A Video to Plug You Into The Power of The Stone Circles With Sacred Invocations, Activations and Special Blessings

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As many of you know, I often spend time activating, training & certification my high level students in power spots around the world. Now you get to benefit from one of my stints in Glastonbury, England – the heart chakra of the planet, ripe with the myth & lore of Merlin the Dragon Master, King Arthur, the Holy Grail, the Goddess of the Lake and the Goddesses of Avalon, which has the Ley lines of Archangel Michael and Mother Mary meeting!

I gave a talk my first night there on the Rose Quartz Dragon of Kuan Yin: Balancing both the fire and gentleness of the feminine. I then went on to deliver 32 sacred activations to my Masterminders in the Goddess House there – the first house dedicated to the Goddess in Europe in a 1000 years! – to attune them to my Vibrational UPgrade™ energy medicine.

This was a profound experience. I delivered clearings and activations both in my talk to the Glastonbury Positive Living Group backed up to the Glastonbury Abbey ruins (where King Arthur and Queen Guinevere’s grave is said to be, and where Jesus’ uncle, Joseph of Aramanthea visited with the young Jesus while traveling along the spice route and where paganism meets the first of Christianity unlike anywhere else on our planet) and working with my Masterminders right at the Chalice Well well-head where the Holy Grail is thought to be, as well as clearings for the Tor.

But it didn’t stop there. I then went with one of my Masterminders – and friends and long-term VIP clients – to Ireland for 10 days. I did a lot of research ahead of time for the sacred sites there to visit, in order to be of Service to the land and humanity during these most auspicious Awakening Times, as well as to activate codes and keys within me to come back to the States with and empower others with.

And that’s what this Solstice online ceremony was all about!

I will take you digitally and energetically to two stone circles of great power. This 60 minute online, recorded ceremony includes:


  • Sacred invocations of the playful elementals of the land such as the fairies, dragons, unicorn and even leprechaun energy to become more actively awakened in your field for you to receive joy, guidance, well-being and playful ease and grow these frequencies in your life.
  • You’ll being given amplified frequencies from within one of the stone circles, the Druidic Stone Circle of Kenmare, (an other-worldly, extremely intense and powerful vibration you’ll feel) to set new intentions or to deepen and enrich your current ones, and a Vibrational UPgrade™ activation to further empower these intentions to more robustly come to physicalization. This is to vastly increase your power and courage to choose and create as you – we each – increasingly become the co-creators we are here to become as the 5th dimensional paradigm begins to become more grounded into our current 3D shifting into 4D paradigm by actions such as this very ceremony.
  • You will also be given a sacred activation in the 2nd stone circle, where Harvest ceremonies celebrating Abundance occurred – in the largest stone circle in Ireland – and receive activations for prosperity, aligned abundance and freedom for you, your life, your money flows and your business.
  • A playful visualization where you will journey onto this land to discover a guardian elemental who wants to become more actively involved with you and your life and creations, to bring back to this 3D/4D reality with as you move forward.
  • Sweet blessings to help you awaken to your power and joy, as we attune your heart to increased opening and activation to this new paradigm so you can live with levels of well-being, lightness and relaxation down to a cellular level that we are meant to be moving into now.
  • Special blessings for anyone engaged in Service to Humanity, for themselves, their path and their Service based business.
  • You’ll receive a clearing of your field, dismissing any and all lower frequencies and negativity, disturbances, interference from, in, and around your field.

About Ireland’s Grange Stone Circle

Composed of 113 standing stones, the Grange Stone Circle is the largest and finest in Ireland. It was built c. 2,200 B.C. after the arrival of the Bronze Age People in Lough Gur. It is a ritual site akin to our churches of the present day and also served as an astronomical calendar. We can only speculate on the rituals which took place here but know that they were of great importance also to people from surrounding settlements.

The circle is aligned on the sunrise of the summer solstice. Included in the archaeological finds were thousands of sherds of Beaker pottery. The breaking of Beaker pots against the standing stones seems to have been part of a ceremony. The largest stone is called Rannach Crom Dubh and is over 40 tonnes in weight and was transported over a distance of 3 miles.


Based on what artifacts that were archeologically dug up here as well as the raised platform outside and behind the circle as a raised viewing platform, it seems that not only was this the biggest stone circle in Ireland used during such astrological events as the solstices and equinoxes, but it was also used for celebrations of the Abundant Harvest. So we will align with and use this stone circle’s frequencies to invoke Abundance and Harvesting of your Abundant outcomes for all you’re desiring and creating now.

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