioner?

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Hey there Game Changing Mavericks with Big Hearts to Serve, this is for you

Would you like to scale down, direct and target how much your big heart gives so that you really affect change, rather than just give and don’t see much change in your clients – or yourself? Or would you like to enhance the work you’re already doing, so that it’s not just “energy work” that you dabble with in trades, or do for your loved ones, or have one client so that it’s not ever become a tenable, profitable business?

The people who are called to become Vibrational UPgrade Practitioners are…

  • They’re looking for a new career path that’s heart based
  • They’re already doing “energy work” & don’t feel like they’re getting optimal results, and they want to work with a proven system that gets results
  • They’re likely really intelligent people who have used science as the way to explain the invisible, or subtle energies or the metaphysical, yet have as strong of a knowing about the existence of energy and its importance in life
  • They’re professionals or entrepreneurs in another industry who want to gain more of an edge & uplift their daily life there, including their income, opportunities, creativity and fulfillment

These are people just like you who have been seeking for a lifetime. They’ve done all the trainings and retreats and have read the books and they’re looking for something that actually works. But most energy medicine trainings out there I call “drive through” trainings – meaning they’re not done within the traditional knowledge from ancient wisdom of what causes a person to be able to effectively call down and work with universal life force energy – so that they don’t get the optimal results for their clients.

Instead, those programs are serving folks looking for a quick fix program to set them up to be able to go out there and do “energy work,” but without a sense of professionalism, nor attuning the people TO this vital life force energy so that it DOES show up on command, as you’ll be shown. This then translates into those more robust results for VUP Practitioners with their clients. Vibrational UPgrade system is a training in a system that gives you the information to feed your intellect that explains to you a very complex system in simple terms so that you know both the how and the why, so that it stays with you, and you’re a trained professional, anchored in the substance of what has been taught. 

Additionally, you’ll receive sacred attunements at the right calibration and the appropriate level and in the correct amount so that YOU receive the appropriate upgrade to then get out there and as YOU Serve, you also thrive, while getting better than average results on behalf of your clients. 

It is frequently said from these folks once they’ve been trained in VUP that this is THE MISSING PIECE that none of their other trainings had.

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The Vibrational Upgrade System is completely unique…
The Vibrational UPgrade System’s Certified Practitioner Training is THE only cutting edge certification that helps you help yourself and your clients to create permanent behavioral change. Additionally, you’re given a step by step “business in a box” that is proven, tested and successful, having already catalyzed breakthrough changes for tens of thousands of peoples’ lives across the planet. Literally. In fact, this entire training has come about at the urging of my students and clients who have personally experienced my instruction on the vast, seemingly mysterious realm of the invisible, intangible subtle energies – or chi, or consciousness – and claiming that they finally understand what they’ve been studying for years and/or decades. 

I am fast becoming known as the “teacher of teachers and practitioners” in this field.You won’t find this kind of in depth training anywhere else and the way I incorporate this intimate knowledge of the chakras is what sets this training as a cut above the rest. This program will provide you with THE MOST advanced vibrational attunements and practical techniques that translate into YOU having greater success in your practice and increasing your client’s positive outcomes as well. Other Reiki trainings will deliver the basics, but this VUP training elevates it to a whole new level – what many of my students consider “the holy grail”. 

VUP is WAY beyond Reiki. I say that, while being only 6 removed from the founder of all Reiki, Dr. Mikao Usui. In your training, you’ll actually see and receive the contracts with the signatures of the first and second people after Dr. Usui himself, in both Japan and Hawaii. This lineage is that pure and that direct. And you can use that within your own marketing, again, giving you even more of an edge and earning even more credibility and trust. As a student of this program, you will receive personalized, clear instruction as Dr. Alison is also a trained classroom teacher (and department chair for 12 years.) It’s all delivered according to the way each student learns best.

That’s really, really important, that last sentence. Folks who are intuitive, especially adults, have frequently not been understood in the classroom, with their learning style. I’ve seen so many people get freed up finally from shame inherited from not being

understood when a student. Yet just as frequently I’ve had students within the VUP trainings who were superstars within the classroom, really smart, strong students and used to succeeding when learning.

