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Welcome Back, thank you for re-joining me!

As a gift for continuing to be a part of the community, I am sharing this recording of a talk I had with my private students from my Magic, Manifestation and Money Flow 90-day program that took place right in between the two recent eclipses. It’s quite a potent command about moving forward being centered in your power without suffering or carrying the suffering of others and to favor love, compassion and gentleness and not anger, fear or hate.

It’s important to note that throughout this talk, it carries within it my energetic Vibrational UPgrade™ transmission that is available to each listener allowing for greater vibrational alignment and receiving of these new energetics.  If you’re inspired by what you hear and wonder what else is possible for YOU, I invite you to go to this page to see if scheduling a complimentary Breakthrough Blast Chat with me is what you’ve been waiting for – in the meantime, enjoy the audio gift below.


Dr. Alison

Moving Forward Centered in Your Power and Without Your Suffering or Carrying the Suffering of Others

Moving Forward into Your Power MP3