Trainings and Workshops

Dr. Alison holds local trainings and workshops weekly and is available as a guest speaker.

Dr. Kay not only possesses a wide range of energy healing expertise which she now presents within her own Vibrational UPgrade™ System, but she also has the ability and academic training that make her a sought after speaker and teacher.  She has been invited to speak at numerous spiritual retreats/workshops, healing centers, and corporate wellness events; in addition to booking print, radio, and telesummit interviews as a guest speaker.  Trainings for Reiki Certification and Vibrational UPgrade™ System Energy Medicine Training are scheduled as needed.

Dr. Alison uses a flexible format i.e., keynote presenter, single class workshop, all-day extended workshop, or webinar teleclass to conduct her classes.


CFEM-handsEnergy Medicine, Vibrational Medicine and Intuitive Development Classes: • Daily Energy Medicine exercises for awakening and building your flow of chi, or life force • Learning to Interpret your Intuitive Information and Guidance • Vibrational Medicine Tools: Tibetan Bowls and Sound Healing; Crystals; Flower Essences • Learning to Tune Into Your Subtle Energy • Subtle energy sitting exercises to cultivate vitality (for disabled, senior or special populations)

  • **Very Popular** Group ThetaHealing Sessions: Releasing of limiting, fearful beliefs with Reprogramming into the positive to achieve desired results, whether healing, weight loss etc.  Proven highly effective.  Participants see their beliefs rewired right in front of them, using their bodies’ to show what their unconscious mind is thinking both before and after.  Used with common interest groups, i.e., caregiver support groups, cancer patients support groups, small business owners wanting to build their business, weight loss, divorce or grieving support groups, addiction or recovery support groups, eating disorder support groups.

  • **Also Very Popular** Awakening the Goddess Within: These workshops are not just for women, they’re about the archetypal feminine consciousness.  All workshops are experiential, with hands on mini treatments, clearings and Thetahealings and information to help you liberate yourself in the arena the class is offered.  Daily life tools as always will be given – as many as time permits!

  • Awakening the Fire Goddess Within: Connecting with the Energy of Transmutation and Change. If you want to increase your ability to receive in all areas of your life then this is for you!

  • Awakening the Lightning Bolt Goddess of Transmutation & Change: Connecting with the Energy of Transmutation and Change!

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ajk-video-stillHolistic Wellness and Preventative Health/Self Care Classes: Note – the chakra classes can be formatted to be presented in a one day workshop, or one class time session as well as an ongoing series class.

  • The Chakra System & Preventative Health Basics: Presentation of the seven consciousness archetypes contained within each chakra; journaling for self-awareness within each chakra’s archetypal consciousness; discussion to enhance comprehension; ThetaHealing at the group level for the students’ general blocks within each chakra (i.e., the 1st chakra deals with survival needs and money, so typical blocks are with money, such as “you must work hard to have money” or “money isn’t easy to come by”); colors, yoga asanas, food, crystals, mantras and vowel sounds, essential oils, herbs and visualizations for each chakra to maintain health and balance of each chakra

  • The Chakra System & Healing Advanced: This class is designed to go deeper into the ancient Hindu yogic understanding of the soul psychology present within the chakra system and how that connects to a soul’s evolution, applied through presentation and discussion of the typical diseases connected with each chakra.  Again, group ThetaHealing will be applied for the general limiting beliefs, as well as the tools to keep the chakra system aligned, balanced and healthy – essential oils, foods, colors, yoga asanas, crystals, mantras and vowel sounds, herbs and visualizations as well as simple energy medicine techniques to assist the chakra’s health via self care.

  • The Mind-Body Connection, Beginners: how our thoughts create our biology supported by the most basic Western science presented in an easy to understand format, matching the science to the ancient traditions understandings of the human mind-body-heart system.  Some basic tools to work the mind-body connection in our favor for improved health and well-being.