Whatever your experience as a student, you are likely someone who does what your heart tells you and you tend to be either rebellious or submissive to a point where you’re here, looking to turn that passive behavior into your wild nature. So to honor each of who you inherently are, I can’t teach the same nor talk the same for everyone. And I am keenly aware of that when working with each & every person. This makes a rather vast difference in your comprehension, hence many folks saying they finally understand something that they’ve been searching their whole lives to. No exaggeration: I’ve heard that over and over again. 

And that’s key, especially when dealing with the mystical and applying it into daily life. But then it goes beyond that, to the vast divergent legs of my background and trainings/certifications, that I’ve also heard many Masterminders say they don’t want to stop working with me because they simply can’t find someone else who can speak to all that I can, with expertise not guesswork. Meaning, (to name a few) nutrition, tonic herbalism, diet, weight-loss to clearing karma and sexual abuse, to the balancing of the divine masculine and divine feminine, to coming out of spiritual warriorship and lightworkership to Serving the light with much more grace and ease, to money blockages, marketing strategies and business development and growth, to profit margin, to how to deal with your client’s anxiety or the reaction under your hands from the energy during a session.

This method of teaching makes a big difference, and is one of the most frequently expressed forms of gratitude that my students share with me as seen in the testimonials below and all over my  website and throughout the emails you receive. Often students convey that they finally understand something they’ve been studying for years due to the way I am breaking down the advanced topics into manageable chunks. 

I pace my students based on what they’re able to receive as I am continually assessing your comprehension, while continuing to lead them forward in a way that is not obvious to them. Yet they get there. So they end up with an overall experience that builds from the basics into the advanced, which are clearly understood by the end of each training level. I also hear quite frequently that while something or some other teacher opened them up to living from beyond their conditioning (ie, the beloved LOA) they’ve actually learned “the how” from me.

The ultimate goal is to launch well-trained professionals, who know they are more than capable from the tools they’ve been given throughout their training.

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Why become a VUP Practitioner?

I’ve found that even within myself, learning how to live with my light & power consistently on the increase requires for me to progressively shift into increasing allowance for the light to merge with my light. And I can perceive that by doing this, I’ve also increased my allowance for the field of unlimited possibilities to completely blanket my life. This then feeds into where I – and now possibly you – make your choices from. 

That’s what learning how to be in your power and act as a bridge between heaven and earth is all about now. So I’m leading others to and through more nuanced clearing of where they’re still saying no. This resistance is out of fear of  power, your power, the light and having access to it. It’s an awesome power and people typically shrink back from it–especially when it’s personalized into the small ego minded power…where your mind tells you, “This is about me.”

When it is not…in fact doing this work at this level with me helps to clear out  – even acts as THE final clearing house if you work with me long enough – for that small me, ego mind identity level of a person to where you can really live the meaning of the word yoga, to yolk with the Divine…where your will…your small me will…i.e., “I want pizza now,” when your body really desires a piece of fresh fish or clean eggs, is no longer really present as much. 

Instead, what replaces it is a mind that’s on board with enough awakened consciousness circulating throughout your system and less self-sabotaging, lower vibratory “back of the house” unconscious and subconscious blockages, that then you’re fully

aligned with what’s in your highest and best as well as what’s for the planet’s and humanity’s collective greatest good. That can show up, in this example, as “what does my body want now to feed my overall system for its highest thriving so I can be all I’m here to be?” to serve the planet. 

That Service can take place in making healthy, clean food for others all the way to learning how to work with the light and consciousness to help others shift as you have, similar to the work I do within my mission that Vibrational UPgrade System encompasses. This combination of energy medicine – i.e. hands on or remote 1 on 1 sessions, clearings and activations – along with what I’ve come to call “applied mindfulness” from my yoga & meditation background – i.e. that redirect to new choices made with more consciousness – is unique. And this uniqueness is the answer to my question, “How do I get the most robust results for my clients” along with “How do I/we become the most thriving, happiest, healthiest versions of ourselves?” and what you will receive in your Vibrational UPgrade System Certification. 

