Solstice Clearings & Activations to Bring
Balance to the Masculine and Feminine

Usher in the Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine
Forms More Robustly Now

*Including Clearings & Activations & Energetic Support ONLY Available Within The Vibrational UPgrade System

Bring Balance to the Masculine and Feminine

We will be having 2 special guests who have a bit of self-mastery with re-balancing the “immature” masculine (non-divine) with the “mature” (divine) masculine.

This conversation that starts off our lovely Solstice Special Event between them & I and you all will allow for much fruitfulness.

And during this conversation, I’ll be transmitting the divine forms of both the divine masculine and divine feminine, as the energy I’ll be working with has an innate intelligence of its own, and is able to read each of you, as your consciousnesses interact with these channeled higher vibrations, and “take” from it whatever transmissions and upliftment you and your system of consciousness throughout your mind-body-spirit system desire & require.

In the second half of the event, I’ll directly run clearings & activations for your – and our collective – Vibrational UPgrade™️ – with this all.

The intention is to not only Serve your own individual needs, but by us doing this at a heightened time of an eclipse, new moon and Solstice, you’ll not only be benefitting yourself by making GREAT use of these heightened energetics for this very work we’re doing, but we’ll also be benefitting the overall, collective shift that we are in the thick of on planet earth right now, at this stage of the 2012-2032 Grand Shift – what is understood to be humanity’s greatest evolutionary leap ever!

And the intention is to help bring balance and re-balancing to what has been brought up as the current part of this Grand Shift we’re in right now – the issue of systemic racism.

While two years ago, it was systemic sexism.

We’ll not necessarily be addressing directly either of these issues. That’s not the intention of this special event.

Instead, as always with my work & play, it’s to shift within you and thus the collective, morphic, holographic field for all of humanity, as it seems is being not only asked of us now, but required of us now.

So by clearing the unconsciousness and then also the subconscious blocks within each of you (us!) we’ll be lifting off and out the imprints, traumas, karma, contracts, subconscious beliefs, conditioning, etc. we’ll be going to the root of the problem.

And we’ll be going to the root of where your/our power is that most robustly catalyzes change!

Now this can show up as immediately affecting you in such a way that you’re ready now for a new relationship of a more divine configuration and meet this person tomorrow.

This can show up as more harmonious, effective communication between parties having conflict right now.

This can and will also show up as you having new ideas, new awarenesses and “a-ha’s!” And new thoughts because you’ll now be shifted with the old being cleared to make room for the new, higher version activated within you.

Then you can make shifts with different actions in your physical life, from these new energies that have lead to a new type of thought.

It is cumulative – this work. One shift at a time.

But it’s also highly possible and likely, that bigger, faster shifts can also show up. This does depend on you, how much work you’ve done before, how ready this is to shift, how robustly I can go at this all – and BAM!

So that both the internal changes – ie your thoughts – and the external changes – your new actions based on these new thoughts – and new synchronicities are able to be magnetized into this new space, for higher vibrational results and more aligned life.

Clearings & Activations You’ll Receive:

(please note that when I say “clearing” it’s going to whatever root causes any and all of you are presenting, that I’m intuitively guided to in the moment with my “hawk eyes” so many of you express such appreciation for, in the moment to clear for you, whether you’re on the event live or not. If you sign up, you’re included in the field, and have given me permission to access what needs to be cleared in your system.)
  • Whatever you personally ask for, submitting in the chat box on zoom, in regards to this topic
  • Whatever has been brought forward from the conversation with the 2 special guests that presents itself in the moment, Surrendered in total Trust, that are meant to be brought forward and cleared to benefit each of you as well as our collective shift
  • Anything that presents itself from what you’ve seen on this chart

Also what I’m aware of that is “up” for clearing now, using and benefitting from the Solstice and New Moon and eclipse energetics:

  • In particular these energetics are really allowing us to END old connections, behaviors, paradigms, and relationships that were a result of the non-divine feminine and non-divine masculine
  • Rebalancing, overall
  • Clearing out where this imbalance has caused relationship issues for you, activating the highest & best form of each of these within in, for improved relationships and completion of one’s whose time it is to complete
  • Clearing out where the non-divine, or “immature” masculine has caused over-aggressive, overly competitive, abusive, power imbalances and hierarchical “power over another” dynamics and paradigm
  • Activating the rebalancing of the “immature” and “mature” masculine
  • Clearing out where the non-divine, or “immature” feminine has cause you to have weak boundaries, not take action, be lazy, manipulative or passive or weak
  • Activating the rebalancing of the “immature” and “mature” feminine
  • Clearing out impatience for all of this to change
  • Clearing out resistance, anger, frustration only as it’s in your highest & best so that where it’s not being used as fuel for action for change, but is limiting you
  • Clearing out the general resistance to change still out there, held within the old form of the masculine to the new divine masculine coming in
  • Activating more peace & calm, harmony and positive communication, ease & grace for this overall grand shift as applied specifically to the rebalancing of the feminine and masculine
  • Clearing out all the over-emphasis on the external measurements for success
  • Clearing out the over-valuing of output and physical measurement of you, as if you’re a work horse
  • Activating your & the collective valuing of the actions of nurturing, loving, supporting, empathizing, listening, receiving, perceiving, intuiting, resting, seeding a new idea, self-care & self-nurturance so that productivity and “busy-ness” are brought back into balance with what it actually requires for you and your system to be more balanced with both the masculine and feminine traits
  • Clearing out where you’ve been so focused on output, on productivity, on valuing the doing
  • Activating your capacity to receive Intuitive Guidance on anything, like a new project or moving forward
  • Activating your trust in your Guidance, while clearing your tendency to doubt yourself
  • Clearing out where you tend to procrastinate, self-sabotage and block yourself from taking new actions based on your intuitive Guidance
  • Clearing out where the feminine and the feminine attributes has been and continues to be taken for granted
  • Clearing out dysfunction, traumas, karma, contracts etc, from where the unconscious connection between women and sex and money are in any way blocking you and this all from shifting into its higher form, asap
  • Clearing out the tendency to grab for passive-agressive manipulation as the form of expression of the old feminine, due to perception of unempowerment
  • Clearing out the anger & misogyny
  • Clearing out the abuse of the feminine
  • Activating respect for & valuing of the feminine consciousness
  • Bringing back into balance the traits of divine feminine (internal) and divine masculine (external) or the materialism and spiritualism or the physical and metaphysical


Solstice Clearings & Activations to Bring
Balance to the Masculine and Feminine

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Usher in the Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine
Forms More Robustly Now

*Including Clearings & Activations & Energetic Support ONLY Available Within The Vibrational UPgrade System


“Before working with Dr. Alison, I felt very constricted and was constantly worried. My shoulder blades had been under constant tension and felt really tight and hurt.

My mind was going crazy, bombarding me with whatever came to my mind – images of the news, of a movie I had seen, whatever. I had literally no control over it.

Right on the first call she did clearings on my shoulders and basically ever since, the weight had been gone and they are smooth and light now. This alone made a huge difference in my life which I will always be grateful for!

With her intuitive loving guidance, she leads you through the entire process of being you again.

She provides tools that help you master your mind and calm it down. Her approach is holistic and her knowledge immense and covers whatever you name if needed.

She is the Mama Bear that lovingly takes care of all of us. I am in a corporate job right now, but I wish I owned a business: The approaches she delivers to see any business issue from entirely different angles are always amazing to me. In a glimpse she comes up with great insight.

I live my life now with much more joy, ease and calmness! and with much more gratitude and love. I know it’s up to me to choose and there are plenty of choices. You just have to be aware of them!

Since joining Dr. Alison’s program, I experienced extra magical moments of flow and lightness! So thank you for all the magical loveliness Dr. Alison!”

– Claude Roma

“I feel so blessed. We recently moved into a perfect house for us – we love it and it’s just brilliant. A year and a half ago I would never have imagined myself to be where I am – I felt so stuck where I was literally and figuratively….

We started a podcast and we’ve recorded 12 episodes and we’re starting to build a community. It’s so fun, and we’re totally loving it- we just love learning and sharing our knowledge and it’s been a blast. So thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

…You bring such light to the world. I send you much love and hugs!!”

– Lesley Lang

“After just a few days of listening to all the free gift records, feeling the clearings and removal of blocks after our call and work I believe Alison is doing behind the scenes, I manifested a completely unexpected gov contract award.

WHAT? Yes, you heard right! How is that even possible?!! Alison J Kay!! <3

I’ve been journaling and meditating for “quick, easy cash and success for my company” for a long time. Looks like whatever block/contract/past life agreement that was holding me back just got the boot! Yay! “

– Tami Fitzpatrick

In just 4 months my business went from a wisp of a thought to booking 3 vendor events, booking my first paying clients, launching a website, being a speaker at one of the events, but more important – faith in my future growth.

I want to retire from corporate life in just 14 months and I know that it is totally attainable and will support me financially and grow my personal success.

Thank you, Dr. Alison. I can’t wait to discover what’s next.”

– Cheryl Reavie


…aka “the lightning bolt” is the founder of the Vibrational UPgrade System, a potent container of healing and activating energetics to activate the magic within.

She is an experienced subtle energies practitioner and natural healer with a holistic approach towards helping others thrive in mind, body, and spirit and easing humanity’s evolutionary transition. She has helped hundreds of people tap into greater meaning, success and happiness in their living using the methods she teaches.