Vibrational UPgrade™

Retreats, VUP Training and Certifications

Retreats with Dr. Alison J. Kay

This is where you create self-mastery of the manifestation process and learn to turn energy into matter (or de-materialize matter).

This mastery leads to the opportunity to get certified on Dr. Alison’s magical HIGH VIBE retreats to sacred sites, megolithics (ie stone circles, dolmens, stone avenues). Certification in Vibrational UPgrade System™ sets you up to help others and serve the collective, using this potent, proprietary Vibrational UPgrade System™.

The spiritual retreat of a lifetime…it felt so light and tuned-in to the land, energy and history, as if I was in another dimension. She leads you on an intimate and magical path of adventure, and perfectly combines this with practitioner trainings, healings, energetic uplevels and personal integration time.
I absolutely cherish the quality time I had with Alison at this magical site. Her delightful joi de vivre, sense of humor, loving, caring heart and devotion to my healing and growth, combined with her strong laser-like intuition and intellectual knowledge of the Goddess energy and history of these sacred sites are priceless. I’ve been there three times (every time is different and as incredible as the previous trip) and can’t wait to travel there with her again.

-Lana Horning, Ontario, Canada

To be on retreat with Alison is like opening a magic box of experiences, knowledge, attunements, fun, giggles, deep emotions, beautiful land, beautiful people. Even if I have not yet been to Glastonbury, she made us all feel the vibes of the land through photos, anecdotes, tours guided by locals. My favorites are the visits of the Goddess house and ancient stones of the stone circles.
It’s a wonderful sacred and magical time of inner growth within a magical and lovely group and a passionate and spot-on Mama Bear Alison, as always. o be inducted and initiated into being able to give energy treatments is among the greatest gifts that I experienced in my life!  Much gratitude for taking me on that path

-Claudia, Germany

I had, like many people, been searching for the right person who could help me learn about energy, to help me develop a stronger intuitive guidance system, to help me tame my rational monkey mind, so that I could tap into what else is possible. I could not even really articulate what I needed, but Alison knew. I wanted to weave my love of creating, of travel, crystals, esoteric tools and studies into a way to lead a more inspired, creative, grounded and joyful life. Overall, there was nothing really wrong with my life, but something was missing. I wanted to tap into the magic that I had experienced occasionally, but not consistently.  I had been involved in other programs, including Mindvalley, but nothing worked – there was no one who available to actually work with me, who instinctively knew what would best help me, who knew what needed to be cleared on my behalf and how to do it quickly, so I could really live a more inspired, connected life…Until I met Alison. In my first experience with her, I immediately felt her energy and how it shot like a lightning bolt from my crown to my feet. Never had I felt that before. Many haven’t either… but those who work with her all attest to how powerful she is.  So while being in her programs: Magic, Manifestation and Money Flow and Mastermind, and becoming certified as a Vibrational UPgrade practitioner, my initial goals were met quickly, but it just keeps getting better and better. My life is richer, more magical, and more fun than I ever imagined was possible. 

-Claire Boggs, Vibrational UPgrade System Dragon Master

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The Levels and Retreats

The First Level

The first retreat where you are at the first level getting attuned to your first four attunements and you
have your first taste of Glastonbury. You’re just starting to get your feet on the sacred ground of the
heart chakra of the planet. You are just starting with having an increase of light in your system so that
your arms and hands are attuned to be able to put your own hands on yourself with increased power
and healing capacities as you are also given cumulatively the experience to get you increasingly in your
body. At that level, you are taken, for the first time outside of Glastonbury. Ten miles
outside, still on the Archangel Michael’s ley line to Burrow Mump. Levels one and two are basically
working with the Glastonbury energies of the heart Chakra of the planet.