So as you can see, it’s WAY far beyond “energy healing” for sickness or suffering. It does encompass that, but for me, I just consider that the most base way of applying understanding of subtle energy & consciousness. That’s the beginner’s level…which is included here, all the way up to living out and up to our latent potential. Current VUP Practitioners have consistently shown me is that you will have a cheerleader who also just happens to be able to “make stuff happen” from a high mastery level on your side. You will have this Great Love for you, this vast field of deep compassion guiding you, supporting you and nurturing you, on your side all the way through this massive shift VUP Practitioner training is at the Mastermind level. 

Yet I can’t end it here, because I have some recent Magic, Manifestation and Money Flow near graduates who I’ve had calls with about coming into the Mastermind and VUP Practitioner Training, expressing that I do this at the Magic, Manifestation and Money Flow level too in such a deeply caring way that it has driven many to tears. I tend to be quite humble and retreat from any seeming exaggeration of over-statement so that what I say is actually true, yet my Guidance here now is to include this very essential aspect to receiving these trainings under what one VUP Practitioner said of me, “it’s really like learning and sitting at the feet of a Master.

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What You’ll Receive:

  • You’ll be able to give yourself and others energy medicine healing treatments for the rest of your life
  • You have the ability to develop a new career or professionalize it if you’re already in this field
  • You can enhance the current career you have, with this understanding that will compliment any western trained therapist or any field engaged in helping others
  • Because this will be the only training you’ll ever need, as it’ll fill in those missing pieces that all your other trainings and certifications have not had, as your VUP training will cement all of it together for you (finally!) of how this all works
  • You’ll increase your light body
  • You’ll be able to uplift any environment you walk into, creating more heart-centric, harmonious situations (1 of the key meanings behind my business/mission’s name & intention behind my doing this work this way)
  • You will be attuned to the New Earth (5D), new Golden Era and be grounding in these frequencies to help usher this all with more grace & ease for all
  • Your soul is permanently upleveled, these massive shifts from the special, secret, sacred attunements sustain over lifetimes
  • You have “antennae” activated above your head – crown chakra – that permanently calls down the light to find you and focus the light in a steady flow on you 
  • This flow is always able to increase the more you’re giving treatments, whether to yourself or others
  • You are given sacred, secret, ancient symbols that then help you direct the light where to go
  • You’re given another sacred symbol that allows you to open an etheric tube so you can send remote sessions superseding the time/space continuum
  • You’re set up to be able to then know step by step all that’s required for you to step right into giving others treatments – whether in person or remote
  • You’re given the VUP clearing statement that then empowers further in you another sacred symbol you’re given to clear out emotional and mental trauma
Discover How
  • You’re taught first about how energy flows work, then how they flow in you and your clients
  • You’re shown what causes blocks
  • You’re shown how to remove blocks, no matter the level of consciousness these reside in, in more than one way
  • You’re given a business in a box, where you are provided marketing blurbs, marketing strategies
  • You’re given the opportunity to join an international professional organization from which you can access studies published about how this subtle energy has changed what issues – including mental, physical, emotional, and beyond 
  • You’re given access to an international professional organization – with a discount – that gives you more credibility as an energy medicine professional
  • You’re shown what chakras are and what they’re responsible for, so when your clients show up with these issues, you’re able to understand from the entire spectrum of possible blocks, which chakra it correlates to
  • You’re then shown how to clear these issues
  • You’re taught about how light and energy work
  • You’re removed from the position of having to know fully what to do for your clients, due to what you’re shown about how the light and energy has an intelligence of its own
  • You’re given additional clearings, activations and trainings on how to Surrender increasingly to the light and allow the light to do what it does best, while not just removing yourself out of the way, but activating the part of you who can successfully facilitate a healing
  • You’re shown how to assist a client with not developing co-dependency on you, instead you’re given the tools and training to both use the VUP clearing and activation statement (Vibrational Upgrade…) while coaching your client into applied mindfulness, after clearing specific blocks

The Levels and Retreats

The First Level

The first retreat is when you are at the first level getting attuned to your first four attunements and you have your first taste of Glastonbury. You’re just starting to get your feet on the sacred ground of the heart chakra of the planet. You are just starting with having an increase of light in your system so that your arms and hands are attuned to be able to put your own hands on yourself with increased power and healing capacities as you are also given cumulatively the experience to get you increasingly in your body. Then, due to all of the previous clearing work you’ve already done via the Magic, Manifestation and Money Flow program’s three months and then whatever you’ve already gotten to in the Mastermind program up to the point of the timing of you being on your first retreat, you’re also able to be quantum leaped, after a day of integration.

