Stellar Confidence & Power of Steel

A Video To Dissolve The Blocks & Activate The Alignment Within Yourself That You Have Been Yearning For

*Including Clearings & Activations & Energetic Support ONLY Available Within The Vibrational UPgrade System

Here’s the Truth

Did you know that what you are struggling with may not be what you think it is?

Self-esteem” is thrown around SO loosely, like when you yourself may say, “She, or he – or I have low self-esteem.”

First, I want to suggest to you that’s not even true. Your ego-mind’s nattering may present thoughts to you that reflect lower self-esteem.

And much of that is the nature of the ego-mind, as you come to Observe with a meditation & mindfulness practice.

And the more you learn about the metaphysical, multi-dimensional world, quantum physics and the mystical aspects of life, coupled with how energy flows – you also understand the detriment of giving one’s self this label.

I’m not speaking about avoiding where you feel less empowered at all.

However, I am speaking about – and constantly working with folks so that they can – move out of the old, instead of repeat it, and have new vibrations, energetics, and thus possibilities.

Second, part of the reason why I left the psychology field is that act of telling & retelling one’s story, I.e. in psychoanalysis, or any of the fields of “healing” & coaching, for that matter, as it seems to be showing up nowadays in the energy healing & spiritual marketplace.

This reinforces and locks more energy into this story, rather than having the life force free to flow and out to new creations. Simply, it locks the past further into place.

And then there ARE in fact, as I’ve seen through thousands of clients & students throughout the years, certain blocks at the unconscious and subconscious level, along with traumas, imprints, conditioning and karmic contracts and entanglements that impact, and frequently, close down the chakras involved with self-esteem.

But we’re not just talking about raising your self-esteem.

Because it’s SO much more than just confidence & believing in one’s self.

Instead we’re talking about something like golden power, that acts as a shield that naturally filters away from you, folks and situations that’d cause a leak of your energy in one of the core chakras involved with self-esteem.

This leads to what shows up as if platinum confidence and resilient self-esteem – think “balls of steel,” lol.

Self-esteem: look at that word. Holding yourself in esteem.

That isn’t just about self-worth nor confidence.

Holding yourself in esteem includes self-nurturance and self-care. 

The Japanese have a term for it: Ma.

Furthermore, what I see people come to me with in the form of unconscious & subconscious blocks that they’ve been carrying around for this and typically previous lifetimes – is not so directly about self-esteem.

Instead, it’s more in the root chakrain the root of life. Your right to be here being embodied and emanated out.

Once cleared in my students and clients, I see the ceasing of that driving, nattering pounding behind the scenes – that back of the mind whirring noise of non-stillness (hence, unconscious or subconscious) – of energy & force that pushes you to prove yourself. All the time. No matter what.

That includes proving yourself with how productive you are.


Yes. That driving force to be constantly productive is NOT a good thing.

From having pulled out of the American system for a straight decade, with shorter stints of months at a time ever since a senior in high school and in great part due to my not being in agreement with struggle, having immersed myself not only in the traditional Chinese culture for a decadeand then India, and Istanbul & other international locations – I’ve seen what else is possible for increasing ease & grace. While decreasing a nearly uniquely Western gig of adrenal burnout – especially in the States.

So it’s perfectly timed; my return to the States as the new paradigm of our Awakening times was just starting, where SO much else is becoming possible – increasingly.

This is where I come from as I clear & activate, mentor, coach & guide my peeps looking for what else is possible within their businesses, bodies, relationships with Self & then others, their money flows, their beauty, their feeling safe to be here so they CAN choose & Allow themselves to go for more.

So for me, it’s always been not just about Humanity’s Awakening Times – it’s also about bringing in the greatest possibilities.

For I’ve never been in agreement with the standardized struggle through perceived obligations paradigm.

And I fought hard as a teen not to be tracked in that direction.

What we are talking about is transmuting that unconscious driving force to be productive into actual, empowered creativity, where you’re SO alive, Aligned and on fire and impassioned about what you’re creating that you’re riding the waves of all this freed up life force!

I frequently say, “I am attempting to keep up with myself because SO much wants to get created!”

This pattern of proving one’s self also typically is entwined with working more than others may around you to prove that you have the right to be here.

In fact, in my first book, written in my 10th year in Asia, I even asserted that the United States has a uniquely interesting positioning with proving one’s worth in their productivity, as we strove to become a self-sufficient colony, rather than rely on the crown or continent for goods.

This included the loom being invented over here in North America, modeled after what local Natives had been doing, but to take the American colonies out of dependency as a colony.

And this productivity and proving one’s self has stayed in our blood – and has been passed down via the lineages.

When in balance and you’re positioned to take advantage of it, this trait rocks! I’m grateful for it! Typically, though, it’s not in balance.

It’s in a state that catalyzes for what I’ve seen as at least 85% of Americans, some level of adrenal fatigue, if not flat out adrenal burn out.

So there’s 3 additional layers of what you’ve been labeling as “self-worth” or “confidence” or “self-esteem” – is not that.

To have these out of balance aspects cleared & more I am offering to you a special opportunity within the Timely Transmutation Series Zoom download.

In this Aligned video, I will be transmitting,
clearing or activating on your behalf:
  • Understanding how your soft, loving, spiritual, kind, intuitive, empathic, healer-type self is actually causing you to lower your threshold of power.
  • Clearings for the relevant chakras to clear this pattern out. 
  • Transmission around how raising your vibrations helps you emanate out, rather than absorb into you & your body others’ energy.
  • Clearings & activations for Allowing others’ schtuff to bounce off of you
  • Coming out of the pattern where you unconsciously absorb, pick up or clean up negativity as a justification for your unconscious disbelief that you have the right to be here.
  • Deep, penetrating clearings around anything that has been blocking you embodying the feeling of having the right to be here. This will likely include what shows up in a typically entangled family of unconscious blocks & beliefs, and some traumas (typically in the womb or where Mom has had a difficult birthing of you, or past life traumas that include deaths that were traumatic, ie. hangings, being burnt at the stake, beheadings, fires burning up loved ones & homes…
  • Traditional Chinese Medical element & emotion & major yin & then yang organs associated with healthy self-confidence
  • Traditional Yogic approach via the chakras to stealth like self-confidence
  • Activations to help you Perceive from your own Guidance where you’ve been straining and making it harder on yourself than need be.
  • Clearings & activations for Guidance & Knowing to see where, whether within your businesses, bodies, relationships with Self & then others, your money flows, your self- image, your body-image where you’ve not been feeling safe.
  • Activations to be here so you CAN choose & Allow yourself to go for more. So it’s not just about Humanity’s Awakening Times to guide your mind-body-spirit system over & into & firmly rooted in the land of possibilities.
  • Clearings & activations around what it means to be “the provider” whether the old masculine paradigm as “The Provider” or a single mother or the bread winner of your family.
  • Clearings & Activations of where you’re burnt & crispy from the over-doing, over-productivity focus of the North American model of how life is “supposed” to work.
  • Super potent activations to catapult you more firmly into the ease paradigm
  • Whatever else my Guidance gets while being with the group, and between now and then, that will contribute most to your allowing yourself to have esteem of self that is as solid as gold, as strong as steel and as perfect and hard as a diamond.
Now it’s your turn!

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…aka “the lightning bolt” is the founder of the Vibrational UPgrade System, a potent container of healing and activating energetics to activate the magic within.

She is an experienced subtle energies practitioner and natural healer with a holistic approach towards helping others thrive in mind, body, and spirit and easing humanity’s evolutionary transition. She has helped hundreds of people tap into greater meaning, success and happiness in their living using the methods she teaches.