The Master Level

Second retreat you come back and this is about Master level. The Master Level learning how to become more
masterful in your own body within your own system. Reading your own feelings or inner GPS or source
of wisdom. Hearing your own heart express through intuitive guidance through exhilaration and
upliftment. Having more mastery over this and allowing more light to come through so that you can guide others and even attune others. Typically we go to Stanton Drew to your first stone circle experience. Stanton Drew is the second biggest stone circle in England, whereas Avebury is the biggest stone circle in all of Europe.

The Dragon Master Level

At the Dragon Master level, what you are then being asked of your system to be able to do is
incorporate the dowsing rods as a tool of divination. That are held by your body so that it’s an
embodied intuitive understanding. We are no longer dealing with the head. We’ve long surpassed the
ego mind and the thinking that I have all my intuitive guidance in my third eye. Learning how to be led by the energy and follow the energy. Which will come back on your hands-on sessions. How to be led by the energy and follow the energy within a person’s own ley line or meridians or nadis with their Chakras.

The Grand Dragon Master Level

At the Grand Dragon Master level, the knowledge of the dragons is taken much more in depth. Where we
stop short of spells. We could have gone into talking about what dragons to invoke for what spells, that
was not aligned with the light. There is historical use of dragons, how they were used in China, dragons
how they were used in the UK and dragons how they were used by the alchemist. And there’s alchemy.
There is so much around that that Dr. Alison J. Kay could go into at the Grand Dragon Master level.

What Makes This Certification Program Different From Traditional Reiki Trainings?

There are several key factors that make her program stand out.  First and foremost is the immeasurable benefit you receive from being trained by Dr. Kay herself who spent 10 years directly studying the subtle energies from the masters in Asia, Thailand and Taiwan.  She then returned to the States where she resumed her own successful practice of nearly 20 years with thousands of clients from around the world.

Second, it’s the unique, in depth, clear instruction you will acquire about how the subtle energy and chakra flow systems work within the human mind-body-spirit system plus the hands-on individual vibrational attunements and upgrades received directly from Dr. Kay.

Thirdly, as you will be interacting with Alison (who is widely known to “walk her talk, and live her work”), the vibrational entrainment that you will be immersed in is actively being modeled for you giving you a feeling of well-being and safety due to the authenticity to these teachings and natural elegance to the process that she is clearly cultivating for you.

This last point is why many people travel from around the country and world to work with Dr. Kay… they know her teachings are genuine, her vibration is authentic to her teachings, and the power of this gets translated to each student and client. Another difference is what Alison will teach you beyond the Reiki training, which includes the integration of her own healing modality Vibrational UPgrade™ Energy Medicine which are detailed on the Level I and Level II pages.

You will NOT be able to leave as the same person you arrived as.

The Benefits of Receiving This Certification for Your Professional Training


  • You will now be able to become a practitioner of Reiki, opening up your own practice should you desire.

  • If you are already a practitioner, this training will greatly enhance the positive outcomes on behalf of your clients, as you will be vastly upgraded vibrationally, opened and calling forth an abundance of chi, prana, or life force energy for their beneficial outcomes.

  • You will also be more connected to the innate overall flows of energy in the universe, all around us, and within yourself so you will be immersed within a flow of abundance.

  • CEU’s for massage therapists are available upon request. Arrangements must be made with Alison prior to the start of the training.

  • When you have completed each level of the training, you will be presented with a certificate appropriate to your level.

VUP Certified Practicing Practitioners

Claire Boggs

Lori Pickhardt

Chanin Zellner

Lana Horning

Helen Faith Drummond

Terri Bedford

Shelley Woodcock

Smitha Gautam

Diane Pozzie

Claude Roma

Marilyn Barnes

Emily Bukaske

Kirija Thavapalan

Elizabeth Dull


…aka “the lightning bolt” is the founder of the Vibrational UPgrade System, a potent container of healing and activating energetics to activate the magic within.

She is an experienced subtle energies practitioner and natural healer with a holistic approach towards helping others thrive in mind, body, and spirit and easing humanity’s evolutionary transition. She has helped hundreds of people tap into greater meaning, success and happiness in their living using the methods she teaches.