NOTE: Students of mine prior to my creating VUP System, used to have to wait at least 3 months between these levels ONLY IF they were a regular weekly or bi-weekly client of mine. If they were not, they had to wait at least 6 months. 

I had to wait a year between levels. That is because the upgrade, the infusion of light is so vast up into level II, that I don’t want to fry your circuitry, nor send you into a kundalini crisis. 

YET because you’ve already been actively working on clearing out old densities while receiving activations, your system IS able to handle the leap up into Level II, where you’re now taught how to treat others in 1 on 1 sessions both locally and distant, and how to clear blocks at a group workshop level, and given the sacred symbols that help you connect in with, draw down and flow vital life force energy on behalf of yourself (level I) and then others (level II).  

So you leave this first retreat with the capacity to earn money a month out from your departure, as appropriate and in accordance with what you have to do as follow up for the 21 days afterwards (self-treatments from level I, before being given the “OK” by me to now step out with your level II training and begin to work and Serve others. Also at this level you are taken, for the first time, outside of Glastonbury on your last day. Ten miles outside, yet we’re still on the Archangel Michael’s ley line. And it’s one of my favorite places! Levels I and II are basically working with the Glastonbury energies of the heart Chakra of the planet and it’s sacred, phenomenal sites and land. Ultimately, you will become even more connected to the field of unlimited possibilities.

The Master Level

Second retreat you come back to Glastonbury and this now becomes about stepping into being able to “handle” the label of Master in a spiritual sense, and what I’ve seen that catalyze in everyone I’ve ever attuned. The Master Level attunements, ancient wisdom, secrets and sites we go to, and what you’ll be learning causes you to become more masterful in your own body within your own subtle energy system, consciousness and intuitive capacities. Reading your own feelings or inner GPS or source of wisdom. Hearing your own heart express through intuitive guidance through exhilaration and upliftment. Having more mastery over this and allowing more light to come through so that you can guide others and even attune others ensues. Typically we go to your first stone circle experience, the second biggest stone circle in England, whereas the stone circle we go to at the Dragon Master level is the biggest stone circle in all of Europe & UK. You will become even more connected to the field of unlimited possibilities than you were at levels I & II.

The Dragon Master Level

At the Dragon Master level, you are expected by now to have become increasingly embodied, so that your relationship with your sacral’s sacred wisdom becomes accessible. Yes that’s beyond the clairsentience of the solar plexus, which is cleared, trained, attuned and shaped including the strong capacity to have appropriate boundaries, within the first two levels, as you step out to in fact, be able to assist others with these upleveled skills and the knowledge and wisdom and attunements to be able to.

So at the Dragon Master level this is really where things get juicy! And this is pure Vibrational UPgrade – pure me. What I’ve seen occur at this level – with my intention behind it – is to shift you out of dealing with the old version of you and on into stealth like self-mastery over your ego-mind, energy field, so that you can not only perceive subtler levels of information, but absolutely so you can step out and command energy at this higher level.  So this goes beyond working on yourself (level I), beyond working on others’ individual (level II), beyond teaching others how to do this (Master level).

What you are then being given are tools and skills to be able to incorporate divination when out on the land with the sacred sites. The intention here and the way you’ll have this element of the training shaped for you is to increase your embodied intuitive understanding and your capacities to receive & perceive it. We are no longer dealing with the head. We’ve long surpassed the ego mind and the thinking that I have all my intuitive guidance in my third eye. This is learning how to be led by the energy and follow the energy. Which will come back to uplift  & empower further your hands-on/remote 1 on 1 sessions. 