  • The Mind-Body Connection, Intermediate/Advanced: Depending on audience, can also include most recent science and more advanced understandings of the implications of the science.  Will also go more in to depth of ancient systems of India and China’s understanding of the mind-body connection, with the recent Western science correlation to some of these ancient systems, and tools to work with the mind-body connection for quality health, creativity, happiness and abundance.

  • Stress Reduction Techniques from many different mind-body modalities • Emotional Freedom Technique (can also be used towards addictions)


yoga_class_smallYoga classes designed for specific issues/needs; i.e., yoga for triathletes, yoga for runners, yoga for hockey players, yoga for teenage girls etc.

This class is appropriate for all levels as it is designed to work with your subtle energy. You’ll leave with increased clarity, energy, balance, ease & well-being. It’s a sacred experience, with many regulars making major gains in their own practice making up half the class, with new people joining in all the time.  It’s a really easy going vibe, yet chronic pain is assisted, flexibility and length is gained, emotional & physical clearings happen…you just have to experience it!

Each class starts with meditation focused on cultivating the Observer & increasing your awakened presence with this increased mindfulness. You will be instructed as you go through your practice in a way that communicates the sutra’s basics on the nature of the mind, while guiding you through the typical reactions the mind has while we meditate. Coming out of this, we then will begin to release blocks, and open and balance the chakras through both relevant poses and tones. The class is geared towards self-empowerment and cultivating a an aligned relationship with Self.


Chi Gong classes: Cultivating & flowing energy – works well for senior centers, assisted living facilities and athletes wanting more of a mental edge over their competitors


groupcallWe Are What We Eat Nutrition Classes:  Eating For Empowerment – eating for gaining power, learning where our diet causes us to lose our power (mental, physical and spiritual); food suggestions for increasing power • Superfoods and SuperHerb Elixirs for high energy,  adrenal health and longevity • Emotional Eating: Mindfulness and Food • Detoxing and Cleansing – the whys, hows and whens of detoxing and cleansing, with variety of options for cleanses and detoxes presented

Meditation, Mindfulness and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Classes:  The Nature of the Mind: learning about your mind’s natural tendencies.  This class is a presentation of Buddhist sutras interpreted into Western lingo that describe the human mind and its typical functionings – Buddhism calls the human mind the neurotic monkey mind • Meditation Basics – Using Buddha’s most frequently taught technique for meditation, this class focuses on the first level of meditation and the corresponding gains physiologically (heart rate lowered, blood pressure lowered, oxygenation of brain and body, respiratory and cardiovascular improvements), cognitive gains (concentration, focus and memory recall increases) and the act of Grounding in the Body for a less spaced-out, more present awareness. • Meditation classes specifically designed for: stress reduction; concentration and focus (works great with ADD/ADHD population); or wellness within workplace

  • Meditation Advanced: geared towards spiritual awakening and personal healing and empowerment, moving through one’s own samkaras, or unique personal challenges and emotional reactivity.

  • Meditation Buffet: this class presents the three main meditation techniques used in the West – shamatha (one pointed focus/making the mind serviceable), vipassana (insight) and shambhala (Tibetan Warrior), as well as mantra techniques, with accompanying guided meditations and discussion for which type of mind each technique works best for, what gains each technique tend to yield.

  • Incorporating Meditation into Education*

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In addition, Alison teaches yoga, meditation, healing and energy work retreats throughout both domestic and international locations. Working within a business or corporate setting for companies’ health and wellness programs is also part of Alison’s training.

She has also taught middle school and high school teens stress reduction through chi gong, yoga & meditation as an activity, and meditation incorporated weekly into AP Psychology.  At the high school level she has also taught a fitness, nutrition elective she created, particularly for teenage girls; body image & eating disorders was included, as well as trips to the grocery and health food store.

*Alison has designed lesson plans and curriculum that are available to be shared with school districts, individual schools, administrators and faculty for mindfulness taught to teenagers within the school setting.

In addition, Alison has designed presentations on the need and value of bringing meditation into the school system. She remains networked within the contemplative studies and education community.

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