We Are What We Think and Eat!

Watch this video to Hear Holistic Nutrition Expert Dr. Alison J Kay Talk About Self-Talk and Food from the Mind-Body Connection. This is a preview of her unique and extensive Holistic Nutrition, Fitness and Longetivity Credentials. 

This video is NOT about emotional eating. However, depending on the themes in our self-talk, we’ll be driven by certain food cravings.

Using the chakra system as the translator between the mind, spirit & body, we can see how entrenched points of view & beliefs, or enduring moods, are themes that correspond to specific chakras. Each chakra corresponds to universal themes in life, i.e. self-confidence w/in society, connection to our higher Self, having one’s basic needs met. If there is destructive self-talk within a theme of a certain chakra, we’ll then crave certain foods. Carbohydrates eaten in excess corresponds to the 3rd chakra. By examining each chakra’s universal themes and then your own self talk & food cravings, you can better see what your lower self is afraid of or needing and address that actual need, rather than go to food to feed this perceived lack.

You’ll be empowering yourself to move beyond the perceived fear, using your food cravings as information instead that you then use to thrive!

Included in this you will learn:

  • what is vibration
  • the synopsis of each chakra and how to self-identify your own chakra mis-alignments based on what your eating
  • acupressure points and yoga moves to support you in your gaining energy and dissolving your sugar or caffeine cravings

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