So you’ve moved beyond how to be led by the energy and follow the energy within a person’s own ley line or meridians or nadis within their chakras and subtle energy system now to the earth’s own chakras and meridian system. This is where you begin to learn about the distribution of energy from sacred sites and stone circles and how to work with it and clear it for both the earth & humanity, at the collective level. You will become even more connected to the field of unlimited possibilities than you got to at the Master level.

The Grand Dragon Master Level

At the Grand Dragon Master level, the knowledge of the dragons is taken much more in depth. We stop just short of spells so that your manifestation capacities blast forward, from that increasingly emanating heart of yours, aligned with the light. Your whole system in fact is upleveled to such a degree that your alignment, your being in the flow, is an outcome of this level. Historical use of dragons, how they were used in China, how they were used in the UK (this includes Norse, or Viking) and how they were used by the alchemists. 

And there’s alchemy. Also, you’ll have increasing capacities for tuning more into the even sublter energies & dimensions. Additionally, you’ll be not only learning to more successfully & consistently tune into the elementals, but you’ll be attuned to do so, as well, you’ll learn more about Tree Wisdom & Tree Medicine (the word “Celtic” means Tree wisdom). You’ll also gain another ancient tool of divination at this level. You will become even more connected to the field of unlimited possibilities than you were at the Dragon Master level. 

Dr. Alison J. Kay is an Award Winning, #1 International Best Selling Author in addition to being a Master Mind-Body Energy Medicine practitioner for more than twenty years. She started young, yes! As in seeing she could hypnotize her girlfriends at a sleep-over at age 12, (yes! 🙂 )  learned about superfoods at age 18 (and has been using them ever since), reading the I Ching at 20, learning to meditate at 21, becoming a vegetarian at 23, 

A world-traveler who was also both a teacher and administrator within The International School System in Asia for ten years, she intensively studied ancient practices that work with subtle energies & holistic health practices while there. Before, during, and currently, she facilitates outrageously rewarding energy medicine sessions for clients worldwide – which has earned her the nickname “lightning bolt” due to the voltage behind her vibrations that she then uses on behalf of her clients.She is the founder of the Vibrational UPgrade System and her more than twenty years of experience includes working in and teaching yoga, meditation, chi gong, energy medicine, mind-body fitness, longevity and holistic health with a specialized focus on the chakra system.

Dr. Alison is considered one of the leading experts on using the chakra system as the road map for thriving in mind body and spirit, while applied in a unique way. In 2012 she authored her award-winning book What If There’s Nothing Wrong? and in 2016 released her #1 International Best Selling book Vibrational UPgrade – A Conspiracy for Your Bliss; Easing Humanity’s Evolutionary Transition, in 2019 she released her much beloved – and again, a #1 International Best Seller – Reasonable Dragons: How to Activate the Field of Unlimited Possibilities where Logical Magic is the New Normal also in audio (which people rave about!), and then in January of 2021, another #1 International Best Seller, The Dragon Master Creatrix: Conversations With a Female Spiritual Teacher For These New Times. These are among the many products that she offers on her website. Others are a variety of clearings & activations to support folks shifting in specific areas of their lives. She’s also been interviewed hundreds – getting close to a thousand – of times, many of these are available both on her website and her YouTube Channel.

Throughout her life, Dr. Alison has been seeking ancient wisdom on the use of power through subtle energy practices.  Part of this obviously includes that decade she lived and worked at an international school in Asia. Dr. Alison chose the international school in Asia over job offers on other continents in order to thoroughly immerse herself in the Asian cultures’ ancient wisdom that they still use in their daily lives, particularly about subtle energy and consciousness and holistic health.  

So on a daily basis Alison studied the practices that induce longevity, including various health practices like TCM (traditional Chinese medicine), Chinese, Thai, Balinese & Native American herbalism, food as medicine, acupuncture, reflexology, chi gong, meditation, tai chi, yoga and Ayurveda (Indian traditional medicine) along with their holistic treatments (panchakarma) and their herbalism. She does not stop short of living a life that thrives, is joyfully exuberant and beyond “healthy” and “happy.”

She has written the four award winning, #1 international best-selling books thus far as a result of what she learned. Specifically, What if There’s Nothing Wrong? started as her dissertation for her Phd while in her last year in Taiwan, written after work and on the weekends in a traditional tea house that remained open until 6am. That was a great help, lol! She is also a contributing author in 3 other books, 2 of which are international #1 best-sellers. Her writing and teaching overall is geared for Americans’ (and Westerners in general) giving them her eyes and her experience so they can see for themselves there are other options out there so that we can see what else is possible to live a life in which we’re thriving.  This was a question she asked during her first major in her bachelors, psychology, how can we best live a thriving life full of joy and possibilities? When she found it wasn’t answered there, she switched majors and has been continuing to ask that question from a holistic perspective since age 19.

Interestingly, Dr. Alison’s departure from the states for this decade long journey (the third time she has lived outside the country for an extended amount of time as an adult) began two months prior to 9/11 watching it unfold from within the international community of expats in Asia, on through two years into Obama’s second administration.  It proved to be very interesting timing to have been “removed” from domestic living and which the insights she acquired she uses in her practice to benefit her clients. This includes having returned from Asia having increased her net cash income by 60% while the markets had crashed. So once she returned to the States and set out to help folks with holistic health, longevity and their spiritual path, instead she became incredibly proficient at clearing money blocks and activating prosperity consciousness, as a result of what the folks she was in front of to Serve, required – and could receive.

Dr. Alison’s clients and students span the globe.  She has sought to help affirm the positive and beauty in this world, especially when they have been struggling with all the negativity we have in our reality now, as we go through what is considered our greatest evolutionary leap, 2012-2032.  She has a particularly unique ability to cause  people to feel safe almost instantly with her, and with this trust the process of opening up to one’s highest potential then begins. The journey can go through physical ailments, mental turmoil, emotional pain, spiritual seeking and typically does touch each of these levels as the healing is holistic. The outcome is that people remember how to relax, feel safe, and expand into peace and bliss – so they feel like they have come home.

Here’s what your online/live hybrid certification includes:

Training in our proven Vibration Upgrade System:

    One curated in person retreat (per level) located in a key power spot on our planet, taken to multitude of sacred sites that help to charge up your system 
  • Specially designed quizzes from a master educator to further your understanding after the training 
  • Clearings & activations done to increase your confidence to step up & out more
  • Exclusive access to over 100 hours of comprehensive training in energy medicine, permanent behavioral change and business building
  • Training manuals full of templates, scripts, diagrams and charts for your handy reference
  • Your choice of your own printed certificate or High Vibe Golden Certificate

Marketing and Business Building Training on:  

  • Exact instructions on how to structure and deliver paid workshops
  • How to launch your business and attract your first clients
  • How to package your services and best practices for pricing them
  • Consistently in real time answering your practical questions as you step out and launch your business
  • How to deliver energy medicine for your clients with a pure, clear, direct connection that delivers clear, pristine light
  • How I’ve built a successful 6 figure business doing exactly this, and I show you how to begin, giving you all the tools so you can, i.e. “business in a box.”

You’ll Also Receive: 

  • Pre-written marketing copy for you to use on your website, in your brochures & biz cards
  • Sample session package offerings and pricing
  • Access to the VUP Practitioner training portal – full of marketing & business training pdf’s, webinars, etc.
  • You get use of VUP’s specially designed branded logo for VUP Practitioners 
  • Detailed coaching on how to market, including specific marketing blurbs you can use to promote your business

  Personalized Coaching and Support

  • Bi-weekly video group calls with Dr. Alison to answer all your questions
  • Sacred Attunements, 4 at each level. Each attunement is equal to 8 one on one sessions’ worth of light & energy.
  • Individualized clearings & activations that support you in moving beyond those old, ego-mnd storylines around fear of stepping out, speaking publicly, and doing this high level spiritual work on behalf of others’ becoming more free
  • 3 one on one, 90 minute sessions, timed for when you show you most need it, involving both individualized, personalized coaching for where you’re at both personally and with your business development as well as Dr. Alison’s “gold-standard” energy medicine session for you & your system, with in-depth, detailed notes on what is found and what support is done within your subtle energy system and consciousness, along with the recording of the call part of your session

Highly Engaged Online Supportive Community Where You Belong:

  • Tap into the vibration of a group of talented practitioners from level 1 to Dragon Master Level who can support and model success to you
  • Post your wins, your challenges and burning questions


Never feel alone on your journey of becoming certified and building your new business. Because you’re going to be shifted as well as you go through this process.

Discover How

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What if I can’t make one of the classes?

Answer: They’re all recorded, so no worries.

Question: What if the dates for the in person retreats don’t work for me?

Answer: They’re timed for every May and every October, so you’ll know that general time frame as you join, and I do my best to work with your needs – but you need to attend, this is mandatory.

Question: What if I don’t have the money right now - how can I pay for this program?

Answer: What we’ve seen people do is borrow from an individual, take out a loan, use PayPal credit, apply to a financing company, get an angel investor, get a new credit line, take out of their 401(k)’s or retirement or savings. We can go through possible resources with you, so that if you’re serious about creating a new business, or adding an additional revenue stream, or switching careers, please know that you’re building a revenue stream from which I’ll help you establish the business to pay it back. And that this is professional development, so you can speak to your accountant about this being a write-off for your taxes, as you’re investing in yourself.


“She leads you on an intimate and magical path of adventure, and perfectly combines this with practitioner trainings, healings, energetic uplevels and personal integration time. I absolutely cherish the quality time I had with Alison at this magical site.”

Lana Horning

VUP Dragon Master Practitioner, Ontario, Canada

“I had, like many people, been searching for the right person who could help me learn about energy, to help me develop a stronger intuitive guidance system, to help me tame my rational monkey mind, so that I could tap into what else is possible. I could not even really articulate what I needed, but Alison knew.”

“Overall, there was nothing really wrong with my life, but something was missing. I wanted to tap into the magic that I had experienced occasionally, but not consistently.  I had been involved in other programs, including Mindvalley, but nothing worked – there was no one who available to actually work with me, who instinctively knew what would best help me, who knew what needed to be cleared on my behalf and how to do it quickly, so I could really live a more inspired, connected life…”

“I wanted to weave my love of creating, of travel, crystals, esoteric tools and studies into a way to lead a more inspired, creative, grounded and joyful life.”

Until I met Alison. In my first experience with her, I immediately felt her energy and how it shot like a lightning bolt from my crown to my feet. Never had I felt that before. Many haven’t either… but those who work with her all attest to how powerful she is.  So while being in her programs: Magic, Manifestation and Money Flow and Mastermind, and becoming certified as a Vibrational UPgrade practitioner, my initial goals were met quickly, but it just keeps getting better and better. My life is richer, more magical, and more fun than I ever imagined was possible.”

Claire Boggs

VUP Grand Dragon Master Practitioner, Florida, USA

A Final Message From

Dr. Alison J. Kay

The universe is asking you to step into your gifts. If you’re called here to step up and into this work….I Know you’re advanced enough to KNOW that. One really key thing to mention that deserves its own section here is that this training includes the ability to address and even clear karma. This is a HUGE, high level skill, one for which I spent tens of thousands of dollars and years to learn. 

And I made choices to move my life to the other side of the planet and live and study for a decade, while personally experiencing clearing karma while there. Nearly all energy “healing” certification tracks out there leave karma far behind. Especially those developed by Westerners. And this capacity to help your clients address and clear their karma – that’s only ⅙ of the power you’re being given to clear blockages from other sources (i.e. conditioning, imprints, trauma, and more…) using the VUP Clearing Statement.

Yet, you’re even given an ancient power symbol attuned to help clear karma to further impact your capacities to Serve your clients with this most persnickety form of blockages. And this ancient symbol is that much more activated FOR you, as a VUP Practitioner, due to my own personal focus on karma clearing. This is also input into your attunements. Karma clearing is no small matter. 

You are taught how to deal with this, while Serving both yourself and gracefully walking your clients through the vast release that karma clearing is.

The bottom line is that these retreats with me are just SO FUN!

Not only that, but as many of my Masterminders say, “That was SO fun!” about the group program calls, their live events with me..not just the retreats because I have a deep Understanding of this is all is much better approached from the perspective of playfulness and fun. Plus, I demand that I have that in my daily life. It’s central! When I am asked what juices me, what we do on these retreats is my response. 

LOVE turning people onto these sacred sites, stone circles, stone avenues, and megaliths, overall. I’ve actually been told by a Glastonbury, UK local shaman and tour guide there who I bring in to work with my students there to ground in the divine masculine for one morning or one afternoon (vision quests and Rune readings are a part of these, as you move up in the levels) that I am a guardian of the land there, due to this special connection I have with Glastonbury and the sacred sites and megaliths around there. The connection I have to the land there in Glastonbury is unique, particularly at the Chalice Well, a World Heritage Site. 

It’s divinely inspired & magical. You’ll see, if you go with me! So much so that I share the deeply personal story with all first time participants on their first retreat, with the Chalice Well being the first sacred site we visit together where I invoke this special connection and the blessings of the well for each individual. This sacred spring is an eternal flowing, natural healing spring people have been pilgrimaging to for centuries starting back even before the Celtic culture. And it also ends up being many of my students’ favorite place of all the places we go to, as well.

In short, my first time at the Chalice Well, when I walked up to the well head and sat down at the bench there, when I looked down in between my legs, my initials were carved on the bench! Right there. In between my legs. My very initials. Right where I sat. No joke! I have pictures of this. I am still in awe of this today. Each time I first return to the well after being back in the States between retreats, the well welcomes me back in a special way that makes me giggle and feel so loved each time. 

It is a palpable connection and magic that my students each feel, as I share the full story around my first time at the well; this beloved site that I find THE most peaceful sacred site of all the ones I’ve adventured to across the planet. The joy I have here – well it’s always better shared, right? Especially when shared with others who can appreciate it and are looking for that type of magic in their lives. So did you know I’ve actually been a tour guide for Disney? HA! I have been! I drove a double decker bus – it’s actually where I learned to drive standard – around Epcot. 

Funny stories around that, I tell you. One where Goofy went to jokingly stuff me in the garbage bin when in front of guests, due to my having stalled the double decker bus as we pulled up in front of them, my driving this double decker bus, filled with all the major characters dressed in full costumes full of layers that keep them really hot, on a slight hill, my first time driving all the costumed characters in the August Florida heat (I was still living up in Massachusetts in sophomore year of university) out “on stage.” Lol.

Did you know I was the only intern & trained Naturalist Interpreter for the local Audubon Society? This is where I lead boat tours out to a bird nesting island in Tampa Bay in a special boat for shallow waters whose motor had a sound dolphins loved and that made them come up and play with us as I narrated the tour in the microphone for the guests. After that, I started my own business as I was finishing my masters, that incorporated both the animal medicine wisdom I’d learned from working within Native American medicine wheel communities in my early twenties, with this Audubon Naturalist Interpretation training. 

I took people on kayak and canoe treks on the local fresh waterways in Florida, combining both these tour guide skills. For the past few years, I have been training and learning increasingly, the depth of revolution the field of archeology is going through, due to the emerging discoveries and studies around megalithic sites around the world. This includes training as a British professionally certified dowser, amongst other trainings. I then share that with you as we go out to these megalithic sites, increasingly, as you continue on up to and through the Dragon Master and Grand Dragon Master levels.

Overall, what you experience from the combination of the online, distant supportive container of the VUP Mastermind program and VUP Practitioner Training and these sacred retreats in the heart chakra of the planet where many ley lines all intersect,  you create self-mastery of the manifestation process and learn to turn energy into matter (or de-materialize matter). Notice that the prerequisite to this exciting path is the Magic, Manifestation and Money Flow Program.

Certification in Vibrational UPgrade System™ sets you up to help others and serve the collective, using this potent, proprietary Vibrational UPgrade System™. To Serve humanity and mother earth during these most auspicious yet intense Awakening Times, 2012-2032. Yet now is the building phase of the new. It is a RIPE time for you to step forward in this most sacred way on this path. My life’s work and mission culminates in this Certification & on these retreats.